Sarah Palin Mystifies Media

What's She Thinking?

In a continual state of panic over the fact that they can’t seem to nail down what Sarah Palin is doing, they’ve taken to creating their own narratives and odd explanations for what she’s doing.  The explanations range from the purely silly to the outright nefarious and conspiratorial, but none of the media’s grand minds seem to be able to figure out what Governor Palin is doing.  It’s ridiculous to think that after all this time, they still seem to feel the need to make up stories, or impute motives, but in no way rely upon what she’s saying or doing as evidence of what she might do.  No, the journalists enjoy making it up, but most of us out here in flyover country liked the press a good deal better when they were known simply as reporters.

Among the theories are:

She’s just stringing along her poor, deluded supporters, milking them of their money in book sales and so on, but has no intention of running.

She’s really after the VP slot.  She knows she can’t be elected on her own, and this is her best shot at making it inside the halls of DC power. 

She’s just a tawdry attention hound.

If you find these amusing, there are many more, and you can find them on news and political sites all over the web.  One writer at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze actually argues that she’s out. Period.  When you see these kinds of ‘news’ stories, you and I must wonder: “What’s going on inside their heads?”

Well, as I’ve told you before, I have no special insights.  Like you, I am just an observer of these events, watching from afar, and forming my own conclusions.  That said, I’d like to address some of the more ridiculous of these various assertions:

She isn’t of the character to needlessly string people along.  If she says she’s still thinking about it, you can believe it, and given the nature of her own beliefs as expressed all over the media, it is impossible to conclude that she’s playing people for some crass profit motive.  She wouldn’t spend money on a bus and all that accompanies her bus tours if some sort of nefarious money-making scheme was her aim.  It’s not as though the bus is covered in corporate sponsor logos and she’s somehow being paid in advertising dollars.

Other than 2008, she’s never really been satisfied to play second fiddle to anybody.  Truth be told, I think she would have liked a more aggressive campaign, even then. Earlier in her political career  in Alaska, there were those who urged her to run for Lieutenant Governor, but in her own way, as always, she determined it would be better to just go for it all.  This sort of daring has been the staple of Palin’s political career that makes journalists crazy.  She simply won’t accept the premises they lay out, and one by one, she demolishes them, time after time.  She’s unconventional in most every way, and when she criticizes “politics as usual,” she may be one of the very few who can say it and actually mean it.  More, it’s unlikely that Mrs. Palin is enamored of Washington Beltway politics. If she went there at all, it would be as the driver so as to change all of that. I simply can’t imagine her along for the ride as some lesser figure’s VP.

If Sarah Palin were an attention addict, one could think of a thousand ways in which she could better fulfill her need.  She’s essentially a ‘rock-star’ wherever she goes, and it smashes the limits of credulity to think that Mrs. Palin is just doing this all for her own personal kicks.

Part of the problem with the journalists who cover her is that they’re all trying to guess at the secret mystery they assert constitutes the mind of Sarah Palin.  Very few of them seem inclined to simply take her at her word.  They inevitably describe her as “unpredictable” or otherwise imply that she’s flighty and this is the reason for their incapacity to guess her next move.  Of course, none of this squares with what you and I know about Governor Palin.

What are we to conclude?  If you’re like me, you will take the lady at her word.  When has Sarah Palin ever mislead us?  Ignore what the press tries so hard to intimate in shaded words and craftily constructed smears.  Skip that, and focus on what you know.  There’s absolutely no reason on earth to conclude that she’s doing anything other than she has said she will do, which is to continue to evaluate the situation and make her decision when she’s ready.

She’s stated repeatedly that the end of September would probably be as late as she would go without coming to a conclusion on the matter.  She hasn’t been shy about taking on President Obama, and even the Republicans in Congress, and she’s been very kind to most of her fellow Republicans who are already officially seeking the nomination, but on occasion, she has chastised them when she thought they weren’t doing all they could, including famously, Mitt Romney’s tepid and tardy remarks on the Debt Ceiling.

On the 3rd of September, she will deliver the keynote address to a large audience at a Tea Party event in Waukee, Iowa.  She must know, of course, that there are people coming from all over Iowa, and indeed all over the country, just to hear her speak.  Every place she goes, she is mobbed by adoring crowds, or the media, but usually both.  What should be increasingly clear to all who watch is that she has a very large following that looks a good deal like a ready-made grassroots operation at the first indication it will be needed.

Considering all this, I can’t imagine that Mr. Santarelli at The Blaze is correct.  After a moment’s contemplation, one begins to wonder who the real attention hounds may be.  Still, it’s entertaining to watch them all flail in typical journalistic fashion. No story? No news?  No matter. Just make it up. Add one opinion; shaken but not stirred, et voila: Journalism!

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7 Responses to Sarah Palin Mystifies Media

  1. William Otis says:

    What a beautiful Website!!! Wow. Great design!

    • William Otis says:

      Great piece, and I agree!

      Sarah Palin rescued the McCain campaign in 2008, and energized the Republican base. Unfortunately, McCain was still the Presidential candidate, and as he has a habit of non-engagement, to say nothing of the fact that he is a RINO, Sarah's efforts were not enough. Couple that with the fact that so many thought it fashionable to vote for the "first black president".

      But Palin made her mark, and her name was on the lips of every American, whether they were for her or against her.

      Go Sarah!!

  2. sunnyhudson says:

    I think she wanted to hear what the other contenders/candidates had to say, in person. God knows she wouldn't have gotten the real facts from the media! And I believe if she thinks that the others can't or won't do the job that needs to be done then she'll have no other choice but to run! Plus, if any of these contenders should ask her to VP, then she'll only do that if she believes in that person although she may ask them to be her vp instead! Who knows? Only Sarah and I love her and think she'd be tremendous. God knows we desperately need help!

  3. Del Parker says:

    Mark, I am reading John Maxwell's "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership". Law One pertains to just what you have pointed out here, re Sarah Palin not in it to be VP, or settling in the past for 2nd or also ran. A true leader sets goals high goals, and others will follow, because the path therein leads to winning. Recommended to me on c4p after I stumbled onto another of the Laws writing about the Undefeated.

  4. rick says:

    run baby much more damage can the marxist media do to this woman.? they,ve done all they could to destroy her and yet there she the worst part is really over..a Palin presidency is just what the good ole USA needs right now..

  5. when she wins the Republican nomination those journolist and media will play the..Oh i knew she was going to run all along. They will do everything in their power to cozy up to her, it will be disgusting and oh so obvious…its called power and they want them some…

  6. janworldj says:

    Mark, you are a smart and spiritual man and we need more and more of YOU :) I know Sarah isn't running, oh she does run, as in when she exercises, but not this time, SHE'S LEADING!!! That's what leaders do!! Sarah is so genius, she makes it look so simple, because it is. I wondered what her tshirt meant, you know she always has something on that means something so I went searching and found this on twitter. If you peeps aren't on twitter, why not? Anyhoo,… this may brighten your day and I think will make us focus on other things other than her at the moment. One more thing I noticed is that Obama has compared himself to Martin Luther King, really, I guess he doesn't know he was a Republican, and these are our "brightest and smartest"? HA! Hope this brightens your day, keep praying, and keep your powder dry :) grrrr !!