The Left Declares War on Reality

Amilya Antonetti - Fierce Advocate for Truth

If you rely upon the news media, you’d never know a few simple facts about our nation’s credit-rating downgrade debacle.  To listen to the media, you’d believe that Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and the House Republicans were the source of the problem.  The truth is a good deal different than their narrative would have you believe, and since the signing of the Boehner-Reid Budget Control Act, it has become apparent that the media is content to lie, knowing most people lead busy lives and their attention is spread too thinly to notice the dishonesty. It’s the nature of the left and their shills in the media to ignore reality, but this time, they’ve decided not only to deny reality, but with the stakes are so, they’ve declared open war.

Their war is being pressed along three axes of attack.  They deny the facts, invent their own, and misrepresent the logic by which you should evaluate their conclusions.  On Wednesday night, Erica Payne appeared opposite Amilya Antonetti(who gained notoriety for an impassioned tirade against Obama on FoxNews,) and Payne again insisted that a lack of demand was the root of our economic woes.   Ms. Antonetti let Payne make her statement, and then responded, however Payne kept interrupting, in typical leftist fashion, trying to shout down Ms. Antonetti.  Not to be deterred, Antonetti let the fur fly when Payne continued to insist that the economic troubles stemmed from a lack of demand.  As I detailed last week when Erica Payne made the same essential argument, Payne’s argument is an economic and logical impossibility.

Afterward, on Hannity’s show, Kirsten Powers appeared opposite from Sandra Smith to carry on the leftist war on reality by arguing that housing, higher education and health-care ought to be fundamental rights.  This argument passes neither the logical nor the moral sniff-test.  What she and other leftists contend is that all of every person’s essential needs ought to be provided by the government if the individual person cannot provide it for himself.   What this demands is that some people become the slaves of others.   The protests and riots in Europe, and probably soon in the US, are a direct result of the slaves saying “No more” to their masters, who are thugs and ne’er-do-wells rioting in the streets.

Never able to admit the fallacies inherent in their advocacy, the political left stands firmly shaking its collectivized fist at the markets.  After all, the market is their mortal enemy, and they cannot abide its terrible judgments against them.  A free market speaks to an objective standard of morality that will always get around to punishing the cheats, and the foolhardy.  It will always  identify the charlatans and frauds.  Just look at Monday morning’s news:  S&P also downgraded Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Now it appears that individual states may be next.  How long before this effect works its way down to local government institutions?  Rather than continuing to skirt the consequences of the reality they’ve created, the left is going to find that there is no place in which to hide their eyes from the growing calamity they’ve created.  As I’ve detailed elsewhere, the only plan presented that would have prevented the downgrade was Cut, Cap, and Balance.  The media continues to sell the broken notion that it’s because of conservatives, the Tea Party, and Sarah Palin, but the truth is that the left caused all of it, and they know it. The only blame to assign to any of these would be to chastise the House conservatives who bent to Boehner’s will and joined in support of the BCA, thus helping to guarantee the downgrade.

The simple fact of nature that the left cannot evade is the simple requirement to produce as much as one consumes.  What the left promises to some people is the ability to to live off the excess production of others, but the premise is both illogical and immoral.  Consider it this way, if you prefer: If a person were to earn $5 million this year, still the left would say that taxing him at some outrageously high rate is justified.  All of this is a lie.  What if it’s the last money that person were ever to earn? What if that person subsequently became disabled and was no longer able to earn more?  The left would suggest that this poor soul simply apply for government benefits, yet if they had left him to his own devices, he might have had sufficient wealth to sustain him with diligence for the remainder of his life.

In any case, all of this relies upon ignoring one factor of morality from which there is no possible escape:  The money was his, by right.  Once you admit this fact, all of the remaining sorry justifications evaporate.  This is the notion with which this nation must eventually contend.  It isn’t possible for people to be so perfectly ignorant as the acceptance of this theory requires.  Instead, it must be a matter of conscious choice, and we must not omit this in our arguments against the statists and their so-called “solutions”.  They know what they’re doing, and their motive is made plain by the fact that they insist upon doing it.

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3 Responses to The Left Declares War on Reality

  1. You nailed it once again, Mark. They KNOW exactly what they are doing and are still trying to "justify" why they are doing it, even though we all now see through their ruse! Great post!!

  2. Yep, been saying it for years – Requirements for a working socialist economy (best case)

    A culturally homogenous population.

    Consistent baseline of productivity vis-a-vis resources and assets that NEVER goes down, unless the population goes down. IOW, no scarcity… of anything.

    A demographic of "the rich" that is WILLING (note caps) to give up a significant (80% or more) of their income & wealth to the State for redistribution.

    A democratically elected government that can equitably distribute the surplus of "the rich", on a consistent basis.

    No innovation allowed – According to Marx (Das Kapital) this wastes resources and assets best used for redistribution.

    Of course, such a society is clearly impossible for the reasons you so eloquently posit. Bravo again Mark!

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Russell, it's right out of Atlas Shrugged. The looting goes on uninhibited by morality, or worse, urged on by a false morality.