Four Reasons Why Sarah Palin Will Win


I’ve been approached several times today by doubters who advance arguments as to why Sarah Palin cannot win the nomination, or if she secures  it, why she can’t defeat Barack Obama.  All of the theories I’ve had pitched in my direction today share a couple common faults, and it’s important to point them out here.  The most common reason I’ve heard today is the belief that the Media will destroy her.  That’s silly. Is there a single Republican, never mind conservative, who the media will not seek to destroy to defend their darling, Barack Obama?  Anybody who watched the media in action after McCain’s nomination in 2008 should by now be thoroughly disabused of that shoddy notion.   The Lame-Stream Media has been trying for three years running to destroy Sarah Palin, and there is no chance, having failed thus far, that they will improve results on their limited success.

The problem is that if the media narrative about a person is based on lies, in the longer run, those lies lose effectiveness as people learn the truth from other sources, and worse yet, the lies come back to haunt their purveyors because once the audience, having originally believed them, in the second instance realizes they’ve been scammed, they will thereafter no longer be inclined to believe another pronouncement given voice by that source.  The second most common flaw in the arguments I’ve been hearing and reading today is the dubious assumption that she’s an intellectual lightweight.  Truthfully, there couldn’t be a more ridiculous claim upon which to base one’s criticisms, and yet this is the default argument of those who wish to suggest that Sarah Palin isn’t qualified.  It’s the constant harangue of the elite media types, and it has been a failure repeatedly.  They tried to paint a similar picture of Ronald Reagan, and in fact, every Republican in my memory.  It’s a claim that falls on deaf ears in most quarters, because in the final analysis, it’s simply not believable given all she has already accompished.  Having covered what critics have said, let me move on to my own list of reasons in opposition to these notions.  I firmly believe that Sarah Palin will run, win the nomination, and ultimately the Presidency.

1. Nobody on the Republican side has the ability to raise money like Sarah Palin.  Her numerous supporters are the most rigidly determined of the bunch, and yet they remain more inclined than any to eschew distortions or outright lies in criticisms of the other candidates.  That natural constituency remains one of Governor Palin’s most  precious assets.  Her supporters are leaders unto themselves, needing no prompting or pushing to engage in the contest.  Instead, they’re busily preparing for the campaign they now conclude(and have regarded for some time) as inevitable and right.  One can discern a good deal about a candidate by the quality of leaders that develop and rise in their midst.  In Mrs. Palin’s case, all evidence would support the notion that by her own thoughtful seeding, she’s now harvesting a superior crop.  The media and their political analysts all seem to assert that she has no ground-game and no organization.  To anybody who has been following her for any period of time, this is a laughable misstatement of the facts on par with the storied headline “Dewey Wins!”  Outside her control or direction, Palin supporters have already formed their own grass-roots structure, and that means Governor Palin will put her campaign together in days or hours, rather than weeks or months.

2. The primary election is going to come down to an assessment by Republican primary voters as to who they believe will best represent their interests in the general election.  Considering the candidates on a case-by-case basis, it’s hard to conclude that any have a better understanding of the issues at stake than Governor Palin, and it’s even more difficult to conceive of that Republican candidate who is more closely tied to the conservative base of the party.  Mrs. Palin’s support in the Republican party will come from Main Street, and Anytown, USA, where the values they share meet the reality of the Obama disaster.  This natural affinity for localized concerns magnified and multiplied by replication on a national scale spells doom for other GOP hopefuls.  Nobody gets a warmer welcome from the greater heart of American productivity than the lady from Alaska who has fought on that same field as both a business owner and a politician.  It shows in the crowds she attracts.  She is main-stream America’s real political rock-star, and this is why the remainder of the field now works through distortions and disinformation to dissuade her from the race: They know if she gets rolling, she’ll be almost unstoppable.  Their strategy remains to stop her from starting.

