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Here’s Some Hot Political Advice: Don’t Advise Women to Be Whores

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Lunatic of the Week?

This numb-skull politician from Camden County New Jersey just guaranteed that not only will he not win the race he has entered, but also that he probably won’t be welcome among the female populace, or frankly, anywhere in the civilized world.  Even the average Neanderthal who believes something like this ought to be smart enough never to say it publicly while also seeking election to public office.  The NYDaily News website is reporting that Phil Mitsch, Republican candidate for New Jersey State Senate tweeted a bit of advice to women who wish to hold on to their men.   This genius tweeted the following:

“Women, you increase your odds of keeping your men by being faithful, a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom.”

No word as to whether he will now move to New York to seek the former Weiner seat in 2012.  I guess we can be glad he didn’t tweet pictures of his junk, right?  The State’s GOP has withdrawn its support, so we can assume that Chris Christie won’t be joining him on the campaign trail anytime soon.  Democrats are naturally making hay of this one, and you can expect this to lead the nightly news tomorrow.  After all, Mitsch is a Republican, and we all know their scandals are elevated much higher than any Democrat’s.

In a stunning development, this goofball actually tried to defend his remark, and more, claimed to have had it his words somehow edited, or something… It’s only going to be a moment or two before he claims he was “hacked.”  I’ve got some news for this guy, but I doubt he was “hacked” any more than Weiner had been (until Huma got her hands on him, I’m sure,) but he does share one other thing with Anthony Weiner: He is a hack.  I expect this incident will cut his political career short, but let’s assume the blow won’t be lethal.  New Jersey politics surely won’t miss him.

So here’s some really important advice to politicians:  If you think it’s cute and clever, shut the hell up, and keep it to yourself, particularly if it’s advice to women suggesting that at any point, or for any reason, they should behave like whores.  It’s probably not a prudent electoral strategy.