GBTV: The Smear Lives Here?

You know, as a conservative, if you wish to be demeaned, you can go to almost any media outlet and find yourself denigrated, defamed, debased, and demoralized, but you’d think an outlet like Glenn Beck’s new wouldn’t be in that crowd.

You’d think Beck would understand, as an ostensibly conservative guy, that some things just go too far, and while laughing at ourselves is one thing, piling-on with muck-rakers like Joe McGinniss should be something a conservative must not do.  Having debuted his new network on Monday, you’d think that he’d be careful not to offend so many in his audience, but his little bit of comic relief in the person of Brian Sack simply wasn’t funny, and isn’t up to the standards Beck’s previous work has generally achieved.  I am deeply disappointed in this, and while the credit card subscription is still freshly minted, I am now demanding a refund.  The lesson is simple to those who wish to succeed in new media: You can’t simply dump on the people who have supported you and expect there to be no blow-back.

Beck will likely offer that he didn’t know what Brian Sack would say, but during the un-funny comic’s routine, he employed a graphic depicting the Palin family with a whole new member in answer to McGinniss’ smear-filled book.  It wasn’t funny, and many in the audience weren’t amused either.  If you must, you can watch a clip from the show on the GodandCountryFirst blog, but I won’t be re-posting it here.

This is your ground-breaking network, Mr. Beck? I’ve tuned in either live, or in replayed on demand, and this was shocking to me.  It’s not that I don’t expect your show to be fun, but Brian Sack channeling SNL’s weekend update while heaping smears on the Palin family isn’t exactly that for which I subscribed.  I am certain there are others who feel the same, and I think you can reasonably expect them to say something about it.  This was crass, inaccurate, vulgar, and worst of all, a move in collaboration with the popular culture you said you’re trying to defeat or transform with your new network.   If this is the “transformation of media” you offer, I must say that I don’t like it any better than Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of our country.

I simply don’t understand what the point could have been.  I don’t understand how Glenn could permit his new platform to be used this way.  In truth, I don’t think anything that goes out on GBTV can do so without his endorsement or approval, so let’s not pretend he’s off the hook because the words came out of Brian Sack’s mouth.

It wasn’t informative, entertaining, or even funny.  In short, in seeking to be like Bill Maher or John Stewart, Glenn Beck became Bill Maher or John Stewart.  Glenn has said he wants to appeal to a younger audience.  Does he believe this is to be accomplished by smearing conservatives in the name of comedy?  Does he think Brian Sack will appeal to youth?  If this is Beck’s vision for his new network, I can tell you unreservedly that there is at least one Texan who will have no part of it.



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  1. fernando says:

    I'm a fan of gbtv and a subscriber. And I Do Not find Brian Sack or the "BS of A funny @ all.

  2. Jesse Cornish says:

    Whatever happened to good old-fashioned clean humor? "I Love Lucy" was one of the funniest TV shows I ever watched and it had none of the raunchy material today's entertainment provides. Beck says he is different, and should act that way.

  3. FULLY AGREE! I say this as someone who went to DC 9/12/09 & 8/28/10 with 3 large buses of TeaPartiers from Sav. Ga. & have rarely missied a radio show or Fox show & aGBTV member & "Insider"., plus all his books and movie theater sim-u-casts.

    Beck has destroyed all of the about with the Sack appearance & recent comments on the radio. Have a nice life GB, goodbye.

  4. kira says:

    i think you should contact personally and tell him how you feel, if others follow he will correct the situation if he does not then I too will cancel my subscription but i think you should give him a second chance before canceling

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Kira, He's had all day today to correct this. That's a lot of second chances. I understand your desire to forgive, but really, I think forgiveness can only accompany his making amends for it. I've sent an email. No response as yet.

    • Did you watch the clip kira? There is no second chance for this! There is no way this was shown, with the altered picture of the Palin family in the background, without Beck's advance knowledge.

  5. Bryan says:

    Where's the video of it? I dont' believe Glenn Beck would 'smear' Governor Palin!