3. Victory for any Republican in the general election of 2012 is going to require the sharpest possible contrast between Barack Obama and his opponent.  As the economy continues to swerve like a drunken driver, curb to curb, and as Obama continues to demonstrate his incompetence for the job, the optics on that side of the scales will be measured against a woman who understands the heart of the trouble in America, and what concrete steps will be required to repair and restore the country.  Obama will have a vault of money, most analysts speculating an amount in excess of a billion dollars, but let’s be honest for a moment and admit that if just ten million of Sarah Palin’s supporters would send in just $100 dollars, she would also eclipse that number. If just her 3 million Facebook fans send in just $300, she would approach that number.  Times are tough, and many of her supporters find themselves on hard times, but as with me, I see each dollar invested in electing Sarah Palin as hastening the day of the country’s restoration and the recovery our economy, and with it, my own farm and prospects.  Many Americans agree, and it is on this point that the matter of money will turn.  It’s also worth noting that her so far unannounced campaign is costing nothing, while most of the remainder of the field has been spending for months.  One of the sharpest points of contrast between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin will be the clear difference between their respective understandings of the importance of energy in the growth and prosperity of the economy, and indeed the country.  As I detailed earlier this week, this difference alone will redound to Governor Palin’s distinct advantage, because people know that life requires energy.  Only death and decay attend its absence.

4. The last reason is the most important: Sarah Palin.  She’s a true patriot, and a real conservative.  It’s not a campaign suit she puts on for the crowds, changing it daily for the sake of a particular audience.  This makes for a consistency that has no real rival, and it also means that her supporters can more easily defend her against frivolous, shrill attacks.  If a candidate believes the same thing today as yesterday, and tomorrow as today, it’s really not hard to respond to critics with facts about the candidate.  This kind of principled consistency is born of knowing what you believe, and why you believe it.  She’s a diligent student of issues great and small, and quickly masters new subjects as they arise.  This makes for an adaptive, flexible campaign.  Mrs. Palin also knows how to capture and hold the attention of people, and it’s an open secret about her success:  She actually listens.  This connects her to any audience, whether one-by-one, or in larger groups and crowds.  Unlike others, she doesn’t see a mass of people as one moving organism, but instead sees people on the personal scale of the individuals who comprise it.  The temptation for most politicians is to see the crowd, and become consumed by the size of the forest while overlooking its trees.  That’s part of the problem in our government too, and her ability to narrow her attention is as precious as it is rare. This is how a politician must connect with a country: One heart, and one mind at a time.

I contend that all of these are reasons that Sarah Palin will run, win the nomination, and defeat Barack Obama in 2012.  When combined with his record of miserable performance, it’s quite possible she’ll do so in epic fashion.  It is true that he has the advantages that every sitting President enjoys, but he also suffers from the overwhelming sense that he’s disconnected, and on a tragically wrong course for the country.  As bad as that is, what’s worse is that it’s unlikely to get substantially better, and instead looks likely to worsen.  With the inflationary policies being adopted by the Federal Reserve, and the debt-piling tendencies of a President and a party addicted to spending, Governor Sarah Palin may well appear on the presidential stage at just the right time to press her advantage and make good on her words: “Mr. President: Game On!

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27 Responses to Four Reasons Why Sarah Palin Will Win

  1. Palinista says:

    Woohoo!! Love it, Mark. Keep 'em coming!!!!!

  2. lloyd77 says:


  3. stevethird says:

    This one's going up on the NHO4P FB Page. (if you don't mind).

  4. RebinTexas says:

    Excellent article Mark. I concur on every point. I would dare any who believe Sarah is a lightweight or doesn't have the executive skills to lead our country to see The Undefeated or take time to read the many things she has written regarding her many positions. It is for these reasons that Gov Palin has gained leaders such as you, Mark, and many others who have become such strong supporters. Thanks for all your writings.

  5. Olga Centura says:

    Mark, may I post excerpts of your posts with a link back at Standing With Sarah ( –? Your assessments are right on the money!

  6. Kevin says:

    Mark thanks for the article I agree that Sarah going to get in this race and win the nomination and win big we need people like you to get the work out Keep up the good work.

  7. Bo says:

    Mark, first off, great article. Very well articulated.

