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You Can Learn a Lot From an Endorsement

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Together Again?

Before this primary season is said and done, you will have learned a good deal from various Republican politicians just how thoroughly they are part and parcel of the GOP establishment. It’s really no surprise, but Hot-Air is now reporting, former Florida governor Jeb Bush will endorse Mitt Romney before the Florida primary.  This follows on the heels of news on Thursday that John Bolton is endorsing Mitt Romney.  One after the other, these people are revealing who they really are, and what it is they intend.  Mitt Romney has become the Bush-clan nominee, and since the Bush family still has so much thorough influence in the party, they’re now leveraging everything they can in the direction of Mitt Romney.  Mitt is their kind of conservative, which is to say he’s not conservative at all.  The reason for all of this is to dis-spirit and demoralize the base, and to cut off entry to any others.

It’s time to shake up this party, and this primary, but I don’t know how to do it from among the current crop of candidates.  Worst of all, what you find when you drill down through it is that all of these people are really fellow travelers.  The Bush clan’s reach is long, and they have been dominating national Republican politics for more than a generation.  This is why the GOP never seems to make any ground against the big-government Democrats, and at times you’d almost believe they’ve been doing it intentionally.

You might wonder why all the endorsements from the Bush clan and its allies are coming so fast and furious now, and the answer is actually very simple: It’s their intention to shut down this nominating process before you can rise to oppose Mitt.  The GOP establishment is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bush family, and the implications are clear:  They believe they should run the country indefinitely, and they have no intentions to turn away from power.  Dominating the GOP directly is the method by which they maintain their power, and they are not conservatives.  The Bush clan is communitarian.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, I hope you’ll read up on  it, because it describes the philosophical base of the GOP establishment.  This is why I view these endorsements as important, because if for no other reason, they tend to show us who the other communitarian politicians are.  Watch and count who comes out to endorse Mitt Romney, particularly those who endorse before he has the nomination numerically cinched.

If you wish to defeat Barack Obama, you’d better nominate somebody else.  Mitt Romney will not get it done, but if you want to see how thoroughly they love power, watch how they’re willing to lose in order to prevent conservatives from gaining power again.  They wanted McCain too, and as soon as he had the nomination, they set out to undermine him.  What do you think Colin Powell’s last minute endorsement of Barack Obama was really all about?

Remember, these people have nothing with respect to liberty at stake, because they’re in a position to avoid the worst aspects of Obamacare, and they will be able to walk past most of the socialist programs with which you’ve been saddled.  In short, they don’t care, and they don’t reference such concepts in their thinking.  This is how you wind up with the abomination of George W. Bush arguing that he had to “destroy the free market to save it,” with respect to TARP.  This is why when they enact their ridiculous Medicare Prescription Drug entitlement, they aren’t worried:  They are able to get whatever they want.

Now if you think this sounds vaguely like the language of an “Occupier,” let me suggest to you that you’re missing the point.  It’s not their wealth I find obnoxious, but their willingness to let your liberties slide away because they have their own wealth.  In this sense, the system they are creating is one that will prevent you from joining them in wealth. To read that Jeb Bush will endorse Romney before the Florida primary merely demonstrates the point:  They’re intent upon cutting off debate lest you realize the nature of the game and nominate somebody else altogether.  My suggestion to you is that you do so anyway.  You have nothing to lose by it, and everything to gain if you can frustrate their continuing attempts to dominate our politics.