Boot-licker Alert

First there was Kathy Griffin’s disgusting display on CNN with Anderson Cooper. Now there’s this pathetic display by William Kristol making a fool of himself, on Foxnews courtesy of Breitbart:

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  • TeaPartyBarbie

    Kristol is establishment GOP all the way. I’m not surprised.

    • ShawnNJ

      I wasn’t either.

  • the unit

    Over time lots of quotes and old sayings have been posted. I think one of the best is…

    …”There’s no fool like an old fool.” Now how would unit know that’s true? :)
    Oh well, sadly… younger ones are catching up and may gain a lap in foolish race
    toward self-destruction. Ran a little track years and years ago…never thought I handed off the baton of foolishness. Guess I was mistakened…hopefully misunderestimated. :)