    What would you say to conservatives who love Sarah but are nervous about how 2012 goes down? We all want her to win badly but I can understand that many don't want to be devastated if she weren't to win for some reason.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Nervous? We have the deck stacked against us, whomever the candidate. I'm not nervous. If Sarah Palin can't beat Barack Obama in 2012, there's not a Republican alive who can. Really. I'll measure issue for issue, Sarah vs. the aggregate of the best of them. The truth people don't want to accept is that 2012 isn't 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, or 1984. It's not even 1980 or 1964.

      Let me tell you what year the election of 2012 is really like: 1860

      That's right, I said it! We're on the verge of the complete meltdown of the country, and we need a conservative candidate with the toughness and fortitude to get it done. Some of the rest of these folks are nice, or put up a good show, but the fact is that none of them, and I mean NONE of the others are nearly so inclined as Sarah Palin to make the changes that this country needs so badly.

      Tell that to your doubting friends. I say to hell with a bunch of loose talk about doubts. You and I both know that none of that feeds the bulldog, and he's hungry and snarling. Look at the country differently: This is not 1979. It's 1859. That's as bad as it can get.

      • Patrick says:

        Mark is correct. This upcoming election is a turning point for this country. The left and I mean the global left has headed us off in the wrong direction. 2012 will be their stand. This is may be our last best hope to recover the America we know and love. It's best to take the attitude, " You can push us around, by God you better not piss us off". That's what this country has been and is about. It's time to stop the far left BS and take this country back.

      • Bo says:

        I love your reasoning; it's so spot on and in tune with what is literally happening right now.

        I should probably refine my concern in that I think the greatest danger to the country (Obama aside) is the virtually brain dead masses. A flaming trash can was thrown through the front window of my image of America in 2008 when the majority of voters elected Obama. I never imagined such carelessness existed. Not here. Maybe I'd been in denial about human nature.

        All I know is A) Obama CANNOT be re-elected and B) a sober, responsible majority of voters are needed to elect Sarah. You and I and others know the weight of this moment in history but does a majority know it?

        As you alluded to, if the majority of Americans cannot elect a clearly ideal person in Sarah right now, as the country teeters on the edge, then we're not Americans and never were. This is not merely about 2012 but whether or not we continue to exist.

  8. Patrick says:

    Mark – Thanks so much for writing what so many of us know but cannot put into words. Sarah Palin is the best bet we've got. And I don't mean to say that she will do, I mean Sarah can speak for me any time any day. She's got my support all the way.

  9. Whippet says:

    I love Sarah, but I disagree with you that she can win. Not because of the reservations others have expressed. I think that after the lefts little experiment with our racist President That the country will be wary of a woman President. I'm not saying that's justified but It is what it is. I don't believe the public would have the same issues with her if she were on the ticket for VP. Say, a Perry/Palin ticket. The public would quickly see their wariness was unwarranted and that she is more than up to the task of the Vice-Presidency as well as the Presidency.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Rick Perry has no hope of fixing what ails us. He's part of what ails us, in truth. The public is already increasingly aware that they've been led astray about Governor Palin. If you know it, what makes you think others haven't discovered it too? Be of good cheer!

    • johnannegalt says:

      As a life-long (other than birth) Texan, I can tell you that I will never be responsible for electing yet another RINO who trashes the name of the Republican Party. When I was roughly fifteen, I spoke out at rallies held in farm towns where I lived AGAINST Rick Perry, despite my severely conservative leaning. Why? Because he chose to threaten the land of thousands of property owners, including farmers, in the name of eminent domain. He wanted to construct this massive Trans Texas Corridor that we would pay for, built by a SPANISH contractor- Cintra. Now, if he has in the past supported projects/programs in the name of "the common good", what sets him apart from the other socialists? Really, tell me. You see, when someone tells you something is for "the common good", what it really means is that it's good for everyone- except for you. No one can put a price on your property except for YOU. :)

    • larrygeary says:

      Whippet, your vote is your own. Don't let yourself be influenced by what you think other people think. If everyone who likes Sarah and supports her positions actually votes for her, she will win in a landslide.

