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We’ve Been Ambushed [Again]

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Time To Abandon Our 'Leaders'

Talk to a few war veterans.  Speak to men who’ve been in the real thick of it.  When you’ve been led into the valley, higher ground all around, you’re at the mercy of every enemy with a sling-shot.  The best way to survive an ambush, they will tell you grimly, is to avoid walking into one.  The fact is that a well-laid ambush is designed to catch you off guard, on indefensible ground, when you’re least apt to be able to put up any significant defense, and to kill you off quickly.  There won’t be time to think of alternate plans.  There won’t be time to dig in.  If you find yourself in this situation, the enemy intends only one thing, and it usually doesn’t involve the taking of prisoners. If your leaders are so inept(or treacherous) as to place you in this situation repeatedly, or occasionally, if necessity led you into the Valley of Death, you really don’t have many options.  The idea is to react almost automatically, by training rather than deliberation, because it’s the only chance you’ll have.

One could suppose that you might drop your arms, wave a white flag, and hope the enemy is taking his time long enough to consider momentarily whether to give quarter.  This approach generally earns the focus of fire, and a quick death.  You can drop low on your belly seeking such minimal cover as the kill-zone affords(by design, naturally) and try to win a battle pitched decisively against you, but you won’t likely last unless the enemy becomes bored and inexplicably wanders off.  No, these options don’t offer much hope at all, so the great wisdom of military experience is that you must not hesitate, you must not linger, and you must not delay: Turn and charge the enemy.  It’s a low-odds approach, and it means charging those with superior position, infinitely better cover, concealment, and tactical preparedness, but as bad as that may sound, it’s still your only plausible chance.  If we conservatives are ever to escape from the perpetual statist ambush into which our GOP establishment leaders continue to march us, we will need to break out.  The survival of our nation now depends upon it.

You might insist that we continue to follow the same inept Lieutenants, despite the fact that they’ve demonstrated repeatedly the willingness to walk us into a hail of political bullets from which there is no easy escape.  Why?  On Monday night, listening to Mark Levin, I could hear a wistful, not-quite-defeated, but resigned tone in his voice when he said “We’ve been boxed in. What else can we do[but support Romney and the RINO brigade?]” Yes, it is as hopeless as that.  Yes, it is going to be a slaughter, again.  Yes, even if we manage to drag this turd across the finish line, he will betray us, appoint more John Roberts-class judges, and yes, he’ll rationalize raising our taxes, tinkering with Obama-care, but not repealing it, and otherwise slugging us in the jaw for our efforts.  Yes, that’s what we could do, and it’s certainly what we’ve been asked to do(and have done) many times in the past.  Yes, we have.  Yes, we can.

On the other hand, there is still another approach to consider. We can abandon the Republican party.  Loudly.  Now.  Why wait?  As these hapless leaders walk us into ambush after ambush, setting the table for the enemy, and practically joining them, we always look stunned, like deer caught in the headlights of an on-rushing truck.  We’re always surprised when they do it to us.  Why?  We’re always surprised when their judicial appointments turn on us in order to curry favor on the cocktail circuit.  Why?  They’ve screwed us so many times, and in so many ways, we ought by now admit that we like it, since we seem disinclined to do the first thing about it.  Oh, let’s have a Tea Party.  That will show them!  Or not.  How long did it take the GOP establishment to begin its attempt to co-opt and mute the Tea Party? Ten seconds?  Another ambush…

I have been considering this a long time, as I’ve recognized that there is a contingent within the Republican party that does not share our basic views, our values, or our commitment to constitutional conservatism.  They actually hate us more than the leftists, if there’s any evidence that they oppose the leftists at all.  One can spend a good deal of time trying to discern why that would be, but the motive is probably less important than the fact.  They want us to lose.  They are willing to give the country away to the leftists, one piece at a time, so long as we don’t have it.  Some of them view it as their duty to drag us ‘forward,’ ever smarter, as Levin would call them, “the masterminds,” and they always know better, they believe.

Well, they don’t know better.  They don’t know what is best for me and my life, or you and yours, but they claim to speak on behalf of a mythical creature they call “society.”  They’re always in a hurry to introduce us to society, this monster they’ve constructed, and every time we catch a glimpse of it, the beast has grown more ugly than the last.  This is what waits for us in the weeds of the ambush, and for my part, I have no intention of playing along.  They have told us now for months, nay, years, that we must defeat Barack Obama to have our country back, but the truth is they don’t want it back.  They want Obama’s vision.  They have helped him obtain it, and while they may throw the dogs a bone or two over which to scuffle and snarl in the dirt at their feet, they’ve no intention whatever of walking this back.

McConnell and Boehner have each in their own way admitted it.  As I posted Monday evening, McConnell is already making excuses for his future inability to repeal Obama-care.  Boehner is setting up meaningless repeal votes in the House, when at any time in the last eighteen months, he could have set up a vote on withholding funds for it, but no, we’re going to have a fake dog-and-pony show-vote on the 11th of July so we can all feel like we exacted our pound of flesh while having accomplished exactly, precisely nothing.  This is what passes for leadership in the GOP.  This is the result of decades of spineless, candy-assed surrender-monkey thinking, and for the most part, we’ve permitted ourselves to be marched into the kill-zone again and again.

Pardon me, but I’m no longer interested in being led to an inevitable death.  The way I now view it, there is even less to fear from Obama than before.  We will now have Obama-care, we will have Cap and Tax, we will have no freedoms whatever, and I imagine it will only be some short period of time before he appoints another mastermind to head up some nutrition mandate, with Michael Bloomberg spear-heading the effort, telling us we mustn’t have table salt or more than 16 ounces of a soft-drink.  No, I have no interest in participating in this.  I am going to resist. I will not comply.  I will not be a party to any of it.  Barack Obama can enact whatever he likes. Congress can go full-bore leftist backed up by the Roberts-led Supreme Court jesters.  I don’t care.  They can all kiss my ass.  Until they man-up and are willing to come force me to comply, they’re not going to get my docile cooperation.  Taxes?  SCREW YOU! Hey, John Roberts, tax this! Mandates?  Come and mandate it if you think you can!  Bring friends.

You can have your blessed Republican party.  I will be party-less.  I am already country-less, having watched mostly in silence as it has been deconstructed over the course of my life.  If I’m going to be slaughtered in this statist kill-zone, I might just as well take my chances and charge the ambushers, because a possible or even probable death is still better than a certainty.  I simply don’t care what any of the talking heads say any longer.  There’s no point in extenuating the matter.  The Republican party, its line of inept Lieutenants, and its clear commitment to undoing my liberties, is simply dead to me.  Promises, promises.  Mitt Romney might win, but if so, he’ll do it without my vote.  I will not vote to empower him any more than I will vote to re-elect his play-acting “opponent.” I am out to defeat the GOP.  Yes, this means the liberals will win.  Is that any different than now?  How, exactly?  No, the first thing to do when you’re being ambushed is to recognize that your survival now depends on getting out of the kill-zone, and the GOP establishment has made of the party an endless sea of death for conservatism.  I’m out.  Feel free to seek cover next to your Lieutenant.  He’ll be glad to use your corpse as cover.