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Again I Ask: Why Don’t Repblicans Fear Their Party’s Base?

Friday, June 28th, 2013

A Toast to Lenin

We have discussed this here before, and I have previously shared with you my conclusion: Republicans may not fear their party’s base because they may be less than earnest members of the Republican party.  It may be that as soon as they can hand the House back to the Democrats in 2014, we may witness a sea change as many of the people you’ve come to think of as RINOs jump ship to become Democrats simply so they can be a part of the majority again.  In Washington DC, there is only one effective party, and it is the party of big government.  Do not be surprised when this pack of traitors defects from the GOP at the first substantially favorable opportunity.  Do not expect party loyalty, because their only loyalty is to their own political hides, and do not be surprised to discover that this amnesty bill vote in the Senate had been about their future prospects as Democrats.  The fundamental principle I believe is driving the Republican leadership is best described and encapsulated in the following quote, as coincidentally posted today by long-time reader “The Unit:”

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

If this suggestion seems impossible or “conspiratorial” to you, remember that these are people who have just voted on a bill that will flush the entire country into a sewer, and that they did so despite widespread disapproval by conservatives, but also the American people in general.  The only party in which their positions on this bill could meet with something approaching a majority’s approval is the Democrat Party.  They aren’t even particularly worried about being challenged in a Republican primary because many of them intend to switch parties and run as incumbent Democrats if their support in the Republican party grows too weak or the party’s influence wanes dramatically, as is the likely result of the immigration bill.

One shouldn’t wonder when a putative Republican leader like Boehner adopts the tactics and strategems of the left.  Whatever the motive driving them, whether as the result of extortion or through willing collusion, the Republican leadership in Washington DC has participated in the wrecking of this country as surely as any leftist, but in order to have you tolerate it, their voting base must be convinced that they are diligently working to oppose the left.  If only they are able to make it look like they’ve put up a “valiant effort,” you will likely be convinced to let them remain in office.  If you do happen to lose patience with them, posing a serious primary threat, they may simply change parties in order to maintain their offices.

Do you suppose the conservatives in John Boehner’s district feel any better about the impending immigration disaster than do you?  Certainly not.  They feel as betrayed as do you, but their voices will be muted if their only choice in November of 2014 is between Boehner and an open leftist.  This is the manner in which we are being controlled.  This is why I continue to contend that only by wrecking the GOP and building a new party without any of the same old sell-outs will we be able to retake this nation, restoring it to a constitutional, representative republic.

It’s not as though my proposition is without precedent.  In 1995, following the overwhelming ouster of Democrats in both houses of Congress, there was a sea change through which thousands of elected Democrats across the country simply switched away from the Democrats to the newly ascendant Republicans.  Who among us would contend that these people, or their successors would not change parties if they thought it to be in their own best political interests?  They are politicians, after all, and we’ve seen scant evidence that there exists any real difference among them.  Yes, there are a rare few exceptions, but they merely prove the rule.  The primary motivation of most politicians is to retain power, and if they need to jump from one party to the other, and then back again, they have shown that they are willing and able.  Ask yourself:

Do they ignore your wishes because…

  • They are crooks on the take?
  • They are being blackmailed?
  • They are Democrats in Republican clothing?

One or more of these must be the underlying motive.  No person is so stupid as would be required to support such legislation as the immigration bill that is so obviously an act of suicide for Republicans, particularly conservatives. It will have immense negative repercussions for the nation as a whole, but for the conservative movement particularly.  If this is so, let us assume that the establishment wing of the Republican Party is acting on the basis of an ulterior motive.  It’s simply stretches the limits of credulity to believe that they don’t understand where this is leading, whatever they may say publicly.  If this is the state of the GOP, then I must strenuously work to destroy it before it can destroy us, if it hasn’t already.

Whatever Amnesty they inflict on this country through this bill, if we are unable to stop them, we must offer them no amnesty in 2014, 2016, and 2018.  None of them.  If it costs us the House, so be it.  If it means we lose ground in the Senate, so be it, but by the end of 2014, we must clean House, and we must endure all the difficulties that will come with it.  If we can’t primary them out, we must simply vote them out on election day, even if it means yielding the seats to open Democrats.  Staunch Republicans may recoil at the suggestion, but I must remind Republicans in the most strenuous terms that Barack Obama has succeeded in furthering his agenda precisely because Republicans of the establishment stripe have willfully delivered the country into his hands.

You see, just as it no longer matters whether Obama’s destruction of the US is a result of incompetence or malevolence, it also irrelevant whether the GOP establishment in Washington DC(or anywhere else) is rigging our defeat because they are simply inept, or deviously treasonous.  The result is the same in either case: Conservatives lose, and America is destroyed without a fight.  For those who would argue that Republicans leaders simply cannot be traitors to their party, or to the country, I would remind the purveyors of such arguments that we have been deceived and betrayed many times before, although admittedly neither on such a scale, nor with such catastrophic results.  Whether by design and intention or unhappy accident, we must proceed now as though it were the plan of our alleged “leaders.” Some will conclude that I had possessed no evidence for such a charge, but my retort will be simply that the proof is witnessed in the predictable results.

