It’s Time to Pull Ourselves Up By Our Own Bootstraps

On the Record

Governor Sarah Palin was on FNC’s “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren Thursday evening.  It was a long interview, prefaced by a short report by Van Susteren on the market performance of the day.  The first segment includes a discussion of President Obama’s recent behavior, and his seeming lack of concern as he packs his bags for vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.  The interview, in two parts below, covered a flurry of topics, but I want particularly to focus on the message of optimism Governor Palin offered viewers.

Van Susteren asked a question(part 2, above) about how all of us could help the President succeed.  The answer Governor Palin gave was somewhat different and wiser from the one I’d have given, in that she offered what was instead a bit of advice to all of us.  It’s a long way from now until the elections, and things can get better, or they can get worse, and our Vacationer-in-Chief may merely seek to make things worse by continuing the same statist policies, so Governor Palin, rather than getting cornered into supporting an Obama agenda that has failed and will likely continue to fail, instead offered the American people what they could do while trying to obtain better leadership:

“One thing we cannot do is put our faith in an individual, a politician or really a political party, or government policies, because – I talked about this in my gubernatorial inaugural address a few years ago I said: Government cannot make you healthy, wealthy or wise. We have to reach within ourselves and find within us the entrepreneurial spirit  the ingenuity, the work ethic, those things that Americans, back in pioneering days built and resulted in the greatest, most prosperous, most exceptional country on Earth. We have to look within ourselves, do what we can to create our own jobs, don’t wait for goverment to creat jobs for us. They’re just going to mess it up, that bureaucratic morass that we find in Washington DC. Let’s get out there and let’s hire people, let’s save for the future, we have to make sure that we’re taking care of our families and our small businesses and being prudent and planning ahead, but let’s get out there and be bold with our own initiatives and not wait for that elite bubble in Washington DC, those folks who are within that bubble, to tell us how it’s going to be, and how the economy can be planned for us. They just keep messing it up Greta, and we’re going to have to do that within ourselves and in our own families in our own small communities and in our own states and kind of ignore the chaos and  turbulence that’s coming out of Washington DC and pull ourselves up from the bootstraps just like Americans used to do.”

She went on to explain this as the approach Americans would need to take until we do get responsible leadership in Wasnhington DC, but I think her message here cannot be ignored.  Governor Palin is telling us to look beyond government, as she always has, to ourselves and our families, our communities, our churches, and to rely upon ourselves and one another because government cannot provide our answers but only more problems.  It is probably also fair to say she has some doubt about whether we can in any way rely upon the current President to do anything to change the situation.

As I’ve said before, it’s worth noting that while Governor Palin isn’t tipping her hand for the media, the frequency of her appearances has seemed to escalate, and I believe that is significant.  She seems poised to run a no-holds-barred campaign, and her supporters are more eager than ever to engage in the campaign.  There seems to be a sense of quickening now as some of her would-be opponents are seeming to lose steam.  While the shine wears off some of the more recent entrants, as the media gives them a small taste of what she’s already endured for years, any lingering doubt about her readiness for such a campaign among those in the media seems to be evaporating.

I think her advice is sound, for this reason if none other:  We’re all able to do math.  Whomever will be the next President, or the next Congress, they’re going to be forced at some point to begin curtailing the reach of the Federal government.  How much better off will the whole country be if fewer among us look to Washington DC to relieve whatever afflicts us?  That’s a lesson many need not to remember, but to learn for the first time, never having known it at all.  Glenn Beck likes to point out that we need to be a shelter for our neighbors in times of strife.  We can also teach them how to look not to Washington, but withing themselves, and within our communities for solutions.  We’re in a position to show them.  We know how to lead.


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