Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment to thank the readers of this new blog.  It isn’t very often that one gets a chance to thank directly all the people who have supported them in such an endeavor.  Just a few weeks ago, when I logged onto Facebook for the first time, I made a few friends but most of my Facebook friends were people I had already known in my own life.   I suppose that’s fairly normal. I posted a few things, and tried to master the interface.  It wasn’t long after that when I began writing Facebook notes of my own to share with my all of my friends.

An odd thing happened, and I wasn’t quite prepared for it.  I posted a note entitled: Dear Governor Palin: (The Real Front-Runner.)  I had the thought that maybe this was how I could get my simple message to her, and although it was rather lengthy, it boiled down to a plea for her to run for President,  in my own way.  The response was tremendous.  I could scarcely believe so many people would agree with my sentiments and spread them all over the Internet.  Amazingly, they did, and because so many have asked, I have migrated copies of that letter and other Facebook notes over to this blog for the sake of those who enjoyed them.

It wasn’t long before a couple very dedicated folks asked me if I would be willing to share my writing with a wider audience.   Ron Devito, at US4Palin, and Martha Cano at Palin Promotions both graciously asked me to contribute when I felt I could.  Kind readers re-posted my notes all over Facebook, and all around the globe.  I was stunned, but none of that quite prepared me for what was to come.  Conservatives4Palin kindly re-published my Facebook note: Betting the Farm on Sarah Palin.  That note, posted on their site, brought more attention to my Facebook Wall than I quite knew how to handle, as I could scarcely keep up with the replies to it and other notes on the page.  I’ve received hundreds of messages on Facebook from people explaining that my notes moved them or in some way changed their minds about Governor Palin, hardened against her by Lamestream Media propaganda had they become.  They expressed thanks, and once more, I was thoroughly humbled by the gift of their generous words of praise.

At that point, I had accumulated a growing audience on Facebook, and made some tremendously kind and dedicated friends.  I thought that it could hardly be any better than that: Sharing one’s thoughts with those of varied but similar convictions, from all around the country, and having the fantastic opportunity to read their ideas too, is a precious experience, and I thoroughly enjoy it still.  Far too many fine and diligent minds never find their voice in our busy, information-driven culture, but there I saw people able to laugh and love and learn without the impediments that often obstruct friendship and understanding.

Just as I came to believe that this was some sort of minor miracle, amazed at the success of a simple fellow writing articles on Facebook, an even more preposterous thing happened.  I traveled with my daughter and son-in-law to see The Undefeated at Grapevine, Texas.  We met some people I knew from Facebook and TXO4P who were there to support the opening night of the film.  We had a great time, and my daughter passed out some Sarah Palin bumper stickers that would be my slim contribution to the opening night.  Wow!  It was a tremendous piece of cinematic art revealing truths about Governor Palin I hadn’t  known, and relying upon the LSM, probably wouldn’t have learned.  The reaction of my son-in-law, not firmly convinced about Sarah Palin before seeing the film, nevertheless exited the theater impressed by what he had learned.  As he spoke about it, and also about the crowd in attendance on the long ride home, I resolved to write a review as soon as we arrived.  Having parted company with the new friends we’d made, at just past midnight, our long drive home mercifully completed at 3am.

I must confess that as I’ve aged, I am no longer blessed with the endurance I once took for granted, so at 3:45, with a very rough draft completed, I ended my twenty-two hour day(I’m an early riser) and crawled off to bed.  When you have Great Danes, however, there’s not always a great deal of sleeping-in for the night-owl.  Their thundering cacophony at the prospect of their morning meal sounded like a drumbeat from which I could not escape.  Mrs. America already had them fed when I motivated my weary body into the kitchen for a cup of caffeinated heaven. I grabbed my coffee, and took care of the few morning chores that Mrs. America hadn’t already completed, knowing the time of our arrival without having stirred so much as a finger when I came in.

I went back to my computer to begin cleaning up my draft, and finally posted my review on Facebook.  I entitled it simply: We and She: The Undefeated. A couple of hours later, as I sat eating a late brunch with my family, assembled at Denny’s, my phone binged at the arrival of a text message from one of the energetic TexasO4P members who I had met in person for the first time just the evening before.

The rather excited message said only: “Holy Moley! Sarah just shared one of your notes!”

