What Do You Call Somebody Endorsed By GHWB, Dole, and McCain?

Birds of a Feather

“Loser.”  Seriously, on Wednesday, Senator John McCain, (Rino-AZ,) endorsed Mitt Romney(Rino-MA).  This follows on the heels of other endorsements from other famous losing GOP establishment types, including Bob Dole(Rino-KS) and George H.W. Bush(Rino-Texas via Kennebunkport).  Frankly, I am less than astonished by the RINO brigade coming out to support one of their own. This is why the Republican party will go the way of the Whigs.  It’s time to look at how we can develop a new challenge to the GOP establishment from within the ranks of the TEA Party.  Otherwise, we’re going to be permanent losers.  Unless and until the Republican party stops taking conservatives for granted, this is going to be the result.  I hope you folks love Barack Obama, because the GOP is determined to make sure you see a lot more of him.  Four years worth, to be precise.



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  • Keith

    "What Do You Call Somebody Endorsed By GHWB, Dole, and McCain? Loser."

    Wow. You nailed it again!

  • http://twitter.com/BDWatcher bdwatcher (@BDWatche

    The establishment, repubs and demos, in essence are committed to continuing their power, money and superiority over the American People. Mark.. I already knew this. So many that I talk to have no idea what is going on and refuse to look, understand or even have an open mind to discuss it. Most here do, but it will take more than those here to know what a perilous time it is for all Americans and the direction this election is taking us. Our pres today with his "recess" nominations obviously is putting all in place to control all of us….. ALL of us.