Palin Confronts Big Government

Taking on the Establishment

Indianola, IA- Delivering the keynote address to the Tea Party of America’s Restoring America event on Saturday, to a rain-soaked audience, Sarah Palin offered a stunning rebuke of crony capitalism, and offered a prescription to address this while also stimulating the economy:  Eliminate all corporate income taxes, but also eliminate all so-called “corporate welfare” and other subsidies and bail-outs aimed at protecting some businesses at the expense of every other.  This proposal represents a sweeping reversal of the current prescriptions in Washington DC.  More, by eliminating the corporate hand-outs, it threatens the establishment and there will be strong opposition, starting at the White House, but certainly reaching to every lobbying firm and congressional office on Capitol Hill.

Given the tenor of her address, the crowd was enthusiastic, interrupting her with chant of “Run Sarah, Run!” Nevertheless, Mrs. Palin offered a serious policy proposal that deserves equally serious consideration.  What this proposal offers is a way back from the depths of our current economic plight by encouraging investment in productive capacity in the US, freeing up capital currently frozen overseas because to return it to the US would subject it to an exorbitant rate of taxation.  At the same time, it would place all corporations on even footing, providing no favors for one corporation over the other.  In short, the government would be taken out of the business of picking corporate winners and losers to a larger extent.

This does more than merely reduce the size of government and stimulate economic growth.  It strips powers from politicians who use subsidies and hand-outs to corporations as a tool to raise funds for their own political entrenchment.   That may be the most important reason why the establishment will oppose this idea.  This begins a path to reducing not only the cost and scope of government, but also limiting the power of politicians.   The left will naturally oppose this, and they will certainly seek to paint the tax relief provided as a boon to corporations, but the truth is that the left will attempt to conceal their relations to the corporate cronyism that pervades Washington.  More, they will try to hide the fact that what is really under assault in this proposal is an oligopoly among the legislative insiders, both Republicans and Democrats, that will remove one of the most popular tools for steering corporations while appearing to be hands-off, or worse, in the public interest, all while enriching themselves in one form or another.

This is a solid proposal for government reform and economic stimulation that would immediately provide gains in the general economy.  It deserves serious consideration, but given the President and Congress now in power, that’s not likely. Real change will begin in 2012 when we are able to choose leaders who understand that the economic crisis we face is not the result of capitalism, but of the continuing perversions of it by those in Washington.

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4 Responses to Palin Confronts Big Government

  1. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    Mark, what do you think about Palin's plan of doing away with the corporate tax? I personally like the idea. Below is a link to an article about how companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft use loop holes for taxes. If the companies didn't have to work so hard to get around the taxes, maybe they would not move companies to other countries. Also, maybe companies in other countries would come to the US to take advantage of the elimination of the corporat etaxes. The US is not seeing the taxes anyway due to these loop holes, bailouts, etc.

    Maybe this would be a good subject for a blog post.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      I agree with her. I think it's long overdue. The economy would explode upward with a flurry of new investments and new ideas. You want jobs? This is the way to see them created!

  2. RebinTexas says:

    Thank you Mark…..I agree with your wise assessment. Have a safe drive home my friend.

  3. Nick Russell says:

    Sarah Palin stated that, “the challenge is not simply to replace Obama in 2012. The real challenge is who and what we will replace him with.” The permanent political class in DC, on both sides of the aisle, has grown the federal government in direct contrast to the Constitutional government that our Founding Fathers adopted. The restoration of America must include this very basic premise in its foundation. This roll back of expanded powers within the Federal government will be contested by the Permanent Political Class and their media mouthpieces by all means necessary. Sarah Palin knows this better than anyone and alluded to it in her speech. “Real reform never sits well with the entrenched special interests, and that’s why the true voices of reform are so quickly demonized”

    A candidate that holds this basic premise to heart sends shock waves through the entrenched politicos and their power base. On the other hand this same candidate endears them self to the American people who see the greatness that was America slipping away. The political machine considers this person to be a rogue, when in fact going rogue is what will restore America!

    The American people deserve to have all voices heard in this debate and not be limited to those that the media mouth pieces shill for the Permanent Political Class. In vetting the candidates it will be the American people who decide who best represents them and not who best represents the politicos. This is an arena that Sarah Palin will thrive in! Her genuine and heartfelt love of country and the principles of its founding resonate with everyday American folk.