AttackWatch: Obama’s Opposition Research Snitch Site

Campaign of Intimidation

The site implores you “Get the facts. Fight the smears.”  This ominous application of intelligence gathering suggests Obama’s campaign will be creating a sort of Web-Enemies List.  The site promises to provide information with which to oppose any negative stories or narratives aimed at Obama.  One wonders if it will address the following narrative, being put in play by me:

“Barack Obama’s Campaign is involved in desperate information-gathering on its enemies in the blogosphere and on social networking sites, while pushing its own Marxist propaganda.” – MarkAmerica

Go ahead AttackWatch! Refute it!  Oh, wait…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what must be the ultimate result of three years of failure: The President is reduced to gathering information on his critics, doubtless for the sake of the inevitable personal attacks they intend to conduct.  You want big government run wild?  Obama is set to deliver it, and this part of his campaign is an attempt to extend the Obama take-over of the economy onto the Internet.

This entire venture is intended to frighten and intimidate.  If you want to know what the Obama talking points will be, check out their “Attack Files” page.  It’s a mini-compendium of easily refuted responses to criticisms Barack Obama is sure to  face whomever his eventual general election opponent may be.

Go check the site and make yourself familiar with the talking points. Over the coming weeks and months, they will be refuted.  In the mean time, rather than feeling intimidated by Obama’s little website, you should laugh.  This is how desperate Obama and his drones have become.  At present, they’re just trying to stave off a primary challenge.  The grumbling deep within the bowels of the Democrat Party indicate he’s in serious trouble, and Tuesday night’s loss in NY District 9 demonstrate the serious trouble he and his party now face for 2012.

This crew is certifiable.

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One Response to AttackWatch: Obama’s Opposition Research Snitch Site

  1. Dave Pavano says:

    Sounds like something that happened in history that started the extermination of Jews and Christians. Could he possibly be the illegitimate grandson of Hitler or maybe the spawn of Satan?
    Put that on your website attack watch! Now you want to take our freedom of speech?