Another Voice Agrees: 9/3 Narrative Smells Like a Setup

It’s really not a surprise that Mark Levin gets it.  I’ve told you before what an awesome talk-show host and conservative thinker he is, and as usual, Mr. Levin did not disappoint with Monday’s opening monologue:


As is obvious, we need to be watchful for ploys like this from the so-called analysts and other shills for the establishment. You can catch Mark Levin in many markets, nationwide, and you can also check out his website here. Don’t forget to like him on Facebook.

That’s my view, as I explained earlier Monday, and it’s important for Sarah Palin’s supporters to remember this is the sort of game some of these people play, and they play for keeps.

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3 Responses to Another Voice Agrees: 9/3 Narrative Smells Like a Setup

  1. Tom Hampton says:

    Will not announce till End of Oct or early Nov. Very, very smart lady. Just like Reagan did, wait till the last minute

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Tom, I'm not going to try to outguess her. I'm just going to wait, as I've said so often. She'll tell us her plans when she's ready. That's good enough for me! Thanks!

  2. IwjwI says:

    This is what I think, too. Set-up. Funny how WE know what they don't know. If there is a big announcement, it will be that "The Undefeated" will be released into mainstream markets on 9/3.