  6. Jeff Kresse says:

    I have to admit great disappointment in GBTV and won't be watching anymore. This kind of sealed that decision for me.

  7. bane73 says:

    I have to disagree; I think your strong comments show that you aren't as balanced a thinker as I had originally thought.

    I agree, Brian Sack is not funny; Glenn needs to replace him.

    But I watched the piece and I really don't see what the big huff is; a bit crude, but to the point of writing such a strongly-opinionated piece? Not even close.

    You'd have accomplished much more (I think) to try contacting Glenn yourself and discussing the issue.

    Instead, you lost a reader.

    • bane73 says:

      One last thought; I'm sure that the Palin's have a sense of humor and a tough-skin. I really doubt they took that piece seriously or took any great offense.

      It would have been better to not have been done; but I doubt there was any serious harm done to the Palin family either.

      You are clearly too stiff. One can be principled without being a board.

      • MarkAmerica says:

        Well, I think you're taking some rather presumptive liberties with what the Palins find funny or not. I don't speak for the Palins, so I don't know, but then I try to put it in the context of my life and family for perspective: How would I feel if this were said about my wife? Who am I to imagine what constitutes 'harm'. Is less-than-serious harm okay with you? How much harm is okay?

        As for my being 'stiff', if that's your perception, I'm okay with it.

      • akabosan says:

        Vietnam veteran's had plenty thick skin when returning home. That did not make it all right for them to be spat upon.

        I would suggest that if Mr. Beck did not have a stake, and this was done by the people he is trying to emulate, he would be proud of those of us who canceled.

        OBTW *tee hee* icing on the cake it was 5:00 when my cancellation went through, just as the program was airing.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      What's not balanced? If Sack needs to go, and you agree, what's your problem with me? It was more than a bit crude, in my estimation. I tried to contact Glenn. Since I don't exactly have him on speed-dial, I sent an email. No response. If I lose a reader, that's too bad. If I yield my principles, that's worse. Sorry you feel that way, but let me ask you this: Who was responsible for this? Where does the buck stop?

    • Michael Arnold says:

      I have to agree with Mark. The "joke" about Sarah Palin was anything BUT clever or funny. When Rush Limbaugh had his TV show, he made what was supposed to be humorous comment about Chelsea Clinton and the person putting up the graphic of Chelsea put up a picture of a dog. Rush didn't see it (the graphic) but heard about it during the next commercial break. When they came back from the commercial, Rush immediately apologized for the graphic and fired the person responsible on the spot. Does Glenn Beck have that kind of integrity? If Brian Sack is still employed, apparently not.

  8. mytorpor says:

    Just sent in my cancellation. Not following your lead, simply because I was highly offended and quite shocked that Beck would allow something like this on his show. I am truly disappointed as I was hoping GBTV would be a wonderful addition to the conservative movement.

  9. Laurie says:

    Agree. We have endured 3 years of this mud slinging from the LSM…I sure am not going to pay to hear anyone slinging mud at the Palin's.

  10. bane73 says:

    The fact that Sack needs to go does not warrant announcing to the world that you are canceling your subscription and writing a lengthy post essentially urging others to follow suit.

    The fact that one guy has been crude once or twice over the course of *A FEW DAYS* does not warrant such off-the-cuff attitude.

    Rather than react so quickly and publicly, you'd have been better off just posting a "Brian Sack Sucks"-post and leave it at that; contact Glenn in the meantime. Give it a while; it takes time for things to turn and Glenn doesn't necessarily have a replacement ready in the wings waiting to go. Heck, Sacks contract might even preclude an instant firing over 1 or 2 poor performances.

    Rather than act with prudence, you overreacted and were too eager.
    It wasn't about principles; it was almost like you needed a topic for the day and fell all over yourself rushing this one to press.