      If Sarah wins the nomination, she will have defeated every other candidate on the GOP side – every one. If that isn't enough proof that she can win against Obama, I don't know what is.

  10. Josh Lee says:

    Y'all are all insane the country would be even worse with her as President just cause the fact that she wants to take away a woman's right to do what she wants with her body and say that even if you were raped you still have to go through with the pregnancy which they will give up for adoption cause I believe there is no way you could love something that was forced upon you instead of with someone you love or did love at one point, that and she hunts wolves from a helicopter for Christ's sake….

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Josh, So your objections come down to abortion 'rights' and hunting wolves from helicopters, if I'm to understand you?

      Here's the truth about the latter.

      Now, of all the things so tragically wrong with this country, that this is all you have to complain about simply indicates to me you're not paying much attention, Josh. I hope you'll come back a time or two and consider my arguments on other issues. The days of superficial levels of understanding must finally end. Thanks for coming by, even if you've seemed to miss the point.

  11. johnannegalt says:

    Josh Lee, one horrible crime is not fixed with another.
    Josh, were YOU ever raped? Would you force the resulting child to be KILLED as punishment for the rapist's actions? It appears you'd have it that way, which is quite frankly very sickening.

    Have you seen her, HER, actual SARAH PALIN, hunting wolves from a helicopter? Even if she did or supported such things, have you ever thought about the farmers whose livestock are eaten by said wolves? If you want to sit there and pretend to place poor animals above the defense of one's property, then think about all of the POOR baby sheep and cows who get eaten alive ever year by an overabundance of wolves.

  12. johnannegalt says:

    And by the way, a woman's body? Where does the child's body come into play? You need to do some research on non-Planned Parenthood sites, you'll soon find that, for one, a child has a heartbeat at two weeks of age. You did, too.

  13. Tom says:

    I believe Sarah Palin can win. As I see it, a great deal of folks have the same passion for Ron Paul, although to me, Ron Paul supporters seem a bit less conservative. None the less, there are a lot of them. Perhaps a Palin/Paul ticket will ensure victory in 2012.

    I've no idea how Palin and Paul feel about one another.


  14. Mark,

    Great post! Exactly, (but more clearly stated) what I have been writing on comment threads on FB for the past year and a half. You know those threads: the ones that start out, 'I love Sarah, but…' You have answered those concerns perfectly. I agree with you on every point.

    The one that I see most frequently is 'the media will destroy her.' I always answer, Make no mistake–the leftist-directed media will destroy whomever runs against BHO. Except for Sarah Palin. Sarah is the ONLY one that we KNOW they can't destroy. They just can't destroy her, they've been trying to for three years and she's stronger than ever.

    Great job! Keep it up brother.

  15. CliffNZ says:

    One of Sarah Palin's greatest attributes is her belief in the constitution and her ability to govern in light of this rather than her personal beliefs, which though must influence her thought processes, do not dominate them. Many people still do not seem to grasp this and thus say she will 'take away women's "rights" ' , when in fact she is guided by the people and believes States determine legislation, not the personal beliefs of the president. She is pragmatic, not an idealogue, but her detractors don't want that truth to become universally known – painting her as extreme fits their agenda much better. Unfortunately for them, the paint is peeling off, and the real picture is emerging – a woman who truly can inspire hope and actually deliver the change that will benefit everyone.

  16. Phil says:

    I believe September 3rd is a perfect event and venue for Sarah Palin to light the torch. She is not gimmicky, but she's clever and has great instincts. Although it's a holiday weekend, Labor Day being just right, the Sunday shows will be tripping over each other trying to be relevant. Many hosts and their expert analysts won't be able to keep food down.

    Skip to Tuesday, and it stars all over. Network, cable, talk radio, and print (what's left), will feel like they're on steroids.

    I realize that this might not be a desirable outcome for some, but wouldn't it be fun to toss this fragmentation grenade into the tent of all the geniuses who want to control all human behavior and their sheep who tell us, relax, it will be good for you. And, it's fair!