Texas Conservatives: Have You Voted for Ted Cruz Yet?

Time to Vote!

Early voting has started today across the Lone Star State.  We don’t need any more RINOs in Washington DC, so don’t procrastinate. David Dewhurst is pulling out all the stops, and hurling more garbage at Ted Cruz.  Sarah Palin posted a message to Facebook earlier today reminding us to support Ted Cruz and you should check it out. Remember, you can help Ted Cruz overcome the disinformation of David Dewhurst by going to his website here.

Now get out there and vote, Texans!


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  • CC

    While your at it, what about Florida?Dr. Dave Wheldon is the true conservative vs. the Rhino, Connie Mack IV:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpwQwx5blkE note Mack enthusiastically endorsed Rhino Romney, that was one red flag, now he won’t debate Wheldon and that’s another. Why no debate Connie?