    You didn't lose a reader over principles; you lost me because you demonstrated that making noise was more important to you than your principles.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Bane, you said you were checking out three replies ago. You and I differ. Actually, I have several posts in the works. I seldom find there's nothing about which to write. I spent three hours trying to decide whether to run this article or not after writing it. Once again, I was in the position of feeling badly about it. I hadn't considered it from the point of view of 'making noise.' I never do. Sometimes I post things that are ho-hum, and some time controversial. I never know which will be widely read or not, or disliked or not. I don't work that way. If you had any idea the number of posts I ultimately ate because I waited for more facts to develop, or because I simply thought they just weren't good enough, you'd probably change your mind about that.

      He's been crude once or twice in a few days. How many days has he been on? Answer: A few days.

      Now, let's go back to my question: How much harm is permissible?

    • Vickie says:

      I agree. Don't give up on Glen so quickly. He has opened my eyes, and thousands of other Americans to the deception and lies we have been fed. He needs and deserves our support.

  11. bane73 says:

    ok, nuf said. Buh bye. Won't miss you.

  12. bane73 says:

    OK, I'll play your game…

    >> "how much harm is permissible?"

    ANS: that depends; how much harm is permissible for you against Glenn prematurely when you haven't given him a fair-shake or a fair-opportunity to address your concern?

    You've given him zero opp. I guess that means your readers should extend you similar opportunity: ZERO

    It doesn't sound like we're going to agree so this back and forth probably won't get us anywhere. I'd hoped that by reacting so quick and decisively you'd see my point that that's what you are doing. Guess not. It's probably best to part ways. I think you overreacted in haste; you disagree. There doesn't seem to be any common ground to meet on.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Bane, the irony here should make you pause:

      "it doesn’t sound like we’re going to agree so this back and forth probably won’t get us anywhere. I’d hoped that by reacting so quick and decisively you’d see my point that that’s what you are doing. Guess not. It’s probably best to part ways. I think you overreacted in haste; you disagree. There doesn’t seem to be any common ground to meet on."

      (emphasis mine)

      I gave Glenn a fair shake. I watched his show on Fox for all but a few episodes I missed here or there, and I was on my way to doing the same thing with GBTV. I paid for the privilege in the case of the latter. I've decided that I no longer wish to pay for that. What's the problem? Give him a chance? Buying a year's subscription to his network must be considered giving him a chance.

      • akabosan says:

        Uh, in case Bane does not want his refund, can I have it?

        That is, if he is really, really gone for good this time.

        GB <= Which I have used as a signature since the mid 80s and stands for GOD BLESS. Just though in light of things I should clarify that. LOL

  13. Stand Taker says:

    Mark, not get off topic but we need to hear your perspective on the McGinness book. The Glen Rice thing is making me sick. Thanks.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      ST, I haven't read the book, so I can't provide any insight, but from the stories that are out there about it, I hardly think it will be above National-Enquirer class garbage. I'm just not interested in these sort of personal smears and scandal stories. They are published to play to human weakness, like making jokes and so on, but I'll not be a participant. In this case, I was simply stunned to see Glenn take part in this in any way. Just as that terrible story about the idiot in Austin running an ad looking for women who may have slept with another candidate, I gave that story no coverage and no space here, because I don't believe in becoming a purveyor of filth, even though that was a candidate I oppose. I just won't play in that sandbox, and I was surprised to see Glenn do so. Disappointed, to say the least.

      • Stand Taker says:

        Cool. My instinct is that none of it could possibly be true. I mean, this stuff is just coming out now after 3 years of persecution? Makes no sense. I've just had it with the attacks on SP. Its nothing short of satanic.

  14. Mark:

    The absolute irony here is that for years on Fox News, Beck has rightly railed against the insults and ridicule to him personally and his family.

    Now he brings on this fellow to mock Sarah Palin, the person who headlined Glen's event on the Washington Mall.

    It's amazing when Beck, Coulter, Ingraham, and Rove diminish Sarah Palin while her defenders include the New York Times?


  15. bane73 says:

    No irony, you just fail to understand my point.

