Pick Your Poison: Bad or Worse?

Where It Stops, Nobody Knows

Today’s news seems only to offer a choice between the bad and the worse.  Little hope was readily apparent with the market in free-fall, and at this point, we dare only admit that it might have been worse.   The bad news is:  Tomorrow may be even worse.  A 635 point plunge on the Dow  punctuated the end of the day’s trading, but there were other events today that bear closer examination.   Among them, one can find a brief statement to the press by President Obama, delayed by nearly an hour.  His statement was typical of this President, which is to say it was an outrageous display of both his growing hubris and his intransigent indifference in the face of a disaster largely of his own creation.

There was something else made all the more plain by the market’s performance, when juxtaposed with Obama’s simultaneously indifferent and smarmy statement:  There can be only one of two possible explanations for both things.  Either Barack Obama and his entire economic staff are the world’s most precocious imbeciles, incompetent beyond all attempts at rehabilitation, or, now more likely in my view, the lot of them have undertaken a course purposefully designed to accomplish all you have witnessed on the day.  In short, I now believe Barack Obama is sabotaging this nation intentionally. Thankfully, I also know that his presidency will come to an end.

The President said many things, while the market paused in its plunge to listen just long enough to confirm its fears of him, but notable among all of the things this imperious president said, was his continued insistence that this was all the result of the rancor and harsh politics during the debt ceiling debate.  As with all things he says, there was a nugget of truth, but the part about which he lied is clear:  The harsh politics and rancor that prevented the enactment of a bill that would have prevented all of this emanated almost entirely from his side of the political aisle.  There can be no doubt that he knew this as he variously blamed anybody but himself, however, the most telling evidence of his intentions lied in what he did not mention:  The bill that died in the Senate, famously known as Cut, Cap, and Balance, which he himself had pledged to veto, was the only plan offered that satisfied the S&P with respect to preserving our AAA credit rating.  Every other plan was judged by S&P to be insufficient, but in the end, we enacted one of those tepid plans.  Whatever else they may say or do in the days and weeks ahead, if the President or any of his henchmen tell you otherwise, they are simply lying.  Lying is not unusual for politicians. It seems to be the favorite hobby of many, yet in this instance, the lie is being told with other than the usual motive of preserving their power.  It’s told with the intention of deceiving you so he can justify even greater assaults upon your wealth.

As usual in Washington, there’s always more than one villain.  It’s now being reported that today’s market calamity may have made somebody a good deal of money, betting against the US.  Meanwhile, always in need of new scapegoats to go along with the usual ones, S&P itself became the target of Obama’s false accusations.  Some on the left are now openly calling for Standard & Poor’s downgrade to be investigated, and not surprisingly, most of them are Obama’s former colleagues in the Senate.  This is roughly equivalent to calling for the investigation of the radiology technician who finds the tumor in your brain.  “Now I must endure life-altering surgery, and chemotherapy, all because of you!”  It would be laughable if they weren’t serious.

One of the noteworthy features of Washington DC is that you can almost always identify the lying dog by which barks the loudest, and with the most ludicrous explanations.  Barack Obama’s statement today was an act in defiance of reality.  Whatever his motives, and most of us can now guess them, President Obama can’t do much damage that cannot be reversed.  This evening, Sarah Palin published an article on Facebook repeating some of the points she’s made before, and further expanding upon them with a properly scathing assessment of Obama’s failure to lead.

In all that Mrs. Palin says, there may only be one factual error, and it’s due entirely to her generosity:  When her critics last November crucified her for her stance on QE2, (including her predictions on a possible QE3 – now seemingly set in motion,) this writer does not believe it was due merely to their incompetence that they smeared her as unsophisticated.  Instead, it was precisely because they knew her to be correct, and wished to verbally bully her into silence, that they carried out their ridiculous campaign of personal attacks against her.   Nobody is laughing much today.  As has become her habit, Sarah Palin managed not merely to be right on the facts, but right in predicting where they would lead, in abject rebellion against the many and varied smears with which she’s been painted.   Governor Palin also pointed out the fashion in which the Tea Party was being scapegoated, referencing Nero’s use of the Christians as the object of his own nefarious schemes.  This back-handed comparison to Barack Obama is more apt than most might wish to acknowledge, and yet it’s also further evidence of Sarah Palin’s depth of understanding of the issues at hand.

In all the years of my life, I have heard it repeated, on too numerous an occasion to recount, that the “good intentions” of liberals offered an excuse for their wrong-headed policy initiatives.  In my youth, I would have readily believed that, not then willing to consider that there could be Americans who wished harm upon America, but in all the years since, I’ve abandoned that naive assumption, in favor of what my own eyes and intellect reveal:  Nobody could have witnessed any of the last century’s miseries under the iron boot of statism and continue to believe that this was in the public interest, or the common good, whatever you may believe those to be.  It’s abundantly clear that this has not been an accident, and it’s patently obvious that the intentions are not nearly so good as we had once dared to hope.  Barack Obama is not suited to be President.  While that’s bad news indeed, it’s not particularly new to many of us, but what’s worse is that we’re stuck with him for nearly another year-and-a-half.

The only good news in any of this can be found in the encouraging words with which Governor Palin closed today’s article:

“Our destiny is still in our own hands if we pick ourselves up and act responsibly and quickly. We must all get involved. Concerned Americans must seek truth, work harder than ever, and be willing to sacrifice today to ensure freedom tomorrow. Please get engaged in 2012 electoral politics and support experienced, vetted, pro-free market fiscal conservatives who will dedicate all to preserving our Republic and protecting our Constitution.”

Indeed.  We must find exactly that sort of conservative leader.  I have found mine.

And you?


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