Newt Knocks It Out of the Park on the Etch-a-Sketch Candidate

Re-Drawing Romney

I wasn’t surprised to see Newt Gingrich pick up this theme, but that he did it so effectively and on such short notice is really just another testament to his mental horsepower.  The former House Speaker appeared at a campaign stop just an hour or so after Eric Fehrnstrom made his remarks to CNN, in which he likened Mitt Romney to an Etch-a-Sketch.  Call it the gaffe of the day, or the confession of the year, but either way, Gingrich was quick to seize upon the moment and throw it in Romney’s face.  After a day-long media mocking, Romney came out Wednesday evening in a tepid response designed to blunt the criticisms, but Newt Gingrich captured the moment in explaining what this episode should strike a cautious note for conservatives.  Here’s the video:


Fehrnstrom really threw his boss into a shark tank with this one.  He’s been a Romney adviser since Romney took office as Governor of Massachusetts.  What this episode demonstrates clearly is that Romney is no conservative, and once he secures the Republican nomination, he is going to move to the left dramatically.  Gingrich is right to make sport of Romney over this issue, because in fact, Romney has campaigned against both Gingrich and Santorum as though he was the more conservative of the three.  I think this episode permits us to firmly dispense with that line of nonsense.  Kudos to Newt Gingrich for not dropping the issue so easily.

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  • Lfshepard2190

    Love it!! LOL I wonder if that communictions advisor still has his job on the Romney campaign today.

  • donpurser

    Hey Mitt – elections are not a kids game!

  • Hope Change

    Hi Mark America.  I’ve  been reading your quotes over at Conservatives For Newt and I finally realized you have a blog!

    I like your analysis. One things, though –you said: “What this episode demonstrates clearly is that Romney is no conservative, and once he secures the Republican nomination, he is going to move to the left dramatically.”  Isn’t it time to rephrase to “IF Romney were to secure the Republican nomination…”  ?

    I agree that Newts immediate response shows his enormous mental horsepower.   Which reminds me of a great post by Newt Certo.  Newt is a muscle car!!

    A commenter called conservativegram left the link on Legal Insurrection.  conservativegram’s favorite line:  “I choose what the muscle car represents: America, its exceptionalism, its power, its endurance, and its history. Newt represents America at its best in his love for her, in his intellectual power, his political muscle and endurance, and his keen knowledge of history; qualities needed for America at this important time of this presidential election year.”I’ve added your blog to my favorites, Mark America, right near Newt Certo in the most exclusive neighborhood.  I’ll be back!

    • Mark America

      Thanks for stopping in, and by all means, come on back. I use “if” in some places, and “when” in others depending upon the context. “When” when it’s the operative assumption in the thesis, and “if” if asking the question. I understand your point.