    I'm not asking you to give Glen a chance by subscribing for a year, or even keeping your subscription at all.

    But you are being unprofessional and discourteous to out him in the public forum before you even give him a chance to reply to your complaint or allow his network time to mature… my goodness, it's been on for… 4 days???

    Get over yourself man, you screwed up and treated someone unfairly.
    Admit it, correct it, move on.
    Stop mucking about in the mire.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Bane, you were leaving, what, 4 posts ago now? We said our goodbyes and everything.

      This will be my last response to you on this issue:

      No, you miss the irony. You tell me that you reacted to me as you did to try to make the point aggressively. What do you suppose my motive is vis a vis Glenn? You say you're trying to correct me by badgering me on the issue, but I will point out to you that I have been infinitely more responsive to your complaint than Glenn has been to mine(or anybody else, that I'm aware of).

      I'm being unprofessional and discourteous? Excuse me? I don't have a multi-million dollar operation. This blog is something I do in my spare time. Unprofessional? Yep.

      Why should I offer more courtesy to him in public than his show offered to Sarah Palin and her family? Do you not see the irony in what you're demanding of me here? You say I treated Beck unfairly, but by my reckoning, maybe a thousand people will read my article. How many will have seen his show? Who is being treated unfairly in all this? Glenn Beck? Brian Sack?

      There's nothing to correct until Glenn corrects himself. After that bit of 'comedy', for you to suggest that I am 'mucking about in the mire' challenges all credulity.

  16. Don't folks like Beck, Ingraham, Coulter realize that they drink from the same pool? I mean, Sarah Palin supporters have for years followed Beck, Laura, and Ann, bought their books and subscribed to their radio programs and the like.

    Biting the hand that feeds you may temporarily satisfy, but I doubt it's beneficial to their long-term revenue stream.

      • MarkAmerica says:

        Patty, that's fine. . Beck's staff has had this link for hours. There's no skittish, code-pink anything here. I oppose evil. Glenn generally does too, which is why all of this was such a surprise. I'm not smearing Beck. By airing that bit, he smeared himself. That seems to be the point you're flailing to avoid recognizing. Go for it.

  17. Cecil says:

    This was a lame attempt at showing the absurdity by being absurd. A total failure and you can bet that it will not happen again. Rush is great at it yet he too fails at it sometimes.

  18. stevethird says:

    Make it hurt people. Glenn has never really been a friend of her candidacy. He has used he. No apology will be accepted by me. We can give this whiner something to cry about. With Fox down the tubes, we need a new network. This ain't it.

    • akabosan says:

      Interesting that you posted that… Fox may not be 'down the tubes' yet. There are people there that are still fighting the good fight, and some that never were true conservatives. But whereas Fox seems to be drifting, CNN, ABC and the NYT all seem to be drifting to fill the void to some extent. I am not endorsing any of the 'bigs.' I do not watch anything but sports on television, but the pendulums seem to be swinging differently than they did even one year ago.


  19. Tom says:

    I was telling people long before this that Beck wasn't the real deal. He's playing an act, and a very convincing one, as truly the biggest idiot in the alternative–or maybe now, not-so-alternative–media.

    I'm predicting he will support Obama for re-election in order to avoid the same "hundred cities burning" he predicted if those challenging his eligibility were successful.

  20. johnannegalt says:

    Really? Sarah Palin supporters are the ones with "knee-jerk" reactions?
    Look, Glenn Beck is responsible for what's on his show. He never apologized for the things his Sack said. His production staff had to make it happen, he knew what was going to be said.
    I used to enjoy Glenn Beck, but this is sick. He used to be educational, now he's concerned with being funny? First off, that wasn't funny, it was low. Second off, of all the people you could poke fun at or smack down, you have to pick Sarah Palin, the one person who's been constantly, senselessly attacked for non-existent or superficial reasons? Beck, you knew what he was going to say. Even if you didn't (highly unlikely as these things are never live or unplanned), you had the choice to apologize for Sack's words, or remove him from your program in further airings.
    Bane, this isn't humor. If you think that was humorous, I'm sure you also probably thought it was "fair" and "courteous" for people to make fun of Trig, a child with down's syndrome. Mark America has said good things about Beck in the past, but this just further proves Beck's descent into the establishment pit.
    Patty, what does the devil have to do with this? And Mark didn't smear Beck, Beck threw himself under the bus by targeting a woman who is well loved by a large chunk of his fan base.

