America in Decline?

Down for the Count?

We’ve all seen the signs and symptoms of our current national debacle, but now we’re seeing its results.  Our credit rating has been downgraded.  Now, in global competitiveness, we’ve been rated fifth.  Barack Obama didn’t create our crisis by himself, but he’s done nothing to stop it, and instead has worsened it.  He isn’t the only politician responsible for this mess, but he certainly deserves a great deal of blame for his failure to turn the nation around.  All of that assumes that he’d like the nation to recover, but given his intransigence in the face of the crisis he inherited and the disaster into which he’s converted it, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll not likely recover with anything less than an honest broker and a diligent, sincere conservative in the White House.  It will be a terribly difficult job, and most of today’s politicians aren’t up to it, often tied too closely to those who have created the problems. We’ve talked about many reasons to support Sarah Palin, and urge her to run for President, but among them all, the best reason to support her is that she is the real deal who knows her country need not be in a state of decline.

Many people claim to be the real deal, the real thing, and the genuine article, but most of them are simply more of the same old thing.  Every politician claims to want to shake up the status quo, but how many have an actual record of doing so?  The sad truth is that time after time, politicians in both parties make pledges and swear oaths during political campaigns that they have no intention of fulfilling.   Sure, on the national level, there are a few  Congressmen and Senators for whom this isn’t true, but as you surely know, they’re a rarity at best.  Sarah Palin, as Mayor of Wasilla, and as Governor of her state, actually set out to do what none before her would do: She tackled Alaska’s version of the “Good Ol’ Boys” and drove them from power.  If you’ve bought the media’s narrative about her, you might have been led to believe she’s “an intellectual lightweight,” or a “tease” or any number of scurrilous claims they routinely make.  If you’ve been led to believe these things about her, don’t feel lonely.  Millions of people have been told only a slim bit of true information about her, but those have been the things the media could not avoid.

Did they tell you that when she was Mayor of her small town, she was re-elected by 75% of the population?  What did 75% of the people of Wasilla, Alaska know about her that the media has not told you?  Did the opinion-leaders in your local paper tell you that as Governor, she attained an approval rating over 80% after her gubernatorial victory?  Did the media tell you that Sarah Palin believes America is far from “over” or “dead” or “in permanent stagnation and decline” if only the American people will move to take charge and take the country back?   Did they tell you she cut government spending in a time of surplus that she created by her good governance?  Were you told that her tough stand against “Big Oil” resulted in providing new wealth to the whole of the state, not to mention its people and its government?  They told you she was a “quitter.”   Have you believed this stubborn lie, too?  How many of these things have you been told about Sarah Palin by the media you trust?  They claim objectivity, but you work hard, and lead a busy life, so you’ve trusted them to deliver the untainted truth. Have you gotten the whole truth about Sarah Palin?  About which other matters might they be misleading and misinforming you?

You have it in your ability to find out.  If you have cable or satellite television, there’s a pretty good chance that you can view the biographical documentary about her life and her political career, The Undefeated.  If you haven’t seen it, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give it the two hours of viewing it deserves.  More than this, you owe it to the truth you’ve probably never been told, and will never know if you wait for the major media to tell you.  Yes, it will cost you a couple of bucks, but how much is your intellectual independence  worth to you?  Better yet, invite over some friends or family and help correct the record.  There is a truly devious motive behind the lies you’ve been told, or the omissions in the record they carefully obscure.  If you devote two hours of your life to this film, what you will receive in return is the answer to these questions, but more, you will also learn that  the media that dominates television is almost never to be trusted.  They’re working against your interests, and this film will make it clear to you why that’s the case.

