Here’s Why Obama Wants Romney As Nominee – Video

Mitt vs. Mitt?

This ad is so devastating to Romney that it’s clear Ann Barnhardt is right:  He should just go home now.  This ad is powerful, and brutal, and if this ad is seen nation-wide, Romney is absolutely done.  The worst part? It’s all true. They use his own words to craft a scathing attack by Mitt Romney on… Mitt Romney.   I hate to say it, but the truth is that if Obama uses this ad, 2012 is already over. Do you hear me South Carolina?  You wonder why Christie is telling Oprah about being ready in 2016?

Here’s why(H/T Stacy Drake via Twitter):


Turn out the lights. This is epic smack-down.  Add to this the whole Tax Return issue, and Mitt’s goose is cooked.

There is nobody worse than Mitt who we could nominate. Nobody.

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  • David Diaz


    • Eurolaw

      Sometimes I want to facepalm myself when I read comments like this… Someone is going to believe the democrats' mashup of two-second clips about a Republican and then tell the world not to trust someone.

      I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • David Kappeler

    Good video – thank you for sharing, Mark!

  • dnr

    Romney is a stealth candidate for Obama.

  • fred johnson

    BUT_BUT_ BUT This is who Karl Rove the head of the Republican Gaurd says we need.

  • Orrie

    Romney should wear a pair of Flip Flops as he goes around campaigning.

  • Mike

    How do you get ALL of those FLIP FLOPS into a 30 second TV ad?? Good grief.

    • Eurolaw

      Take them out of context.

  • congadino

    I thank the whole country should hear this commits on Flip Flop Mitt Romney. wow Let go for Newt.

  • hey_sherm

    Isn't it possible Christie saying he would be ready to run in 2016 could mean none of the GOP candidates will beat Obama ?

    • MarkAmerica

      That was the point of the article yesterday.

  • Susan Baumgaertner F

    The GOP establishment chose Romney to be the Republican nominee.
    Truth is, he only won in Iowa by eight votes! Everyone knew he would win in NH because he was born there. Also – the election in both states were open to all voters. Republicans did not choose Romney in those states.

    If you listen to the news on TV, the elections are over; Romney already won. In my opinion, Romney will be little better than Obama as president. We really don't know because we really don't know the man.

    I'm pleading with voters in SC and Florida….
    Don't let the GOP establishment and the media choose our nominee.
    Despite what they are telling us, the contest is NOT over.
    (I'm a Florida voter; the election is CLOSED here – Republicans only)
    We still CAN make a difference. It's not too late!

    • MarkAmerica

      He may not even have won Iowa. They're doing the last official count, and last word I had was Santorum up by 80. It's tight, so it's subject to have been a Romney victory after all, but there's a virtually equal chance it was Santorum. Don't lose heart yet. You're doing the right thing: Communicate with South Carolinians and Floridians. Let them know what's really going on. More on this first thing in the morning. Thanks!

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  • Eurolaw

    Democrats running scared…

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  • Loretta

    You are right. I’m in ND and I don’t want Romney. We need someone that can tell the truth about Obama. So Newt’s been married 3 times…What was it that Bill Clinton did???? In the Oval office.