  21. mrfixit says:

    Very poor judgment on this.

    Perhaps worse, I've not been able to view the show, it must require a really fast connection and even the WiFi in the hotel is not fast enough!? So far I’m disappointed in the network, for both reasons, but not ready to cancel, yet…

    Anyhow, I would put big pressure on Glenn to apologize and to have this Sack guy do the same, and if that does not happen, you then we'll know.

    I think we have to understand, even those who are on our side will make mistakes, don't expect perfection, even Sarah Palin is capable of mistakes, would we be so quick to drop our support of her at the first mistake that offends us? I wouldn't, so we should expect the same for Glenn… Remember he has admitted to far worse mistakes in the past, and done much worse, I think he screwed up here, give it a chance for a correction and apology.

    Don’t forget, his work woke up many to the perils we face, and largely he has been supportive of Sarah Palin.

  22. C.A. Bamford says:

    I'd be honored to replace the late bane73 on your site, Mark. You can bet your boots that he would be going ballistic if someone had made the same tasteless "jokes" about his wife, daughter or sister.
    Beck said his pal Sack would replace Jon Stewart. Instead it appears he is channeling Maxine Waters, Jim Hoffa, and David Letterman…and failing miserably at that. Sounds more like Joe Biden on a bad day.
    As for the garbage put out there by Joe McGinness..suffice it to say that his purported reputation as a drunken liar and creepy purveyor of rumor, lies, and plain made up BS is likely the nicest thing one can say about him.
    One of the reasons we are all here is because we are heartily sick of the left's egregious campaign of dirty filthy lies about Gov. Palin and their attempted suppression of the truth about her outstanding record of achievement and strong, bipartisan leadership. Standing up against that kind of bullying garbage is what seperates us from those who will sell their souls rather than take a stand against what they know is wrong.
    If Beck allows (and thereby condones) tasteless behavior like Sack's, then he is no better than any of those he decries on a daily basis. Attacking Sarah Palin has not been working out too well lately. As for old Joe McGinniss..hope his handlers have deep pockets. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Governor's attorney is getting ready to show him the way to the courthouse.

  23. Don B says:


    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt opinion. I enjoy coming here to get your perspective on common issues, and always leave knowing that you have laid it all on the table for others to take as they see fit. I may not always agree on every point, but I do know that I've read something from the heart and been given something to think about.

    For those who feel Mark has stepped over some nebulous line in taking on Beck, remember that this is his blog. He can say whatever he wishes, and those of us who read it expect nothing less and we can take it or leave it. If you think that calling Beck out in public on his blog is inappropriate, consider that Beck's show is as public as it gets. What's the problem? Mark isn't asking anyone to boycott anything. He's simply saying that he will not be a Beck viewer any longer and he told us why. If you disagree with Mark, set up your own blog and let him know how you feel, publicly. (Nevermind, you already made it public.) You can also send Beck an email if you wish, offering your support. Oh, and boycott Mark if you wish. I'm sure he'll get over it, just as I'm sure Sean Penn has gotten over the fact that I will never watch another movie of his.

    As for the poster bringing the devil to the discussion, who are you? Flip Wilson?

  24. vitadMD says:

    I stepped away from the computer when the piece in question was shown, so I appreciate you pointing this out. I've been following you for a little while, so I'm at least a bit familiar with your style. You have given no reason to doubt that your reaction and written response are honest. Frankly, I don't understand how a guest poster can come here to judge you for that. You presented what happened accurately, gave an opinion, never asking anyone to share it or to do something about it. I see many conservatives these days acting not how one would expect a conservative to act… with critical, independent thinking… and respect for individualism.

