Harry Reid says Tea Party Is a Short-lived Phenomenon

We Know, We Know...

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D-Nevada,) thinks that it’s inevitable that the Tea Party movement will fade away.  Reid believes that the Tea Party is a result of the poor economic conditions prevailing in the country at large, and having survived a strong challenge in 2010, he’s inclined to believe with most of a fresh 6-year term in front of him, it’s going to be smooth sailing.

“The Tea Party was the result of a terrible economy,” he said in an interview Friday. “I’ve said that many times, and I believe that.”

Not satisfied to impugn the Tea Party as a flash-in-the-pan outfit, Reid then went on to tell the  Las Vegas Review-Journal that the Tea Party would lose seats in Congress.

“That [the Tea Party] will pass. They will lose a number of seats next year.”

He spent a much of the interview attacking Republicans in Congress, and continued the Democrat’s narrative that the Republicans are to blame for the downgrade.

Senator Reid has never thought much of the Tea Party, and his dismissive attitude suggests he’s likely to continue to exhibit contempt for people who believe big government has simply grown much too large.  As the Senate Majority Leader, he’s and President Obama were primarily responsible for killing the Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill sent to the Senate from the House.  It was also the only bill rated by S&P as sufficient to stave off a downgrade.

It seems when big spenders like Reid get caught between their well-heeled constituencies and reality, they’ll side with the lobbyists every time.

(H/T to Glenn Cook at the Las Vegas Review-Journal for the interview report, and to WesternJournalism.com for the fine image, which you can click for the article in which they used it. Both are eye-openers.)


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