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Federal Judge Should Be Impeached for Gross Incompetence

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Impeach This Judge!

In Florida, the State had enacted a law requiring those on public assistance to subject themselves to drug screenings.  Federal Judge Mary Scriven has temporarily suspended enforcement of the law on the basis that it may violate the protections of the 4th Amendment from unreasonable searches and seizures.  I will tell you that my opinion is that this judge should be impeached, removed from the bench, and have any license she has ever held to practice law revoked on the basis of extreme incompetence.  She said the State of Florida failed to explain how these drug screenings should be exempt from the protections of the 4th Amendment.  I’ve got news for Judge Scribble:  A four-year-old with an advanced degree in coloring books can figure this one out.  I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t play one on television, but I know stupidity when I see it.  Judge Mary, let me help you out a bit, since you seem confused about the role of government and under what circumstances a person waives certain protections:

There is no right to public assistance.  That being the case, when you show up at government’s door begging for “temporary” help, file an application for assistance, and beg the people of the state in question for food, clothing, housing, lodging, or any of the many other things we provide out of the largess of leftists’ hearts, and our wallets, there IS NO EXPECTATION  of privacy when applying for PUBLIC support.  The applicant doesn’t have any obligation to be drug-tested.  We have no obligation to provide them assistance.  They can walk away, both without the drug-testing and the assistance.  It’s very simple, Judge Screech, when you live on my dime, you live by my rules.  I can require a prospective employee pass a drug screening, or a polygraph, and similar, and that’s because they’re coming to me for something.  They want something from me, and I can place conditions upon it.  You want the job?  Pee in the cup?  You want the Food assistance?  Pee in the cup.  It’s the same principle.  That’s it. End of the hunt.  It’s no more complicated than this, and all of your malingering about with the law is absurd.

Honestly, this is why Presidents matter.  Do you know who appointed this genius?  Clinton? No. Obama? No, nope, no way.  This ignoramus in a black robe was appointed by George W. Bush in 2008, to fill the seat vacated by Patricia Fawset.  As you can already guess, it was the ACLU on the plaintiff’s side of the case.  This should have been a summary dismissal, but as usual, what we have here is another useless jurist who should be tossed off of the bench.  She won’t be, of course.  We’ll be stuck with her until she dies or moves up. This ruling may in fact be her submission of a sort of judicial resume, if you know what I mean.