    I have watched and listened to many of GB shows and always thought he provided critical information not presented by MSM. I have not always liked the style of humor (mostly in the beginning when he was dressing up). I do have great respect for him being a pioneer in internet TV. These are the reasons I signed up for the 14-day trial.

    I noticed that GB already closed his show before BS came on with his jokes. Does GB have control? What is the relationship exactly? It is GB's network, however. In my opinion BS is not funny. The SP segment indeed was extremely distasteful. I would appreciate some kind of response from GB if many viewers were offended.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Patty, I don't think it's ultra-liberal to question the tastelessness of this particular 'joke.' As I said in my post, if I want that, I can tune into any channel. I don't understand the rationale. I really don't.

    • Susan says:

      Can you explain Beck's bi-polar attitude with Sarah? On his radio show, he has often acted like a frat-boy, making sexually-provocative comments about her. And yet, on his FOX show he always spoke about her in the most gentlemanly tones. I never could figure out what his true opinion of her was: a sex object or his sister-in-Christ.

      By the way, I don't think Glenn Beck is the only thing that is standing between us and Socialism (though, I suspect, he would agree with your opinion). I would place him well behind some other folks, including God and the United States Military.

      As for Mark cancelling his subscription…..he's just engaging in some free market capitalism. If you like a product, you buy it….if you don't like it , you don't buy it. Beck is free to create his product the way he sees fit, and Mark is free to say, "no, thanks, not for me."

      • Tom says:

        Beck is ADD and probably has some serious mental problems. Some of his rants go far beyond showmanship and aggressive activism. And he has gotten delusional at times. His 8-18-10 TV show where he severely twists his LDS doctrine to oppose our nation's historic "Manifest Destiny," in which he alternates between twisting archaelogical evidence and completely misunderstanding the science behind it, is but one example. (NOTE TO LDS: This is a criticism not of your doctrine, but how Beck twists it in his deviation from it–in fact, he credits the Lamanites with the civilization of the Nephites.)

        While I have no problem with being a bit of a male (read, "pig") when it comes to the hottest governor from the coldest state (yes, I mean that favorably toward Palin), the truth is he probably has little opinion of her, one way or the other. Ultimately he's an actor with his obvious problems upstairs playing a couple of roles.

        He started out way back over a decade ago as the real thing. But say what you will about this latest episode, he's developed into a cartoon character.

  25. Matt says:

    If Glenn defends Sack's deplorable actions and does not make right what he has done, I will be left to wonder if this is nothing more than a political stunt….to diminish Palin and continue to be a schill for Perry (did I spell that right?)..I've wondered why Glenn moved to TX, besides the reasons he gives outwardly…i.e., taxes, corperate friendly etc. While I doubt he would purposely go after Palin like this, I'm left to wonder. Nevertheless, I will give him a chance to make it right. Full disclosure: I'm a Romney fan, but I really like Sarah and would vote for her in a heartbeat. Mark, you are a great advocate for her and do a great job on this blog. If I can't have Romney, I would gladly take Sarah. And YES, she CAN beat Obama.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Welcome aboard Matt. Thanks for the kind words. Let's see who pulls out the nomination. You may join me in supporting Governor Palin before it's all over. The Beck-Sack thing is simply unconscionable, and I don't know how he goes about making this right if he's not done so yet.

  26. JohnInFlorida says:

    To start with, I don't think Brian Sack is funny, with or without this bit on Sarah Palin. I do think the bit in question was tasteless and moronic. Sack being removed from the program would not bother me in the least, but at this point my solution is that I just don't listen to the last 5 minutes of the show.

    When all of the shows and projects done (both good and bad) by Glenn Beck are weighed, my opinion is that "the good" FAR OUTWEIGHS "the bad" and therefore I'm not willing to throw him under the bus.

    In the same light, I'm not prepared to throw Mark America under the bus either.

