Mindless Hate Begins to Escalate

Let 'em Hear it!

I’m not too proud to admit that I enjoy a good debate on Facebook, or other sites, and sure, I’ve been known to get pretty worked up on occasion, but few things get my dander up like the mindless, hate-filled attacks on Sarah Palin and her family.  Since it has become clearer to most that she may well actually enter the race for the GOP nomination, the frequency of hate-filled spew-fests has begun to accelerate in some venues.  What I’ve noticed is that among certain other GOP campaigns, there has been an attempt to dissuade her from running by joining in the hate-fest.   Apparently, these folks weren’t listening when Ronald Reagan explained the 11th commandment he observed, refraining from making personal attacks on fellow Republicans.

The talking points are always the same, and they take nasty stabs at her as a mother, a wife, and a politician, but none of them ever seem to focus on what makes Sarah Palin superior to all the rest: She’s a genuine, sincere leader who has committed to a terrible struggle to preserve our liberties and our nation.  I will always defend that position, and any such leader who takes it.

You can always detect when you’re dealing with another “troll.”  They’re numerous, and seem to multiply whenever conservatives gather.  Some of them will simply be the garden-variety pot-stirring lefty, and you’ll detect them quickly enough, because at least half their number can’t form a cogent line of argumentation that doesn’t condense to: “BECAUSE!”  On the other hand, there’s another brand of troll that sneaks in under the wire pretending to be among your number.  They feign sympathy until they see the opportunity to begin unloading their garbage. It usually takes no more than a post or two to see the first signs.  It will come in the form of “doubts” or “questions” about the intended target’s character, or ability to raise a family.  It’s always some nasty smear, at its root, and it is generally dismissed with ease once you’ve identified them.  They tend to realize they’ve been caught, and beat a hasty retreat, and you can nearly see them saying in Snidely form: “Curses, foiled again.”

The last sort are the obvious shills for some other candidate, who they will do their best not to name for as long as possible, until by their policy preferences, they reveal who it is they must really support.  You can detect them quickly by focusing on a single issue or two of distinction.  In one case this morning, I dealt with one troll who thought he could simply say “Sarah Palin has horrendous policies.”

I immediately responded: “Name one.”   Then came the endless game of back-peddling to avoid the question.  Eventually, it came around to her support of Israel.  I then pointed out the naïveté  of the proposition that we can simply abandon Israel.  This ended the cat-and-mouse game and defined the battle.  After all, if you’re going to attack Sarah Palin’s relative intelligence, you really ought not do so while pretending to yourself  that Ron Paul’s position on Iranian nuclear ambitions or his willingness to abandon Israel signifies “wisdom.”  This same genius suggested she couldn’t win because of her “horrendous policies.”  Sadly for him, 67% of the American people at large likewise support Israel, and more  than 80% view Israel as an important ally.  That says nothing of the even greater support for Israel in the Republican Party.  This fellow was actually suggesting, at least in part, that Sarah Palin could not win, and her policies are horrendous because of her position on Israel, while he offered up Ron Paul as a better substitute(?)  Yet, this guy questions Sarah Palin’s intelligence?

In the end, what was most laughable about one of these incidents was that the thread in question started out with mockery aimed at Sarah Palin being the least substantial candidate, but within two hours, a quick review of the other threads on the page showed all the activity centered around just one thread: The one focusing on Sarah Palin.  That’s a telling anecdote that should hearten Palin supporters, because what it implies is that Governor Palin evokes passion.  Her adversaries and enemies know it, too, and like her, we should take every opportunity to revel in it, because what it all reveals is what we who support her have known all along: She’s real, and she’s a true danger to the establishment.  Their every response or reaction to her makes it unavoidably clear.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to begin dusting off your war-paints.  I think I can hear the first echos of the call coming from away North, quietly now, but growing in the distance, like a faint rumble still… Ssshhh.. Like a train approaching from a way down the track, you can see it in the distance, you can feel its first vibrations, and you might detect just a bit of the sound of the wake it’s plowing through the air, but you don’t get much sense of its speed or inertia until it’s almost too late.  Listen for it. I can almost make it out now: “Game on!”

In the weeks ahead, I expect the rumble to become a full-throated roar, and the naysayers will retreat a bit in awe if we let them hear it.  As they pick up the pace of their hate-filled disinformation, we must answer it, loudly, and at once.  That’s what it’s going to take, from each of us, who have so patiently waited, defending her as needed, but biding our time with her.  The battle cry is coming, and you won’t doubt or wonder when it’s been spoken. I will report it here, but you’ll already know.

