Update: Allen West, the Republicans, and the Hobbits

"Hobbitses Taste Like Chicken"

A dozen or so of  the very kindest people have written to me today to make a case on behalf of Congressman Allen West.  Like them, I really don’t want to believe he’s sold us all out.  They’ve sent me links to other stories, videos, and audio clips, and I must admit they’ve made a valiant effort to support his case with me, but then, who the heck am I anyway?  Exactly two have been less than kind, hurling some rather indelicate words my direction, however, for the most part, those who contacted me to disagree were very polite, stated their cases, listened to mine, and interacted as fellow patriots with heartfelt convictions, and in the end either parted on friendly terms, or simply agreed to disagree.  The one that became more popular to send me as the day turned into evening was a clip from Tammy Bruce’s show.

I listened to this particular clip with interest.  On the advice of one friend, I actually listened more intently a second and a third time.  I kept waiting for the escape clause that would let Representative West off the hook somehow.  I’m sorry to report that it never arrived.  As I listened to it, it became clear that I was hearing from Allen West all the same things that we’ve been spoon-fed all along by Speaker Boehner, and worse still, it seems like West is now firmly in Boehner’s camp.  He made the same pathetic excuse about the house being just one-half of one-third of the government, and then I knew he really had walked across the line.  I say I consider this ‘worse’ because as the day went on, it became clearer and clearer that Speaker Boehner’s latest plan is a stalking-horse for something Harry Reid is cooking up in the Senate.

These freshmen who’ve been walked off this plank haven’t yet felt the bite of the sharks circling. It’s a slow motion fall from the end of that beam to the treacherous waters below.  I must return to my earlier theory:  The Fix is in.  Here’s how this is going to play out, and I’m not sure all of these Tea Party freshmen quite understand how they’re being played:

  1. John Boehner will pass his plan by hook or by crook. They’ve had a temporary stoppage tonight, as vote counts reveal they’re not really close enough. They will con and coerce whomever they can into the deal, by whatever means necessary, until there’s enough who cave and support this.
  2. While this plan is being passed, Harry Reid and his band of nuts in the Senate will be putting the finishing touches on their own bill. They’ll seek the support of some RINOs to bring it to the floor for a vote, and it will pass. My bet is that this will happen within 24-48 hours of the passage of the Boehner bill.
  3. At that point, it will be rushed off to conference where the two bills will be reconciled into a final form which will quickly be brought to a final passage vote in the Senate.
  4. In the House, there may be trouble, because this is where the freshmen Congressmen who’ve walked the plank will finally hit the water. This will come to the floor for a vote some time Monday, with all the pressure aimed at these freshmen, and all the media screaming ‘Default Crisis!’  After that, it will be academic.  Barack Obama will sign the bill, get a colossal extension on his credit card, and you will have gained a few morsels or tokens for all your efforts in putting together this new majority in the House.

There are only one or two ways that this does not become the result of this matter, and it comes down to these:

  1. The current Boehner plan never makes it out of the house. Of course, they will tell you that Cut, Cap and Balance is dead, but the Boehner deals will never die. They’ll resurrect it a thousand times to make it pass.
  2. The scenario plays out as described, above, in steps one through three, but when it gets to step four, all of the people who’ve already walked the plank will suddenly find the courage, as they hit the water, under the even greater pressure they’ll be under then, to stand up and say “Nay” to the re-worked, post-conference [Reid]bill.  What do you suppose will be the chances of this?

Any way it goes, Barack Obama will wash his hands of it completely, even when he signs it into law, if this deal goes through.  He’ll walk away and point the blame for all that comes of it back to the House.  Bet on it.

Obama is in a position that the less he caves, and the more the Republicans do, the better his chances of getting any short-term credit and deflecting any long-term blame. By contrast, the only way for the conservative position to prevail is for them to stand firm, even against the media onslaught.  Admittedly, it will be difficult for them to do, which is why it already looks as though Barack Obama will prevail, and all your efforts in electing this Congress, while not entirely for naught, will have been muted.

This is dispiriting, but it is not the end.  We ‘hobbits’ are growing restless.  Let’s hope we have unnaturally long memories to go with our short stature and our hairy feet.  Leave it to the Republican leadership in the House to find the most perfect plan to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, again. Way to go Denethor Speaker Boehner!  On the other hand, it looks like Aragorn Sarah Palin is still listening to we hobbitses, and she remembers too.  As Galadriel reminds us, “All is not lost while hearts are true.”  Thankfully, there’s at least one around with a servant’s heart still, and I’m going to see her at a rally in Waukee, Iowa, September 3rd.  See you there!


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4 Responses to Update: Allen West, the Republicans, and the Hobbits

  1. msipect2 says:

    What always bugs me, Mark, is how little is ever mentioned as to how the "leadership" comes up with the figures for the "cuts" in the budget. My wife and I have a budget. We allow a "0" percent increase each year. So, if an increase is necessary, we cut something from the budget to maintain the sanctity of our commitment to a "balanced" budget. The government assumes an increase in spending each year…let's say 6%. If they make a 50% cut to the budget, they mean the increase will only be 3%. Of course they don't use such simple means of determining the increase or cuts, but, Mark, isn't this quite accurate? Please let me know if I am incorrect in my assumptions! Mikethemayor

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Mike, that's exactly so. Most things lamented as 'cuts' are merely reductions in the rate of growth, as you've properly identified. It's part of the Washington standard scam.

  2. kevin says:

    That pic is from the party right? After they set off the dragon fireworks! " Lets get another "
    I am in pause mode. Not sure what to make of this. November was a landslide for conservatism! Not for compromise. The trickery of Solomon (is that the wizards name?) is at work here. One half of one third! Frodo was less than that (can't forget Samwise) when they walked into Mordor. And guess what? They still got the job done. With a little help from Gollum (Nancy) They kinda even look alike.
    You know I've been thinking. Palin/Rubio is starting to look and sound interesting at this point. No nonsense commonsense conservatives with a well articulated vision for America. Another morning in America. Washington needs an enema.

  3. Theresa says:

    Very valid, pithy, scucnict, and on point. WD.