What the ‘Lame-Stream’ Media Won’t Tell You

Perry Joins 'Savior-of-the-Month' Club

It’s time for some frank discussion of the coming election and how the media is attempting to influence the outcome.  The media has no particular love of the country, because they serve corporate and political masters who don’t share the average American’s interests or visions.  You may think some network is telling you the entire truth, but all of them are compromised in one way or another.  Many center-right folks trust Fox News, but it cannot be said that this organization remains untouched by the political bias of the DC culture, particularly given the enlarging legal problems the network’s parent company, News Corp, is facing abroad, and more recently here at home.  What none of them seem interested in telling you is the identity of the real GOP front-runner.

For their dismissive attitude toward her on-camera, or in print, the media is overwhelmingly focused on the possibility of Sarah Palin’s entry into the GOP field.  Happy to leave them guessing, Governor Palin’s One Nation bus tour is back on the road, while the Lame-Stream Media pursues her, all the while feigning an indifference to her potential candidacy.  This duplicitous approach to covering the former Alaska Governor is intended to extinguish her popularity in the face of a string of flavors of the month.  Ignoring what they say instead of how they behave, their pursuit of her goes on without pause in the manner of the Paparazzi pursuing royalty.  Fortunately for the American people, this approach seems to be failing, because after each successive introduction of the next “GOP Savior” of the moment, what commences is a long trail of diminution in the eyes of the public.   Trump was going to save us.  Huntsman was going to be the ‘real deal’.  Anybody remember the name “Mitch Daniels” any longer? Then it was Bachmann. Now we’re being offered another “No, really, trust us, we’re right this time.”

The latest alleged savior of America is Rick Perry, but once again, this is largely a manufactured sentiment of the LSM.   As I’ve detailed elsewhere, for a variety of reasons related in part to eight years of a George Bush presidency, combined with Perry’s own shoddy record that wilts under the sunlight of intense examination, it’s clear that soon the bloom will be off the rose from Texas, as well.  Perry can’t win a national election.  His Texas mannerisms and speech simply aren’t salable in the immediate future, not because Americans dislike Texans, but because so many are soured on Texas by Bush.  Perry’s abandonment of conservatism when it has suited political expediency almost certainly dooms his candidacy from the outset.  After all, Barack Obama would love nothing better than to be able to launch a campaign against George Bush’s lieutenant governor.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is in Iowa, and is scheduled to be on Hannity tonight from the Iowa State Fair.  At almost any moment, she threatens to swoop in and suck the thin political oxygen out of the GOP primary race, with the Iowa straw poll set to take place on Saturday.  This approach certainly leaves the field in turmoil, left to wonder when Palin will drop the hammer and crush some of the less popular candidates.  It’s an open secret among many now loosely in the Michele Bachmann camp that in some sense, while well-liked among Tea Party Republicans, she’s become a sort of place-holder for people who would prefer to support Governor Palin.

This suggests that a high-stakes, well-placed announcement by Sarah Palin could very well overwhelm the latest “savior,” whomever that may be.  Sarah Palin’s in the cat-bird seat, and she knows it.  She’ll likely jump in when she sees the best moment, likely surprising everybody, and this possibility has the remainder of the field sweating, leaving the savior of the moment wondering when his halo will evaporate too.

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3 Responses to What the ‘Lame-Stream’ Media Won’t Tell You

  1. RebinTexas says:

    Geee……..thanks Mark…………and here I was beginning to get worried – I would have to put up with our next savior…..Perry…….hmmm, now I feel much better. LOL Great post again.

    Interesting, too, Sarah has already also NOT endorsed Perry, but has also said she doesn't want to step on the toes of the vote in Iowa tomorrow – said they will already be on their way out of the state. Gotta love this lady…….

  2. Jack Russell says:

    I reaad the entire post. I don't agree with the analysis at all. I have lived in Texas for 23 years and as a very politically aware citizen, I am quite familiar with Rick Perry. I see his flaws and find lots of reasons to disagree with him. I don't think he should be given much credit for the state of the economy in Texas. But I believe Obama can be defeated by a broad swath of candidates with the proper campaign. The country could do much worse than Rick Perry, especially with a veto-proof senate and a house majority. This thing is way too early to be calling. Though this isn't 2008, if John McCain ended up as the nominee then, it would take a much better case to rule anyone out than put forth in this article.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Jack, I won't quibble. Would Perry be better than Obama? Sure. So would most candidates. Does that mean he should be President? Not so sure… My largest point of opposition to him turns around just a few issues, including the TTC, his weakness on the border, and his tendency to take money from corporate interests to the detriment of the people. He simply isn't a great leader, in my opinion. Thanks for stopping in!