Bill O’Reilly: Professional Pinhead?

Will the Real Pinhead Stand Up?

It’s become so commonplace lately that I’ve basically conceded the fact that Fox News is losing its luster as a more objective media outlet. No individual on the network highlights this fact more thoroughly than the utterly estimable Bill O’Reilly. It isn’t that Mr. O’Reilly’s ever been anything but a crude buffoon, paying lip-service to his audience’s presumed fervor-of-the-moment, while basically servicing the inside-the-beltway crowd, but it is his increasing hostility to ‘folks on the right’ that has me most thoroughly troubled. This time, Mr.’O’ has stepped over the line, and spun his latest ‘Talking Points Memo’ in a manner that is both crudely dishonest and patently obnoxious. From this day, henceforth, Bill O’Reilly has become the reason to turn off one’s television altogether at 8pm Eastern. In his latest in a string of ridiculous attacks on the Tea Party, Bill O’Reilly demonstrates why he no longer deserves a following from anybody concerned with the country’s future:

It’s clear that Bill O’Reilly has lost all sense of who are ‘the folks.’ This trend on FoxNews has been accelerating lately, but in this case, Bill pretends to offer TEA Party members sage advice. What O’Reilly is really saying is: “Shut up, we don’t want you making a bunch of noise out there, just go along with the deal.”

It’s not often that Mr. O’Reilly turns against his populist mantra, and when he does, it’s ordinarily because he’s listening to such well-respected conservatives(inside Washington DC) as Charles Krauthammer, and Bill Kristol, or George Will. The fact that these folks are plugged into the DC establishment never bothers O’Reilly, even a little, and it’s a further demonstration of his willingness to dismiss the very ‘folks’ he claims he exists to serve. He’s also become more hostile toward Sarah Palin in the last several months.

Mark Levin, a real conservative, responds to Bill O’Reilly’s attack on the TEA Party within minutes on his own show, referencing Bill as the “8pm-er:”

I agree with Mark Levin: We need to make careful decisions about who we watch because we don’t want to inadvertently support people who are opposed to our values.

Then, to top it all off, while Bill O’Reilly slams the TEA Party for their support of Cut, Cap and Balance, NewBusters reports CNN releases polling data that shows 66% of Americans support Cut, Cap, and Balance, and 74% support a Balanced Budget Amendment.

This is amazing! Bill O’Reilly likes to pretend he’s ‘all about the folks,’ but in truth, he’s all about only one thing: Tending to his gigantic ego. In point of fact, here he had a chance to side with ‘the folks’ and instead chose the DC insiders. If you’re still watching Bill O’Reilly, you might ask yourself why.

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7 Responses to Bill O’Reilly: Professional Pinhead?

  1. Jim Bell says:

    Yes, you've hit the nail on the head. I've been seeing a change in Fox, especially sense Beck left, O'Reilly's talking points was the last straw. Emailed FNC said they've lost me for good also posted it to my Twitter account (kerf1911). Makes you mad when someone that you thought was halfway on your side tosses you right under the bus.

  2. Suzette Rodgers says:

    Haven't been able to watch Billyo since Sarah slapped him down and he turned on her. He is so full of crap.

  3. IwjwI says:

    I stopped watching BillO a very long time ago when I saw the immediate change in his puffed up ego right after his first visit to the Obama occupied White House.
    He is not our friend.

  4. WOW that rant was amazing!! levin got everything exactly right. i really hope o'reilly listens to this.

  5. dano509 says:

    compromise is the reason we are in this mess how do you compromise with evil how much of your freedom do you compromise away how much of your children’s future do you compromise away what about a compromise of your moral standards…how about compromising the standards of TV viewing down to the point you can't find a wholesome TV program a family can watch without explaining to the little children what some sexual innuendo means when thrown into family programming..compromise is Satan's tool to destroy your liberties and freedoms and put you under bondage to others

  6. JT says:

    I sent Bill an email saying "it was nice knowing you."