Untamed by the Long Reach of Washington’s Elites


As tempting as it may be to imagine that Washington’s power brokers control all, the truth is that whatever they may do, and whatever they may say, they fear most that which they cannot control.   I suppose this is why the elites become so frustrated with TEA Party Patriots, and why it is that despite all the high level, high stakes stage-acting that goes on there,the people who control the direction of the nation and its policies never tire of grasping and grabbing more.   For all their bluster, all their rules and regulations, all designed to compartmentalize and control you, you still have the freedom to choose.  Oh, but how they wish it were otherwise.

Part of this control they seek is purely mental and emotional.  They present every issue in the tone of crisis.  The headlines and the news networks scream at you.  The politicians prod you with frightening threats.  “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue,”  or “We may default on our obligations.”  In truth, it’s all designed to herd you, and drive you in the direction they want you to go.  It’s a bit like cattle in a series of chutes on the way into the slaughterhouse.  The rule is to keep you focused, and to keep you moving always ahead into the gaping maw of the state, following obediently the one in front, while being shoved forward by the one behind.  Fortunately for our country, a number of us not so inclined to be driven in the manner of next Tuesday’s hamburger bolt and leap over the sides of the chute. Sure, they try to corral us, but the truth is that there are many still too independent of thought, conscience, and action.  Those who resist most fervently, and make the most fuss, aren’t dealt with kindly.  No, those who will not submit to be driven must be destroyed.  For these, the attacks will always be unrelenting, and always with extreme prejudice.  For three solid years, we’ve watched the media establishment, on behalf of those elites, carry out a search and destroy mission in pursuit of Sarah Palin, her reputation, and her family.

Rather than consider the lengthy list of their boundless, ceaseless acts of infamy in what they have done or have tried to do to her and her family,  for once I think it might be more useful to consider the full measure of what they have not been able to accomplish in their pursuit of her destruction.  They tried to silence her through mockery.  They have failed, and millions still flock to any grouping of one-hundred-forty characters that bears her nickname on Twitter.  Millions more scramble to read her latest postings on Facebook. If Governor Palin appears on FoxNews(or any other network,) people who have advance notice will watch as late or as early as needed to catch her live.  It warrants notice that such news of imminent appearances spread like wildfire the moment it is known by anybody. She has not been silenced.

The elite wanted to banish her to Alaska.  Rather than the establishment defeating her, she succeeded in hosting a show that displayed the abundant beauty of her home state.  Rather than being banished, she took a fair segment of Americans home with her to one of the country’s last and most beautiful wild places.  With her own home studio, she’s prepared to go on the air and if she so chooses, there are no networks who would refuse her for the ratings boost they reliably obtain from her every appearance.  Whenever she feels the need or the desire, she travels through the lower 48, and upstages the elite’s choices one after the other, not by her doing, but by the pursuit of a media bent on destroying her.  Banished?  No, there will be no banishment for Sarah Palin by the elites or their hapless and incompetent media lapdogs. Rather than isolating her, they have accomplished exactly the opposite. Free to roam at will, unencumbered by title and office, she is able to speak her mind unfettered and unfiltered by the elites.

The media hounds attempted to destroy her family.  The gossip-mongers and rumor mills ran  daily stories about how their marriage was allegedly on the brink, or how a child did this or that, but in the end, what we know is that the Palins seem stronger for all the barbs and brutalities to which they’ve been subjected.  In and amongst the reams of paper and the terabytes of data dedicated to their familial destruction lies the single thread of truth necessary to repel it all:  They love one another.  What more do they need to defeat the lies, distortions, and all the sorry rest of it emanating from the press?  I contend that they have it all. Everything that matters, in fact.

The comics, the commentators, and her opponents in officialdom all aligned to destroy her reputation as an independent mind, and a problem-solver, and a person dedicated to the constitution.  They failed.  Stupendously.  Instead, with each passing day now, Sarah Palin’s voice grows stronger from her chosen wilderness, increasingly a lone voice in the din of the screamers who tell us America is finished and moribund, if not dead.  Even on this day, she steps forth to offer that President Obama has been deemed a lame duck. Quite honestly, she’s right, and there’s no person more suited to remind voters next year, but gently: “I told you so.”  Barack Obama has been busily making her arguments for her.  She enjoys the position of being far-removed from the activities of a morally as well as fiscally bankrupt Washington.  They pretend she doesn’t exist, and hope fervently that she’ll just fade away.  Today’s indictment of the failures of Barack Obama is just a small sample of the fury that no hell hath like the woman who warned.

It was their intention to nullify her by distance and their own feigned indifference behind a wall of carefully constructed media lies.  The joke is now firmly on them, for in the light of each morning’s dawn, we now see things differently, having sampled the unbridled Obama disaster.  They could not defeat her. They could not destroy her.  They could not silence her.  Perhaps worst of all, from the perspective of the elites, they could not tame her.  They view her as the wild woman of the North, and they fear her.  She’s likely to show up at just the right moment to unmask them.  No corner of DC officialdom is safe from this warrior, and there isn’t one of them who doesn’t know it. With each passing day in Washington, the dread and loathing grows deeper, not merely at the impending disasters born of the controllers’ policies, but of the fact that she will not let them conceal it, this time.

Terror stalks the halls of DC, and it is a slinking, skulking fear, not of the things they control, but of the things they do not.  Untamed and unafraid, Sarah now has them all on the run.

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4 Responses to Untamed by the Long Reach of Washington’s Elites

  1. Tom Hampton says:

    Sarah is the only one that is going to turn this ship around. She is Reagan on Steriods, Your Posts are spot on! Keep up the good work as the media for sure will not.

  2. IwjwI says:

    I really like your perspective and how you are able to put it into words. It is a very powerful and fresh look at the way things truely are concerning Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and the Washington elite. Your assessment is spot on. I hope that your powerful blog gets pushed far and wide across this great country, as we need it front and center in this battle that we have undertaken to oust the elite and replace them with commonsense conservative leaders who will bring our nation back from the disaster that the elite have created. We will endure the great wrongs that the elite have created to enslave us and undo it all when we have Sarah Palin at the helm.
    Yes, they fear her and her army. They fear the Tea Party. They know what is coming to them from us and can't ignore us, or their ultimate demise in the 2012 elections. They will not go easily back into the darkness from whence they came. We will have to put every waking moment into our efforts to rid Washington of it's corruption that seeks to strangle us at every turn.
    We will win this battle with people like you to help keep our focus on the prize of taking our country back from the destroyers of our liberty and freedom.

  3. WOW!! Beautifully written! You are so right, Mark; and you are a great talent! Thank you, for sharing your thoughts with us! I am very glad that you are on our side!