Sarah Palin is interested in disproving the thesis that this country is “over” or “in permanent decline.”  She believes, and in fact, she knows that this country need not fall to the depths of the decline we’re now being offered as an inevitable future in which our children and their children will live, suffer, and be destroyed in mediocre existence.  You want their future to be a world of opportunity and exciting advancements.  What does the current political establishment of either party in Washington offer you to suggest that’s still possible?  What does the the media oligopoly in service of that establishment tell you that’s substantially different?  There’s no reason for our country to be “over” except that some are bent on engineering that result.   For the first time in a long, long time, there appears a politician who refuses to submit to this vision of decline.  Once again, the establishment and their pet media are trying to prevent you from learning about the truth.  If Sarah Palin were elected president, this all would begin to come undone.  They wouldn’t be able to conceal the truth from you any longer.

The fact is that there is a grotesque and extensive movement to ruin the United States.  It consists of open enemies and covert foes whose interests are served by the eradication of our liberties.  When Sarah Palin stepped down as Governor, she did so for a  number of reasons, but among them, most of all was the fact that all of the frivolous ethics complaints being brought against her were literally interfering with the operation of Alaska’s government, and he administration.  She stepped down to protect the state and the legacy of incredible change she had worked to foster in her state, and allow that good work to go forward.  She did what all the politicians claim they would do, but never seem to carry out:  She acted solely in the best interests of Alaska and Alaskans as the political war to destroy her had begun to make the people and the state of Alaska into collateral damage.   Many like to talk about statesmanship, but few attain it.   Many like to speak in lofty terms about acting in the best interests of, and in the finest traditions of our Republic.  George Washington, Sarah Palin’s favorite president, could have been a king had he wanted to do so, but he began a tradition unbroken until Franklin Roosevelt that no President ought to serve more than two terms.  In the same way his honor and integrity spoke in humble honesty about his love for his country, so too did Sarah Palin’s resignation speak in the same manner about her love of her state.

When she resigned, nobody who had watched her closely believed she would ride off into the sunset.  Shocked though some were, those who knew her best understood that Sarah Palin was Alaska, and that Alaska had always been her.  The Tea Party movement and her participation in it demonstrated a truth about her, and about America that the establishment and big media would prefer you won’t know:  America need not fall.  The American people need not suffer in the wreckage left behind the disasters of crony capitalism, the welfare state, or dirty politics.  All of these are choices, and Sarah Palin understands that Americans can compete anywhere, any time, if only their alleged “leaders” would not betray them or the principles upon which the nation had been founded.

America may be down at the moment, but the country need not be out.  In much the same way that Sarah Palin’s life is an American story, it’s also true to say that America may yet mirror Sarah Palin’s tale.  The attempts to destroy either need not have succeeded.  The attacks upon both need not go unanswered.  What she takes great care to remind us, as the story of our nation should, is that it’s up to us to change it, and to make it right while we still can.  It’s up to us to use our voices and our votes to oppose what is being done.  It’s up to us.   With the coming election season, I would urge you to consider these truths as you think about the lady from Alaska and all she has done.   It’s a clear reminder of what may yet be, and it’s a clarion call to to action for what we must together do.  Don’t give up on our country just yet.  It’s not over, and if I know anything at all about the heart of a servant, the truth is that it’s only just begun. America isn’t “over.” Neither is Sarah Palin.



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3 Responses to America in Decline?

  1. Vadim says:

    I agree. I don't think America is 'in decline'. America just need a better President. here is hoping for some change in 2012.

  2. Suzette Rodgers says:

    Sarah says it best when she says she is not for sale. That is what happens to others we send to DC thinking they mean what they say. I have never felt the sincerity from anyone else that comes through loud and clear from Sarah Palin. Love that girl.

  3. steve says:

    America needs a President that does NOT divide people like obama does, America needs a President that does not care about race like obama does.

    America needs a President that will get the government out of Americas way so the American people can do what they do best and that is create things, then let the American people come up with alternative energy source, because WE CAN do it IF they would get out of our way.

    And the most important thing is to get the tree huggers out of our way they do more to screw America then anyone else. If it is a choice between me or an animal then the animal loses.