Mr. L: You May Be a Condescending, Arrogant, Elitist, Neo-Liberal, Mini-Dem Putz if…

As usual, Mr. L is on point.  He takes on the same moderate Republican whiner I took on here.  It’s ridiculous to think that guys like James Arlandson comprise any more than a tiny fraction of Republican thought, but somehow, they always manage to get the press.  Always.  Meanwhile, as Mr. L rightly points out, the RINO, Mini-Dem, Neo-Liberal front continues to pretend it’s our place to submit.  Endlessly.  Check out Mr. L’s rebuttal to James Arlandson below.  Be sure to let him know what you think over on his website. Here’s the video:


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  • the unit

    Like Mr. L says… I think…we got epidemic of liberal herpes going on. Started to school good many years ago and all us kids got cold sores…that is what they called it. Said it happened because of close quarters and fingers in our mouth. Whatever. We did get it. Took a lifetime to finally get over it, no more sores finally. Took a lifetime. Same blessing for this epidemic. Bear with it I guess. Topical Camphophenique worked good for pain, if only we could soak libs and progressives in it !

  • Mr.L

    Thanks for the shout out!