The Radical Left Aims to Complete “Fundamental Transformation”

The Beginning of the End?

The radical left is working at a fevered pitch to overturn our constitution, and our way of life.  For a long time, we’ve mocked them as irrelevant and shrill, but since the rise of Obama, these statists have become more radical, more vocal, and more frequently violent.  They now openly plan to overthrow the country by destroying our economy, and it’s hard to ignore the fact that Barack Obama’s economic and fiscal policies seem to be aimed at that same end.  We can no longer afford to ignore these people as mere “kooks.”  They have been ratcheting up the rage and vitriol, and this is no longer an insubstantial movement of fringe types.  It’s begun to go mainstream, and there’s a continuing effort on the part of left-wing activists to cause division, mayhem, and unrest on the basis of alleged class differences in the populace.  The labor unions have often been involved, but now they’ve been infiltrated by a number of thugs at the leadership level who are more frequently using violence as a tool. Don’t kid yourself:  This is a campaign aimed at destroying the country as Obama’s game has been discovered, the left sees this as their last chance for a generation,  and they intend to seize the day.

Violence is being encouraged all over the country, as the drive to create anarchy as the trigger to tyranny is being pushed along by left-wing activists. It’s happening with flash-mobs and similar, and much of it is being directed by community organizers who are expert at agitation.   They’re openly planning it, and one of their target dates on which to start trouble is September 17th.   It’s an anti-capitalist movement.  One might wonder what it is with which they seek to replace it , since these agitators think capitalism is bad.  The answer is communism.   Let me state this again:  These people aren’t anti-establishment as they would have you believe, but instead the useful idiots who will ultimately serve the government monopoly in the form of a tyranny they’re trying to build.  The best analog in history is to be found in the Bolsheviks who dominate pre-Soviet Russia and ultimately created the Soviet state.  They’re mostly violent ignoramuses who follow the direction of a small core of intellectual Marxists who are best described as community organizers and policy wonks.

The Obama administration is loaded with such people, from Jon Holdren to Cass Sunstein to Ron Bloom, who famously said “The free market is nonsense,” and “We kind of agree with Mao, that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.”  In short, these are the nuts who are directing the policy of the United States under this current administration, but they have dark ties to worse characters like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. If these people weren’t entrenched in the Obama administration, they would be widely regarded as extremist kooks, but the truth is that they are dangerous, anti-American ideologues. Some of the are simply plain, old-fashioned criminals, like Information Czar Vivek Kundra, who was busted for shoplifting from JC Penney in 1996.  Ed Montgomery, the Auto Recovery Czar who resigned in 2010, was a board member of ACORN and a member of the communist DuBois Club.  You can read up on these people and others at your leisure, but the fact remains that they are a dangerous collection of radicals given the legitimacy of official power through Barack Obama’s authority, and they’re using their positions and power to change the nature of American government to a form that is entirely Soviet in character.

If you wonder how this could happen under your noses, consider that the media maintains a veil of silence between these people and you.  They don’t want you to know what these folks are doing, or how they’re destroying your country.  When these people inevitably become embroiled in some controversy, like Van Jones, they’re ejected, and then beat feet over to Soros’ Center for American Progress.  When they’re replaced, they’re replaced by somebody no different, coming from the same well of leftist “talent.”  This revolving door between the extreme left’s intelligentsia and the Obama administration needs to be understood as the method by which these people control the government and develop new policy initiatives with which to continue their assault upon capitalism.

The simple truth is that they understand that America is more or less ripe for the picking.  Back in the 1930’s, in the depths of the Great Depression, the ideological fore-runners of this school of Marxist thought made their last big push to seize power.  In much the same way as now, Franklin Roosevelt’s administration was littered with socialists and garden-variety communists, but also with some thoroughgoing radicals.  They were known as the “Brain Trust,” and they were of a similar character to today’s Czars in the Obama administration.  Their aim is always the same:  To increase the speed of change and chaos until the President, who may or may not be fully aboard with this conversion, is pushed into more tyrannical actions.

“We are on the inside, we control the avenues of influence. We can make the President believe he is making the decisions for himself … soon he will feel a superhuman flow of power from the flow of decisions themselves, good or bad. “(John A. Stormer, None Dare Call It Treason, pp. 186-188)

This was written not about Barack Obama, but instead about the Roosevelt administration, for those not familiar with the book.  The people who now surround Barack Obama see him in much the same way: He is a tool which can be replaced at any time as their movement may require.

In short, we’ve been through this before,but something happened to put the brakes on it to a certain degree: Pearl Harbor.  The sneak attack and the subsequent declaration of war by Hitler against the United States intervened to curtail the revolutionaries, because the economy finally saw some improvement and patriotism was running high, and besides, the Soviet Union, while an ally, used these connections more for the support of their country than for continuing revolution.  In short, the United States under the Lend-Lease Act had become the arsenal for the Soviet Empire, and no communist wanted to interfere with that.  More, they could no longer afford to continue damaging the US economy, which had been their intention throughout the 1930s.

The same sorts of policies are now being undertaken, and this administration is part of the problem.  Barack Obama, for all appearances, seems to be a largely empty suit and a sock-puppet for the radical left.   This isn’t accidental, and it’s not benevolent.  As the coming season arrives, it will be their intention to destroy the nation by insurrection and violence on the groundwork these official hoodlums have already laid.  They believe you’ve had far too much freedom for far too long, and they want to change all of this.  They are intent upon dominating you, and if they can’t, they have other ideas on how to handle you.  They hate the Tea Party most of all because it is effectively the first sign of a counter-revolution on behalf of the Republic the leftists mean to destroy.   Whether you believe in “conspiracy theories” or not, all of this is being done in the open, and has been for a long, long time.  It’s not really a conspiracy, because free speech has provided to them the legal cover they need to agitate and associate in pursuit of their treasonous cause in the open.  They’ve dominated higher education for decades, recruiting and converting your children to their belief system.  They now firmly own the public schools too.  They control virtually every institution of government.

It’s coming to the time in which there will be no escape for the American people, and they won’t be able to pretend this hadn’t been happening to their country all along.  In part, that is the foundation of the Tea Party movement, as people who have come to realize their country is under a serious assault from those who would prefer to destroy it.  It’s time to understand that these people mean it, and they intend to subvert and replace your original form of government, which is part of why they’ve chosen Constitution Day as the target for their first massive protests and worse.  This is going to continue until they have reduced you to the state of destitution, and you’ll have no choice but to submit, or starve.   Many Americans have adopted the wrong-headed belief that everybody holds the same basic values.  This isn’t true, however, and it’s important to recognize just how far we’ve fallen already.  It can still be prevented, and we can still save the country, but it’s going to be possible only if we are able to stand up, and that’s only possible if we first recognize what all of this really means.  Nobody likes to consider the truth, because it’s hard to imagine we could lose it all so quickly and at once, but if we’re to stop this march to a tyrannical state, we will need to admit first that it exists.

Not all Americans love America, and for once, it’s become your job as a matter of vigilance to determine the difference, and sadly, your time may be running out.

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2 Responses to The Radical Left Aims to Complete “Fundamental Transformation”

  1. Genia says:

    When I read your posts, its like you are reading my mind…..and putting it much more eloquently than I ever could. Thanks for the encourgement you give. (and thanks for taking Tammy's advice)


  2. its too late, the revolution starts on Wednesday week. Or was it Thursday. Any way, once we win the lottery, you are all in trouble.