I looked at the phone.  In a moment of fatigue-dominated confusion, my mind searched momentarily: “Sarah? Sarah who?”  Then it struck me.  My friend Jelayne wasn’t kidding. Yes, she meant that Sarah! I flipped over to the Facebook app on my phone, went to Sarah Palin’s page, and sure enough, right there it appeared, and the counter on the ‘Like’ was already racing toward 1,000.  I exchanged several more excited messages with my friend, and I looked up from my phone, and said: “Holy Moley! Sarah Palin just shared one of my notes, the review I just finished, on her Facebook wall.”

Mrs. America, the world’s greatest living cynic, (and with good reason having been married to me for more than two decades,) offered as I passed her my phone, “Yeah.  And I’ve been her deep-cover agent all these years, just to make certain you’re not just some nut. The final proof is now in.”  Meanwhile, my daughter who is much quicker on her phone, confirmed just in time to save me further sarcasm.

Predictably, traffic to my Wall soared. Resounding praise followed by the few obligatory trolls was the order of the day.  At the urging of my FB friends, most of whom insisted my alleged talents needed a better-suited platform, I began this blog.  In these past ten days, since I began building this site, something even more remarkable has happened.  I don’t know if it will last a week, or a month, but the number of page-views has climbed rapidly into the thousands.  I have subscribers, for Heaven’s sake!  I’m still not quite sure why.

I don’t know what lies ahead, but I’ve taken these few moments to measure and recount for you what has happened in so short a time, and it’s astonishing.  What I’ve realized is that while I have had some amazing early results, the truth is that such success is not entirely mine.  It’s not really about me.  The common thread that runs as a river in all the notes, emails and messages I’ve received, has been, essentially: “Mark, if I were able to say what it is that I think, I would have said it just exactly that way.”   You see, for whatever reason, through whatever slim gifts I’ve been told I possess, what I’ve found is that the truth is simply that I’m one of you.  Contrary to the media talking points about conservatives, I’m not alone.  We’re not the minority.  You’re not alone.  This lonely blog is merely one more voice crying out both in hope but lately, in despair.  Our nation is under assault.  Our lives and our culture and our beliefs are continually mocked and derided.  The candidate we prefer is cast aside by the popular culture, in part because she must be destroyed, but in the main because she is one of us, and it is we who must be destroyed.

Know this: I’m here for the fight.  I know you are too.  Your messages of support and fellowship ring in my head and in my heart as I read them.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Governor Palin, for sharing my note, whatever lead her to see it,   but also for lending me the courage to strike out in this way and find an audience.  These are the things great leaders inspire.  In the same way, and for the same reasons, I thank Jelayne and Martha and Ron along with all the other gracious people who have shared my writings with you.   I also wish to thank Mrs. America, for the tolerance of the time spent in this endeavor.  She’s picked up my slack for more than two decades, all while bearing burdens I alone could not.  Most of all, I owe you the greatest debt, my readers, because this blog would not exist without you.  Your encouragement, constructive critique, friendship, and temperance characterizes our new-found kinship.  Yes, there is a familial relationship among the lot of us, and even  with a wider audience we’ve not yet found, but firmly believe we will.  We’re Americans, and it’s that which binds us.  Much as my son-in-law’s reflection on The Undefeated revealed, we’re at ease and at home together; even in our small squabbles, we’re more like siblings than like true rivals.  It’s this that characterizes those who champion Sarah Palin, too, because when the stage-lights go dark, and the crowd has vanished, and the excitement is over, what we have is one another.

And that is a good deal more than I had any right to expect.

Thank you!


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7 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Tom Hampton says:

    Mark America, we owe you the thanks for putting your thoughts down on paper in a way we all wish we could duplicate. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank YOU, Mark! Like your many admirers have already stated, you said what we all have been thinking and I for one wish to thank you, sir! You truly have a God-given talent and Sarah as well as the rest of us recognize it. Keep up the GREAT work!!

  3. ron says:

    Thank you Mark….. continue sharing your brilliant thoughts about Sarah and America. You are an inspiration.

  4. Congratulations and keep em coming!

  5. AFinch says:

    Great blog Mark. Your letter to Palin was extraordinary and the attention you're receivign is well-deserved.