Barack Obama’s Willful Disobedience of His Oath

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In what has become the ordinary manner of operation by the Obama Administration, as I’ve reported to you previously, Barack Obama is determined to rule America, rather than to enforce its laws as the executive powers provided in the US Constitution demand.  He’s signed an executive order that makes the deportation of illegal immigrants more permissive, based upon a laundry-list of exclusions and exceptions that promises to serve as an open invitation to people illegally entering the country.  What this is, both in essence and in fact, is the maneuver of a tyrant who wishes to implement his own political and philosophical policy preferences to the overwhelming detriment and against the will of the American people.

Under this new policy, the Secretary of Homeland Security will have the ability to provide a case-by-case relief from the ordinary deportation procedures.  In other words, this is clearly a back-door amnesty program that is intended to provide more Democrat voters for 2012, but also to augment the growing army of young scoff-laws who may be mobilized to civil unrest on behalf of American leftists’ aims.  Yes, they’re importing an Army for future activation against you, and they’ll be granting them work permits too.

Those of you who wonder what sort of President could decide to do such a thing ought to consider what sort of President could set out to ravage the economy of the United States.  This sort of savagery against the rule of law is not to be tolerated, but instead of finding we have Congress members denouncing this, and threatening to exert their own power in the matter, what we have is the tepid statement of House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Lamar Smith(R-Texas,) with what is hardly an admonition:

“The Obama administration has again made clear its plan to grant backdoor amnesty to illegal immigrants,” Mr. Smith said. “The administration should enforce immigration laws, not look for ways to ignore them. Officials should remember the oath of office they took to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land.”(From NYT On-Line)

It’s not only the President who needs to remember his oath in all of this, Representative Smith.  It is up to you, and other members of both the House and Senate to hold the President to account, and it’s long past time that the Republicans serving in Washington DC on our behalf  finally stood up to do so.  President Obama is disobeying his oath by reckless disregard of the rule of law for the sake of his own political agenda.  There’s only one appropriate remedy, and the constitution provides it.

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6 Responses to Barack Obama’s Willful Disobedience of His Oath

  1. Elyse Monroy says:

    He made lofty promises to the Latino Community in 2008, in which he didn't deliver on. I wasn't surprised to see this move from him at all.

    Unfortuantlly for him his latino base is not holding him in very strong favor. Like the rest of us, the latino voter is not a one issue voter. There are many other issues that are effecting the latino community, other than immigration reform. The latino work force in america is seeing espically high unemployment number, for example. As a Latino voter, I hope that when candidates, from both parties, campaign to our community, I hope they take this in to considerateion. I am offended by the fact that many in both parties think that taking a more "favorable" or "friendly" stance on immigration or amnsety is the only way to get latino votes….

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Thank you Elyse! I've always held that position too, which is to say that Latinos don't necessarily desire amnesty. I know many who do not, and have their own opposition to illegal immigration. It's typical of most politicians in both parties to rely upon identity politics and make this mistake. Kudos to you for calling them out on it! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment!

  2. mrfixit says:

    This is yet another reason I’m thinking the tactic of waiting until 2012 is a mistake.

    We need to remove the tyrant NOW.

    The damage that can be done before the next election is seemingly endless, and the Congress needs to get the intestinal fortitude to do what their oath of office requires.
    They are to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, even if that is the President, which it IS if he is the one undermining and attacking Constitutionally limited government, and there is no rational opinion that he is not… So why no Impeachment proceedings?
    It is in the Constitution for the Congress to Impeach for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Lost in the debate for many on the last time was that "High" refers to the level of the official, which obviously the President is, but this is not about lying about sex, this is about attacking the Constitution, certainly that is EXACTLY why the Constitution provides a procedure for Impeachment and removal for office, as a last ditch defense for the time we get a President that wishes to be a ruler, and we have one now.
    Get some courage Congress, do the right thing, no matter the political calculations. Nothing in the oath is about political calculation.

    • alchemist says:

      We can not impeach the "First Black President". He must be voted out legally by a majority of the people if we want long lasting racial harmony. There are many voices rising in the black community, both liberal and conservative, that are denouncing the job Pres. Obama is doing for our economy and our freedom. His policies have hindered and maybe halted the recent rise into the middle and upper classes of members of the black community. In fact, those in the lower economic classes of all heritages will be trapped in poverty for decades if Mr. Obama's policies remain. Be patient, and let the president's policies condemn him in his own supporter base. Our republic is strong because its people still love freedom and self-determination ( the "mother's milk" of innovation). It will survive this assault.

  3. A while back, my feeling was, we would get four more years of Obama, THEN it would be time for Mitt Romney (or Herman Cain, or whoever) to step in and save the Nation.

    Now, time is moving too swiftly, and 2012 may be too late.

    Of course, the problem has many facets — failure of Obama on several counts, financial problems of USA, unemployment, illegal immigration, "me-too" Republicans, and on and on.

    The main problem with us, as I see it, is the abrogation of neutrality and moral responsibility by the news media. Somehow, and for some reason, they have become sycophantic supporters not only of Obama but the extreme left line of socialistic thinking. Any statement by anyone contrary to their "party line" is attacked as "terrorist" or "un-American." (Joe McCarthy, where are you?) So, where is calm dialogue allowed? Where can reasonable discussion take place? Shrill, acerbic shouting seems to be all that is allowed to grace our news "reporting."

    The scriptures tell of the trials to be indicative of the Last Days, which seem to be well upon us. So, buckle up — more wickedness is coming, but we will also see a more righteous movement. The polarization between good and evil will become more pronounced, and a middle ground will disappear.

    We are living that ancient Chinese curse — "May you live in interesting times." –And it is getting more interesting.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Tracy, I hope you'll stop back by later. I'm about to post another article that essentially goes to the subject you're mentioning. The lines are drawn more sharply. The polarization in this country couldn't be more stark.