Palin Announcement on September 3rd More Likely?

Keeping the Media Guessing

With a big H/T to, the following article by Natalie Nichols was filed:

A Palin Announcement on September 3rd Looks More Likely

While none know for sure, as Governor Palin has been very careful to avoid misleading anyone, Nichols’ theory seems as plausible as any.  Still others have speculated about other dates, including the 26th of August(commemorating the ratification of the 19th Amendment,) or September the 16th(in observance of Constitution Day.)

For all I know, she could announce in five minutes, though it seems unlikely.  The problem with all of this speculation is that nobody but Governor Palin seems to know, and I expect that’s the way she prefers to keep it.

As ever, I’m content to wait and see, but I’ve already made my trip plans for Iowa, and we’ll find out…

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One Response to Palin Announcement on September 3rd More Likely?

  1. janworldj says:

    me too, I'll wait and I think it's in her best interest to stay out as long as possible. Have a great time in Iowa, I'm saving for inauguration :) grrr !