The Fundamental Bankruptcy of the Leftist Mind and the Lamestream Media

For the last number of weeks, I’ve been reserving my opinion on the new bio-pic from Stephen K. Bannon, The Undefeated, until I could view it.  I wrote my own review, posting it on Facebook, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, but not universally so.  One of the immediate and obvious conclusions I was able to infer from the negative responses is that virtually none of the people making negative remarks had seen the film, and some of their remarks were as scathing and ugly as the attacks on Governor Palin displayed in the opening moments of the film.  The criticisms in response to my own review fell into two basic categories:

1.  My review was more than a type-written page in length.
2.  Sarah Palin has been defeated in an election, so the film is named inappropriately.

In the interests of the brevity these critics will certainly appreciate, I would point out that not everything worth saying can be said in typical lefty drone fashion, but their criticisms can be distilled to a singular emotional eruption:  “I hate Sarah Palin, so shut up about the movie!”  That is the earnest truth about their meaning.  Having covered the more intellectually honest of their complaints, at least by inference, I think the other criticism deserves a little more attention.  I’ll bear in mind that I’ve lost most of the critics of the film  by now, and will be able to cover the remainder of them unobstructed by the caterwauling of those not accustomed to reviews composed of more than a single grunt.

The second criticism is based on a fact, and that is that Sarah Palin has suffered an electoral defeat, no matter how you finesse it.  While conservatives rush to point out that it was McCain who was really beaten in 2008, it is nevertheless true that she was on the losing ticket.  This simple fact seems to substantiate, on its face, the snickering, sneering criticisms of leftists who rush to point this out while chortling about how this is all the evidence one needs to know that “Sarah Palin is stupid.”  After all, that is the narrative to which their argument appeals, and yet it is this unsophisticated view of The Undefeated and Sarah Palin that damns their critiques as, well, ‘stupid.’

The film is neither about whether Sarah Palin won or lost a given election, nor is it about elections in any respect.  What The Undefeated is really about is Sarah Palin, the person, who despite all that has been thrown against her, stands even now, taking further slings and arrows none of which may be attributed to outrageous fortune.  No, the burden Mrs. Palin has had to shoulder isn’t born of some unkind happenstance.  It’s the product of outrageous conduct on the part of the “LameStream Media.”

Therein lies the simple key to understanding the title of this excellent film:  Despite everything the left wing juggernaut has done, despite all the attempts by Democrat operatives, and a few establishment Republican hacks too, Mrs. Palin remains as the Republican with the highest favorability among likely Republican voters nearly three years after the grand establishment jihad against her had commenced.  This is another simple fact, but it requires a slightly more observant critic to recognize:  Try as they have, with all their ridiculous bluster, and concocted and distorted stories about her and her family, there she stands, firm traditional values still in place, love of liberty unrepentant, sufficient courage still for any battle; unwavering, unapologetic, and yes, still undefeated.

And I still stand with her.


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  1. Followed the link about "the fix is in" here from "1,000,000 Strong for Sarah Palin" on facebook , stayed to read your post on "The Undefeated". Like you're page, I'll prob. be back.

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