West Blows Intellectual Gasket: Calls Tea Party ‘Schizo’

West: Tea Party Schizophrenic

In a sad extension of the problem of West’s abandonment of the principles he espoused and championed by accepting the Boehner plan in the House, I am further saddened to report that he couldn’t gracefully let it drop and just move on, or better still, reverse himself.  Instead, he’s now called the Tea Party ‘schizophrenic.’   (Also at Real Clear Politics.) (Audio)

My question for Congressman Allen West, whose service in uniform to this country I nevertheless honor, is simply this:

“If the Tea Party is upset because you’ve changed your views, and have withdrawn some measure of support for you, exactly who is behaving as a schizophrenic, sir?”

“The TEA Party folks, or you???”

This is just one more sad chapter in the case of Congressman West’s slow self-immolation on behalf of a broken Boehner bill.

As when I first reported this story, I find no pleasure in reporting this. I view this as a perfect demonstration of how the vile and corrupt DC culture leads conservatives to abandon their values and thereby destroy themselves.


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2 Responses to West Blows Intellectual Gasket: Calls Tea Party ‘Schizo’

  1. msipect2 says:

    It is not only Mr. West who will buckle under to the pressure of the Speaker. Many of those same minded Tea Party favorites are going to give in, too. Let's just see what is the most powerful. The people or the D.C. mindset. Mikethemayor