Open Letter to Speaker Boehner: Cut, Cap, and Balance or BUST!

Unfit to Lead

Honorable Speaker Boehner:

I realize you’re not a true conservative.  I understand that your moderate tendencies are leading you to seek a deal with President Obama, but please allow me explain to you why that would be a short-sighted mistake.   Whether you love them or hate them, the independent voices of the Tea Party and all conservative Americans, are calling upon you to stand fast against this charade of the President’s.  I know you are fearful that Republicans will take the blame if our debt ceiling isn’t raised, and the government defaults, but a large and growing number of us already know:  If Social Security checks don’t go out, and our debts aren’t paid, the blame will rest entirely with this spending-addicted president who has brought us to this brink.

While he attempts to scare seniors about the possibility of their monthly allotment not being made, we already know that is a despicable lie:

There is only one person who has any intention to stop those checks from being issued, and his name is Barack Obama.

It’s time to cease negotiations on new ‘deals’ and new ‘compromises.’ You’ve already led a clear majority of the House of Representatives to pass Cut, Cap, and Balance. 66% of the American people support that bill.  If the Senate will not support it, let the Senate and the President for whom it is behaving as a shill come up with a better plan.  The President’s job is to lead, and he refuses.  The President’s duty is to the truth, but he offers us only fear-mongering lies.  You, in your authority as the Speaker of the House have both a logical and moral duty to oppose him.

Opposition isn’t self-defeating compromise.  You must not promise to swallow only half the poison in order to compromise with he who would have you swallow it.  You must flatly refuse the sort of deal not characterized by most of the following:

1.) Defund/repeal budget-busting Obamacare

2.) Deficit reduced to $1 trillion (or less) in FY 2012,  with a glide-slope to zero in 4 years

3.) No ‘revenue enhancement’ or ‘Tax increases’

4.) Balanced Budget Amendment

5.) No extensions to debt ceiling greater than one half the expected monthly portion of the deficit, and no extension in terms longer than six months.

This is what you must do. Your Cut, Cap and Balance Bill, combined with a Balanced Budget Amendment, would satisfy most of these requirements, and is the only compromise most Americans are willing to accept.  I fully expect you to do this, and I will not support any other form of deal, and I am taking the pledge, right now, to vote for the opponent of any politician who votes for some other deal that does not meet these basic criteria.

Yes, it is probably unfair inasmuch as you and your Republican colleagues are the only politicians in Washington interested in carrying this forward, and yes, I understand, and I believe most Americans understand that you’re being confronted with an intransigent president who will not deal in public, will not divulge his own plans, and seems intent upon exploiting and economically terrorizing the country for his own electoral and political purposes.   We understand that, and we understand why it is particularly difficult for you, but this is not the time to offer deals.  Stop crying about the difficulty of your position in these negotiations and stand firmly.  This is the time to tell the President, for once, and with a finality he deserves:

Cut, Cap, and Balance, or BUST!  The choice is his, and the American people now know it.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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  1. wow thank you mark i agree whole heartedly in what you have stated you are a patriot and you writ for all patriots thank you

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