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12 Responses to Mindless Hate Begins to Escalate

  1. Jenny says:

    Well said. I too have encountered the Palin naysayers. But once asked why they don't like her, they realize they don't even know themselves. It's like they want to be part of some "cool group" that shouldn't like her or something. Ignorance, truly is bliss.

  2. Jeff says:

    Sarah Palin is our last chance to choose wisely. No other candidate has the will or courage to fight corruption, and Palin has proven that she can and will.

    We must join this fight with her, or the USA will not recover.
    Ten million people contributing an average of $100.00 to Gov. Palin's presidential campaign will provide the $ One Billion dollars to match Obama's campaign fund.

    We can make this happen for a lot less, but the initial contributions, in the first weeks or month, will demonstrate to some of the other candidates where the majority of support lies, and that is with Sarah Palin.

  3. Mitch says:

    Mark your doing a fantastic job and you sir are greatly appreciated. In my experience in dealing with the liberal sheep a transference/counter transference game is played. Most liberals are ignorant and confused so as they try to pass that ignorance and confusion over we set boundaries and refuse to allow it to have an effect. When trying to talk "with" a liberal who is trying to talk "at" me I get frustrated and that frustration is my red flag. As we try to transfer proper and accurate information for them to digest we hit a roadblock of ignorance as well. I find trying to discuss issue's with a liberal is of no use so I leave my closing comment for that troll and look for one that just might have an opening in their mind.

  4. tnwahm says:

    You are so right Mark. I think I know the thread you are referring to. To me it shows their fear. The Ron Paul, Bachmann and Mittens supporter know that it's over with for them with Palin in the race. I am a ABO voter ~except maybe if it's Ron Paul~ in 2012, but I believe that Palin is the best choice. She has proven that she can and does live by her convictions. Keep up the good work.
    I can see 2012 from my house.

  5. Mark, when do you sleep? I'm quite impressed with not only the sheer quality of your writing but also the volume.

    I no longer waste time debating trolls, liberals, and the misguided regarding Sarah Palin. I put out as much informative good stuff as possible. The second someone posts a snide remark, it's deleted and unless the fool is a "good friend" they are blocked. I will not have lies on my facebook wall nor following my Twitter feed.

    We are in a battle for the heart , soul, and mind of America. We must reach the independents, the moderates, and those riding the fence, not excited by any other candidate. We must also reach the conservatives who are still under the notion that she is damaged goods and can't win. The nay-sayers be damned. They've had three years to brainwash folks. We've got less than half that time to build an army.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Keith, Sleep? Is that something I should be doing? Seriously, I stay pretty hard at it whether I'm working on the farm, my off-farm job, or this blog. Not too many spare moments.

      As for your statement on the troll! Amen! We are in a battle, and I intend to help Sarah fight it, and win! Glad you and so many others are in it with me! Thanks!

  6. You have done it again, Mark! GREAT post! I was commenting on a post yesterday and a guy started commenting and putting Sarah down. Of course the majority of us on the thread were defending her. His name is John Dummelt and he stated that there was something "fantastic" that is going to break about Sarah in the next few weeks, of course he couldn't tell us what is was. But he said he is also running for President in 2012. I was just wondering if you have ever heard anything about him? He does have a web site set up, but he doesn't look very "presidential" to me and there is nothing what-so-ever about policies or anything like that on his site.
    Thanks for another great post and as always putting the way I feel down on paper for me. I believe Sarah is the ONLY choice we have got to get our country back. IF it's not already too late. I believe Obama and his predecessors have already to the infrastructure in place for the over take of our government. So it's going to take an awful lot of us working together to undo what's already been done, and Obama's still implementing more and more every day AND night!!

  7. msipect2 says:

    Mark, I thought the same thing as Keith, when do you sleep? I barely have the time to read all of your posts!
    I was at a family function this past week when a relative started to say "Sarah quit her governorship early..what makes you think…." and I cut him off. I asked him where he read that she quit. "The news." he said. Did you listen to what her answer was? Did you read her book where she explained it in detail? No, of course he didn't. I dare say a very few have read what SHE had to say about a reason leaving the governorship early was the best thing to do. I would say not one naysayer ever even tried to read her side of the question. The "trolls," naysayers, leftists or idiots who shout to be heard have no clue. No clue. If Sarah enters (or when) I will be one happy Patriot! Paul Revere Writes Again.

  8. carol lowery says:

    alrighty then, ya'll ready

  9. Tomlyn says:

    Great Site. First time here and came here after reading this blog on TexasforPalin Site.