    We (Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Mark America, and yes even me) ALL make mistakes and yet we ALL are focused on a monumentally important goal … American Restoration … I don't think we can afford to throw ANY ally under the bus unless the ratio of good/bad reaches egregious levels.

    JMO, YMMV.

  27. Hi mark. I'm with you all the way!! Just signed up.

  28. One more thing. I thing your writings are very proffesonal. I felt a kick in the gut after hearing Sacks. This BS on this patriot has to stop!!

  29. Charlie R says:

    Might it be unwise to throw the baby out with the bathwater? I dare say neither Glenn nor Sarah take themselves as seriously as you seem to.
    Sometimes the most effective offense against a ridiculous lie is to "top it" with an even more ridiculous lie that indicates how unperturbed the
    object of the lie may be. Of course, Brian has to become more confident in his delivery – you can't flinch, wince or smile when delivering.
    Does any one remember a Gumby Christmas when Eddy Murphy dressed as Gumby shows up with an ornament purporting to be Sammy Davis Jr.s EYE! The audience went wild (with gasps) and his perfect response to it was; SHUT UP! Now that there is funny. So in the spirit of Gumby – damn it, SHUT UP (to be understood as "lighten up") I know, I'm a wuss – Oh, and don't throw that cute little pudgy baby Glenn out with that Sack of what ever you think him to be.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Charlie, the way I see it, Glenn can act to fix all of this. He could come out and disclaim it, or better, just own up to it and apologize. It's up to him either way. Some people will stand by Glenn in this instance, and that's their right. I simply won't be one of them.

  30. sam says:

    Have a sense of humor people!

  31. Samantha says:

    ************ posted something pretty "unfunny" as well. Its wrong, distasteful and I am not making the connection as to why "conservative" or at least right leaning sights are allowing stuff like that to post.

    I can totally get on board with having a sense of humor. Although looking back to the last cycle you can see how biased Networks were, and shows such as SNL took it too far and it became malicious. Tina Fey just became a political hack ( in my view of course).

    Editor's note: Sorry Samantha, in retrospect, I decided that site deserves no further web traffic from here.

  32. IwjwI says:

    I cancelled my GBTV subscription and left them a message that told them why I did so. I hope that many more will do the same.

  33. Greg says:

    I am so disgusted with what Glenn has done. There was nothing funny about what was said and I can only imagine if someone had done to the same to his wife kids. He introduced Brian Sack as the person of the right wing that would put Stewart out of business. After Sack's performance I felt that he could go over and write for Stewart! All the times Glenn cried out that the families of politicians are off limits. I guess that does not apply when Sarah threatens Glenn's preferred candidates Bachmann and Perry. Then every thing is wide open I guess. This was so despicable that I really do not think an apology would remedy it. Glenn knew exactly what was going to come out of the mouth of his "comedian" and anyone that does such a thing on his own show intended to do it. There was no mistake about it. I was going to subscribe to GBTV but now will not. I thought he would always be a stalwart and champion of conservatives. Truly disheartening.

  34. Bill589 says:

    After listening to Glen for many years, I thought I knew him. After researching about Sarah Palin, I am a big supporter. I thought Glen and Sarah would be a natural match. When I saw them in DC, I thought they might have a lasting, complementary, relationship.

    I don’t understand what Glen could possibly have against Sarah. She seems to be that rare politician that he says our country needs. Does anybody here know what about her, or the policies she promotes, that Glen disagrees with?

  35. Robert Fry says:

    I think Brian Sack is hilarious. The trend in comedy has, over the last 2 or 3 decades, been extremely left. And while the hypocrisy of the left has been largely ignored by the comedy writers of the mainstream, there is also a lot to laugh at on the right. Whether it is fueled by the mainstream media or not. I am of the opinion that Brian Sack will be the new masthead of hip conservative humor, and will not be swayed in his selection of jokes by either right- or left-wing politics. All good humor is grounded in truth. Brian Sack is my hero, and I would like to be rewarded from this post by a job on his writing staff.

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