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Palin Confronts Big Government

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Taking on the Establishment

Indianola, IA- Delivering the keynote address to the Tea Party of America’s Restoring America event on Saturday, to a rain-soaked audience, Sarah Palin offered a stunning rebuke of crony capitalism, and offered a prescription to address this while also stimulating the economy:  Eliminate all corporate income taxes, but also eliminate all so-called “corporate welfare” and other subsidies and bail-outs aimed at protecting some businesses at the expense of every other.  This proposal represents a sweeping reversal of the current prescriptions in Washington DC.  More, by eliminating the corporate hand-outs, it threatens the establishment and there will be strong opposition, starting at the White House, but certainly reaching to every lobbying firm and congressional office on Capitol Hill.

Given the tenor of her address, the crowd was enthusiastic, interrupting her with chant of “Run Sarah, Run!” Nevertheless, Mrs. Palin offered a serious policy proposal that deserves equally serious consideration.  What this proposal offers is a way back from the depths of our current economic plight by encouraging investment in productive capacity in the US, freeing up capital currently frozen overseas because to return it to the US would subject it to an exorbitant rate of taxation.  At the same time, it would place all corporations on even footing, providing no favors for one corporation over the other.  In short, the government would be taken out of the business of picking corporate winners and losers to a larger extent.

This does more than merely reduce the size of government and stimulate economic growth.  It strips powers from politicians who use subsidies and hand-outs to corporations as a tool to raise funds for their own political entrenchment.   That may be the most important reason why the establishment will oppose this idea.  This begins a path to reducing not only the cost and scope of government, but also limiting the power of politicians.   The left will naturally oppose this, and they will certainly seek to paint the tax relief provided as a boon to corporations, but the truth is that the left will attempt to conceal their relations to the corporate cronyism that pervades Washington.  More, they will try to hide the fact that what is really under assault in this proposal is an oligopoly among the legislative insiders, both Republicans and Democrats, that will remove one of the most popular tools for steering corporations while appearing to be hands-off, or worse, in the public interest, all while enriching themselves in one form or another.

This is a solid proposal for government reform and economic stimulation that would immediately provide gains in the general economy.  It deserves serious consideration, but given the President and Congress now in power, that’s not likely. Real change will begin in 2012 when we are able to choose leaders who understand that the economic crisis we face is not the result of capitalism, but of the continuing perversions of it by those in Washington.

Tea Party Event Update

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Tea Party of America Stage

Indianola, IA – The Tea Party of America’s Restoring America event has just been drawing a growing crowd. Given the thunderstorm that has just rolled in, drenching people unprepared for the weather, many are currently seeking shelter in tents and in the vehicles in the parking lot.  Undeterred, many  die-hard Tea Party members continue to brave the downpour, with rain jackets, umbrellas, and anything else they can find.

At present, the event is still more than 15 minutes from its scheduled start, and the One Nation tour bus is on the grounds.  Find some early photos posted below(click for larger view):

One Nation Tour Bus

Texans Victoria Montgomery and Jelayne Sessler

More as time permits.

The C4P/O4P Meet-Up Starring Sarah Palin

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Clive, IA – It was a stunning arrival Friday evening by Governor Sarah Palin to the cheers of an adoring crowd at the Machine Shed restaurant in Clive.  I happened to be in the most perfect position to view the Governor’s arrival.  I have no images to share with you, my phone having become a casualty of the thirteen hour drive to the event.   It wouldn’t have mattered.  At 7:53pm, a large SUV with tinted glass pulled up to the entrance at the Machine Shed.  Out leaped Sarah Palin onto the sidewalk.  I happened to be standing just feet away on the sidewalk, and also happened to be the first person to welcome her with an outstretched hand.  I have no pictures to offer you, and the media probably didn’t get any pictures until moments later as the barrage of flashes exploded like fireworks.  Still, consistent with any other appearance she makes, Governor Palin was surrounded by reporters and supporters alike, and I was suddenly relieved that I had mercifully avoided being at the center of that spectacle as she moved past me and toward the entrance.

Prior to her arrival, the media seemed to be covering all of the restaurants entrances and exits.  Some had gathered by the main entrance, but none really seemed prepared for the moment when she emerged from the SUV.  For a politician who so many pundits have declared irrelevant so many times, Palin’s raw star power and broad base of committed support seems to re-write the meaning of the term.  Inside the restaurant, the scene was one of well-mannered pandemonium, with chants of “Run Sarah, Run” reverberating to thunderous applause.  As always, Mrs. Palin deftly worked the crowd and thrilled many joyous supporters, as well as others who were there simply for a meal, at the restaurant sheer happenstance.

People from both coasts, and everywhere in between, had traveled to Iowa for this event. The Texas contingent was particularly large, arriving in a tour bus with a placard proclaiming Texas Is Palin Country.  Another group from Texas also arrived by van.  Altogether, hundreds upon hundreds of Palin supporters jammed into the Machine Shed.  One might have called it a mob in any other context, but as is common wherever Palin appears, she tends to draw a rather different crowd.  These were all salt-of-the-earth sorts who came to show their support for Sarah Palin, whether or not she ultimately appeared.  Apparently, Governor Palin adores her supporters too, because she seemed intent on fulfilling every request for autographs, and ever photo request.

Once the Palins made it to their seats, in the corner of the room reserved by the C4P and O4P organizers, Peter Singleton made some impromptu remarks to the resounding enthusiasm of the assembled, standing-room-only crowd.  Spontaneous chants of “Run Sarah, Run” filled the room as punctuation to his remarks.  He told the crowd of his belief that Governor Palin could win the nomination, and having done so, could also go on to win the general election.  While the enthusiasm of supporters isn’t necessarily an accurate measure of one’s electoral prospects, it’s likewise clear that few other candidates engender the sort of passion observed in the crowd at the Machine Shed on Friday night.

In the end, the Palins departed through a back door in the large room, Mrs. Palin herself not electing to make a speech to the crowd.  She smiled humbly as the crowd implored her to seek the presidency, but there’s little doubt that she understands the wishes of her supporters.

Saturday’s Tea Party rally at which Governor Palin will deliver the keynote address is expected to draw a large crowd at the balloon field in Indianola.  I’ll be there to cover it with camera, phone, laptop, and what few wits I’ll be able to muster.  Whatever happens, and whatever Palin may say at Saturday’s event, it’s almost certain to be memorable.

Note to my readers: I was fortunate enough to meet a relatively large number of people who approached me to tell me they appreciated my work in this blog.  I want to thank all of you, each and every one, for taking the time to say hello.  When I began publishing this blog six weeks ago, I had no idea it would blossom as it has.  To all of you, whether you were at the gathering on Friday evening at the Machine Shed, I thank you, for reading and supporting this blog.  I am truly humbled by your response.  If any of you are in town for the Tea Party event on Saturday in Indianola, please don’t hesitate to say hello!  I greatly appreciate your honest feedback.