Fathers’ Day Forever Changed

For the past quarter century, waking up on the third Sunday in June has been a reminder of my status as a father.  From the moment my daughter was born, I knew she would change my life in every conceivable way. Along the way, these twenty-five Fathers’ Days, there have been moments of joy and celebration, times of consternation, and occasional periods of relative calm, but for the first time in quite a while, my darling daughter has succeeded in taking my breath away. Fishing outings, horseback riding, Halloween in a little tiger suit at three-years-old, and any number of other occasions are some of the decorations in my mind on Fathers’ Day.  This year, I think we’ve attained a new pinnacle.

Friday, in the hottest part of the Texas afternoon, she delivered a beautiful baby girl, my granddaughter.  Now residing on the timeless rolls of grandfathers, with the prospects good that the day will climax with a discharge from the hospital for glowing mother and radiant child. Having shared the news with my own father, our family’s living members now span four generations again for the first time in a decade.  One thing that has changed for me, probably for all times, is the realization that some part of me will go on, long after I’m gone, and that at least one more chance exists for me to help shape the future.  Children are and have ever been the real stars of Fathers’ Day, and it is on Fathers’ Day that we who are blessed with children, now grown and building families of their own, hope longingly for their frequent return.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all, and Grandfathers too. And congratulations to new fathers, especially!

Editor’s Note: It’s been a rough Spring here, with a heavy workload and unrelenting problems of varying sorts, but today, I might just take part of the day off after all.  Mother, daughter, and father are tired but doing well. 


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  • JohnInFlorida

    Good to hear that, even with the heavy schedule/load, things are looking up in the world of Mark America. Congrats!

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Thank you John!

  • the unit

    A joyful “just in time” delivery…for Father’s Day! Congratulations M.A. and family!

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Thanks Unit! I’ve always been a big advocate of JIT inventory… Which could be another way of saying I’m a bit of a procrastinator… ;-)

  • Magdalene51

    She is beautiful. She will be a warrior princess like her mom.

    edited by MA(Name removed to protect the innocent)

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Thank you! We raised her Mom to have some fight in her. Glad it stuck…

  • cares_about_alaska

    Congratulations Mark, she’s a real cutie! Being a grandparent is the BOMB, seriously…LOL. Enjoy these days, months and years with your grandchildren, you will love them all..

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Thank you! So far, I’m enjoying her very much…

  • Southerngirl52

    Congrats, Mark! Nothing like having grandkids to spoil and enjoy.

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America


  • TeaPartyBarbie

    Congratulations, Mark!

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Thank you!

  • C Bartlett

    Congratulations Mark! I am now the grandma of a 2-year-old and a 2-month-old. I know that I really love my kids, but this grandparenting thing is whole new version of love. It is such a wonderful experience to see them grow and learn. I realize that I can pay attention to all of those details so much more this time around. Awesome – very happy for you!

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Myself, I’m looking forward to that whole “sending her home spoiled” business other grandparents tell me is one of the privileges of grandparents. Thanks!

  • http://www.opencarrytexas.org CJ Grisham

    Congratulations Grandpa (or is it Papa?)! You have a truly beautiful granddaughter and I’m so happy for your entire family.

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Thank you CJ! She’s a cutie!

  • Jan Bradley

    Congratulations, sir! You will LOVE being a Papaw (or whatever they call you)! It’s quite different from being a parent!

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Thank you Jan! I told them to call me “aged one.”

      • Jan Bradley

        They will call you whatever they will call you. My husband is Papaw and I am Gammy. But no matter what you are called, it’s wonderful to be a grandparent! Much better than I ever thought it would be!

  • RebinTexas

    Congratulations Grampa……….and to your daughter as well on such a beautiful addition to US……now you, as I, have more reason to fight for all US…………:)

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Thanks Reb! She is certainly one more good reason to fight like Hell…


    Oh, what a beautiful little angel! Congratulations grandpa!

    • http://www.markamerica.com/ Mark America

      Thank you!