Taking the Advice of Barack Obama’s Cronies

Taking Advantage of Crisis

One of the themes we’ve heard repeatedly from the mouths of Barack Obama’s flunkies and stooges has been that we should “never want a serious crisis go to waste.”  While I oppose it in the context they use it, there is one application of this idea I’m willing to consider.  Some thirty-two months into the Obama administration, it’s clear the nation is in a deepening crisis from which it is not likely to emerge while Barack Obama is in the White House.  Inflation is rising, real unemployment is worsening, and growth in GDP is all but non-existent.  Given all he has done, and all that he hasn’t, we must consider Barack Obama’s awful leadership a crisis.  We must find a way to let Americans know the root of this crisis so that in 2012, we can choose new leadership.   His disastrous performance is a serious crisis, and I’m determined that it not go to waste.

Let me say it bluntly:  Barack Obama provides the most compelling arguments for why he must go.  His “fundamental transformation” of our country is not yet complete, but the disastrous results have already begun, and every rational person can see where this road leads.  We won’t survive as a nation much longer, particularly with a man in the driver’s seat whose chief accomplishment has been to “reform” health-care in a fashion that at least two of three Americans fervently oppose.  It’s not that Barack Obama doesn’t know what this Marxist revolution in health-care policy will do, so much as he doesn’t mind because it’s merely another step along the path to the “fundamental transformation” he seeks.  In this policy, the Democrats and the media had been ratcheting up a so-called “health insurance crisis” of which they planned to take advantage.  Ultimately, even in the face of overwhelming disapproval, Obama and his friends in the Congress pushed through a bill that destroys liberty and personal responsibility.

On financial reform, again Obama and his cronies in Congress relied upon the notion of a crisis.  They took advantage of it, passing a new act of regulatory powers that essentially places government in the position of a commander over the financial sector of the economy.  They have written in all sorts of special deals and added costs that you will bear  as consumers, but more, they failed to even two of the most thoroughly broken institutions: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  They’re creating a gargantuan banking and finance cartel that is putty in the hands of the political powers in Washington, DC, but they’re not touching their own bankrupt policy ideas. You’ll be left on the hook for all of that, in perpetuity.   If you think this financial reform was about anything else, crisis-driven or otherwise, you’ve bought into the nonsensical line that our current economic and fiscal predicaments are born of too much capitalism.  In truth, the exact opposite is true.  Like health-care, much of the alleged crisis that this legislation was intended to address was concocted and created by government actions.

Obama’s EPA has begun to issue more broad, intrusive and completely unsustainable regulations. Now, we’re shutting down coal-fired power plants, just as Obama promised in 2008 he would do, and nothing has replaced these plants, so the cost of electricity “will necessarily skyrocket,” and it has.  Sadly, we also know that all of this is really in response to another phony crisis of which the left has taken full advantage.  Anthropogenic Global Climate Change, or whatever they’re calling it this week, is a farce and has been thoroughly debunked, yet the crisis-mongers continue.  There is an unending process of climate change, but that doesn’t mean mankind is responsible. To the contrary, it’s fairly certain that the biggest driver in climate change is…the sun.  Who’d have thought that?  Other than leftists, virtually every rational person on the planet knows this, and has known it for some time.  By making mankind responsible, as leftists wish to do, they then gain more control.  Imagine a crisis. Overstate it. Create fear and panic about it, particularly among the young, and eventually you can take greater control over the lives of the American people. You simply cannot let a good crisis go to waste, particularly if it’s one of your own creation.

On Labor Day, President Obama appeared at a union rally, where Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa fired up the crowd by exhorting the crowd to violence by saying that the unions were Obama’s army, and were going to “let’s take these son of a bitches out,” referring to their war on the Tea Party.  Obama stepped up to the microphone and thanked Hoffa.  What sort of crisis is Mr. Obama trying to create this time?  Violence?  Union thuggery?  They need a new crisis, this time with the cover of a “jobs bill” with which they will dispense another trillion dollars or more to their cronies in the unions.   They won’t create any real jobs, but they will help Obama’s re-election.

President Obama like to use crises as an excuse to impose policies that will complete his “fundamental transformation” of America.  For once, I think we should take to heart the notion that we mustn’t “let a good crisis go to waste,” but in this case, the crisis is Barack Obama and his intransigence toward the will of the American people, and his absolute abandonment of his constitutional oath.  Rather than bringing people together, and eschewing violent rhetoric as he claimed we all should do, he’s adopted friends who employ the very language he cautioned others not to use.   We’re in a crisis of leadership, but this crisis isn’t of our construction and we won’t be blamed, though they will try.  This time, the American people realize that he is the crisis, and his behavior is broadening a national catastrophe.  His economic disaster, being created to excuse the next step along his path to “fundamental transformation” merely points back to the crisis in leadership under which this nation now languishes.

Thankfully, one politician is taking this threat seriously, and on Monday, she offered a different alternative to union members.  Governor Sarah Palin is taking on the rhetoric of violence Hoffa used, and Obama endorses by his praise.  Meanwhile, the Republican contenders for the nomination remain silent.  Our problems will not be resolved by further dividing the American people, and Sarah Palin is right to point out that there needn’t be a chasm between Union rank-and-file and the Tea Party.  The sort of violent rhetoric Barack Obama and his cronies use is both divisive and destructive, and will do nothing to further the economic recovery our country needs.  Union members shouldn’t go to war with the Tea Party, but instead with their own leadership that uses rank-and-file as fodder for their own advancement.  For once, and at long last, here is something on which President Obama’s stooges and I can agree:  We must not let a serious crisis go to waste.  Barack Obama’s administration has become a crisis unto itself.  Let us put forward a candidate in 2012 who understands the nature and source of this disaster.  Let us not let this crisis go to waste.


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6 Responses to Taking the Advice of Barack Obama’s Cronies

  1. How different is Perry's quiting his campaign to put out the fires from McCain's feckless return to DC to once again play senator?

    • Jo says:

      where would you want your gov to be if you were a texan? If he were pres he would be in dc more than bo ever was during crisis.

      there is plenty of time for campaigning !!!

      • MarkAmerica says:

        Jo, One might reasonably ask if it would have made any difference to the fire-fighting effort in Texas if Governor Perry had hung around SC long enough to offer his piece in the talk. I'm sure given the situation, the others would have let him go first so he could get on out of town. Of course, that's my view, but hey, to each his own.

    • Independent-mind-set says:

      Last time I heard McCain (John)……..he was agreeing with Obama, on some issue, and I agreed with the majority of TPartiers that he is NOT a Conservative Republican, but a Liberalist, Power Grabbing, Money whore mongering, Leftist, Communistic Blub!!! Excuse me……..I love that he served our country and it's too bad he was brainwashed by the Viet Cong Communists!!!
      Now, let's see what becomes of Perry…..not impressed with him either, but at least he's a start away from Obama's Destruction of America Plan!!!

  2. Sylvia says:

    I like Sarah, but I feel she would be better for a Seneter. Reid needs to gggggoooo. We need more in congress also.
    Perry has a good chance to beat Obama.
    We need to ignore this mess that is being said and listen to those
    who know what they are talking about.
    The left are either just following the crowd or are trying to change the U.S. to meet their needs.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Sylvia, thank you. I hope you'll do some more reading about Rick Perry. Personally, I don't think he's all that some think, but hey, I've only been observing him for 20 years or so. While I'm sure Sarah Palin would make a fine Senator, or frankly anything else she wanted to do, I think the truth is that Obama is much more weak than most understand. In any case, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to post a comment.