What conservatives must now ask of themselves is whether we can afford to wait any longer for the final betrayal.  How long will leadership of the party string us along if we do not challenge their direction, their “leadership,” and their motives?  You can see the results. Since Republicans took over control of the House in the midterms of 2010, we have added more than three trillion dollars in new debt, and despite the sound and fury over the debt ceiling and the “sequester,” the growth of government remains virtually unlimited.  All the while, bit by miserable bit, our liberties are being stripped away, and all the while, the GOP establishment poses as our protectors and guarantors of our liberties.  A simple review of the last three years demonstrates convincingly that they are and have been nothing of the kind.

It is with a deep sense of foreboding that I give voice to that which I have suspected for quite some time, but let me assure you that if my conclusion about the real nature of our alleged “leadership” in Washington DC is even approximately correct, you must know that what you’ve seen heretofore will have been merely a sampling of the betrayals in the offing.  It’s going to be up to we conservatives to save this country if it is to be saved at all, but we cannot do so with blinders obstructing our peripheral vision.  We must be able to look around and see clearly who it is that we must defeat, because not all of our worst enemies stand in open aggression on the other side of the battle lines.  Many are among us, and would happily deliver us to our antagonists precisely because while claiming kinship to us, they are merely saboteurs leading us into disaster.  John Boehner is one of these, but there are many others, and we must begin to either strip them of influence or be prepared to abandon the party to them.  Only in so doing will we defeat the left, because for the moment, our alleged “leaders” in Washington DC are merely agents of statism in our midst.


The Loony-Bin Left and Their Venom

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

When Crazies Go Nuts

If you want to have a laugh, all you really need to do is cruise some of they hysterical blog sites frequented by leftists who have the most amazing ability to ignore reality while they pursue idiotic stories about all things conservative, but particularly Sarah Palin.  I received a tip about one site recently in which the author presented another conspiracy theory about Palin, and it was laughable and pathetic, but in reading the comments from what appears to be a string of idiotic but regular visitors to the site, I noticed something hilarious:

 Idiot #1(and Author):  “You know what my source said? My source says…[Conspiracy theory #1]”

 Idiot #2: “Oh, wow, that’s unreal.”

 Idiot #3: “Oh, wow, Idiot#2, that’s good information! Do you think it’s also true that [conspiracy theory extension #1]?”

 Idiot #2: “It’s definitely possible.  You know how Sarah Palin is…”

 Idiot #4: “Hey, Idiot #5, come look at this information Idiot #3 has dug up on Sarah Palin.”

 Idiot #5: “Oh yeah, definitely! You know it’s true. I also heard that[conspiracy theory extension #2]”

 Idiot #1: “Wow, that’s good information. Let me add that to my story.”

 Idiot #6: “Hey, I just heard that [Conspiracy theory #1][Conspiracy theory extension #1, and #2] plus [new conspiracy theory extension #3]

 Idiot #3: “Well, you know how those gomers are. HAHAHAHAHA!”

 Idiot #2: “Yeah, that’s how they are. They are so blind. I was over on C4p. Some organization called O4P is asking for money”

 Idiot #1: “hahahahahahaha”

 Idiot #2: “O4P? I mean, like what’s that? Something affiliated with Palin?”

 Idiot #7: “I penetrated their organization for a while, but now something happened. Maybe they caught on to me?”

 Idiot #8: “You Rock, #7, did you hear about [Conspiracy theory#1][Conspiracy theory extensions #1,#2, and #3] plus [new extension #4 and #5]?”

 Idiot #7: “No, I heard [Alternate conspiracy theory].”

 Idiot #1: “Wow, I hadn’t considered that, #7. I’ll do a whole new post on that one.”

 Idiot #9: “Did you see this idiot? He posted a story about a story he didn’t publish. What an idiot!”

 Idiot #10: “That’s nothing, now he’s posted a story called: The Loony-Bin Left and Their Venom


 Idiot #2: “I think I read some of that somewhere before.”

 Idiot #3: “Typical Gomer.”

Idiot #4: “HAHAHAHAHAHA! What an idiot!”

 Idiot #1: “Maybe he was talking about my story!”

 Idiot #10: “Are we being watched?”

  Idiot #9: “The Gomers aren’t that smart. Only we do that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

Now I promise you that none of these are exact quotes, but my intention here is to capture the spirit and mindset of the leftist opponents we face. In other words, they’re not real bright.  On the other hand, it should serve as a reminder that leftists really are a bunch of smear-spreading sneaks and liars.

They feed on one another, and in successive posts, they make up whole narratives about Palin, her family, and anybody else. Hauled into a courtroom, not one of these morons could substantiate any of their claims, but the funniest part of this is that at this very moment, they’re visiting this site, hoping I will reveal the story I refrained from publishing yesterday. It’s not like it was a state secret, but just as I didn’t wish to give that story coverage it doesn’t deserve, neither will I provide you a link to the site where this gaggle of morons assembles.

Editors Note: Yes idiots, we know you’re watching. Now who’s laughing?