Media Games: The Best Response May Be No Response

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Sometimes, one gets the impression that some people are busy making a media stir for the sake of making a stir.  I came across another story of filth directed at Sarah Palin today, and I wrote an article intended to cover the so-called “journalists” involved in propagating the contrived and irresponsible story.  After thinking about it a while, I’ve decided not to publish because it’s likely to give the filth-purveyors more recognition (and more web traffic.) Rather than do that, inadvertently rewarding them for their garbage-journalism, I’m going to do something different for a change.  I’ve scrapped my article and all its tedious links to sources and so on, and instead will ask you, my reader, to suggest via the comment section below this posting a clever [and clean] caption for the image at left, clumsily cobbled together earlier in an amateurish attempt at some juvenile photo-shopping. It’s better than the subject deserves.

Part of the problem with today’s so-called journalism is that much of it is intended merely to evoke a reaction and to spread narratives without doing any real and substantial reporting at all. Today, at least one website was guilty of that, but rather than name it and bring it more undue attention, I’m simply going to offer you a bit of advice:  When you see ugly stories pop up in the media, before you even let your mind wander to the details, or even the question of the veracity, the first thing you might want to do is ask:  What is the motive for the publication of this story? If you see it’s largely a passed-along story, you really need to ask that question, and in light of what we’ve witnessed in the media this week, and what shall likely become more frequent in the weeks to come, I’d urge you to take great care about the motives of those outlets you frequent, in whatever form they take.

Now, back to our bit of fun: Take a look at the picture, and offer a suggested caption. There are no prizes but for a mention here.  Remember, this is a family-friendly site.  Thanks, and have fun!


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17 Responses to Media Games: The Best Response May Be No Response

  1. Next time, I'll leave the story in my trunk

  2. abby flo says:

    I was thinking after doing a search on "Sarah Palin", and the 1st thing that popped up was some of the negatives of the week, we need the positive bloggers,like you, to post, so those will be the newer posts. If we get bogged down in defending, we will end up like the Governor with the law suits. I think we need to remember "Positively Palin".

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Abby, don't forget: Just a tiny fraction of people visit my blog. I have dozens of positive articles that would for all intents and purposes be all new to a new audience. Send them along! Thanks!

  3. sedeuce says:

    Even a bowtie can't cover the slime….

  4. Charlie R says:

    Though that load may be the very best you can do – perhaps it's even sensational, truth is all it really is, is just another dirty diaper.

  5. I must disagree with your assessment. Leaving enemy propaganda unchallenged only leads to it being accepted as fact. Karl Rove admitted that the worst mistake he made during the Bush-43 administration was to not challenge the “Bush lied, kids died” attack against the war. He honestly thought it would never be believed. Well, it was believed, and we see the results.

    The problem has been that the conservative/Right has never been able–actually willing–to cooperate enough to put forward a sufficient counter-attack. We speak highly of our “alternative media,” then fail to deploy it by coordination of message and keeping our own in line. And thus, most efforts fail.

    So what we need is actually MORE response–more counter-attacking, more assaulting, more confrontation. We need to, as Allen West put it, apply Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals against them. Here from the Leadership Institute is a start:

    But they do make the mistake, though, of eschewing the “politics of personal destruction.” The enemy is the enemy, whether it be someone wearing a diaper and fanbelt on their head or someone wearing a press hat. Whoever it is, they must be destroyed.

    This article I find particularly interesting, as it not only calls for a more assertive and offensive approach to politics from “conservatives,” it also notes, albeit with some characterizations and value judgments with which I must quibble in places, what will develop if the conservatives fail to do so:

    The responses from many to this article show the problem exactly: They assert the “introspective” (as one put it) nature of conservatives, and say that thus conservatives shouldn’t do that. The truth is that this “introspection”–just another word for self-centeredness and selfishness–is what is causing their problems. When one has a trait that is causing them a problem, the thing to do is CHANGE THAT TRAIT. If that means that those promoting “conservative” positions on issues of the day must replace their “conservative” personal approach with something more, “reactionary” (the classical term for the far-Right, in opposition to the far-Left’s “radicals”), then so be it. The policy positions don’t change, only the tactics in implementing them.

    So again, far from lettting our opponents–be it the Left, Paul supporters, or Jihadists–have a free ride with their assaults on American heritage, we must learn to consolidate and coordinate, and hit back even harder ( ). The country is worth it.

    • Olga Centura says:

      "and keeping our own in line." I don't want to be 'kept in line'. I want to know the truth, and that is what drives the conservative movement Mr. Walker. Truth and some approach that invites but does not alienate the middle, an approach that becomes moot when the country's very way of life is a stake. I think conservatives are mobilized these days and moderates are wondering 'what the heh happened?' We are just looking for a true leader. It is not Ron Paul who is an idiot by saying people working as a secretary in a day to day job in the WTC's were responsible for their own destruction. Pfft.

    • Charlie R says:

      My instincts are to let out a war cry and rally behind that aggressive conservative push! Perhaps even begin one of my own. And then my mind wanders to what that might actually end up looking like. What I see is yet more misery as far as the eye can see. The tactics of the left are an anathema to true conservatives. Apart from their natural inclination to conserve a level of relative decorum, I think that many of them know intuitively how they might feel if upon the day in which the only One wise and powerful enough to actually do anything about this rats nest should step on to the scene, they were found club in hand, in the middle of a down stroke. Unless there is actually something new under the sun, "I know you are but what am I" has lead to many a knock-down drag-out fight. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be on the top of that pig pile when DAD gets home! I say let them hang themselves by their own wretched means. I'm with you Mark – Keep overcoming evil with the GOOD.

      • Thank you for showing the perfect example of the self-defeating attitude that has gotten us this far down the drain. Unless that "natural inclination" of conservatives is dropped, everything they are working for will be destroyed.

        They need to decide which is more important to them: Being of a conservative attitude, or having conservative public policy in place and saving the country. One choice allows their ideology and our way of life to survive, and the other guarantees its destruction.

        The choice is theirs.

  6. Jim says:

    Mr Walker, I was right there with you until you lumped Paul supporters with jihadists.

    • Too bad you don't see the danger from the Paul supporters. Wittingly or not, they are enablers of terrorism and the danger of Jihadism. Perhaps soon you will see how their libertarian approach serves only facilitate our enemies, as well as do its own damage to our culture and society.

  7. lemonv says:

    Or you might enjoy the Art of War by Sun Tzu and implement his principles to how to respond to the Palin Haters..


  8. I agree with Mark on that artical. I also agree we have to fight back when we see the bad stuff. OK how about " pass this bill"

  9. vitadMD says:

    If you're referring to the Latimer piece, I disagree with your decision. This is a Trojan Horse… calling people like McGinniss out while promoting the lies, giving people like Ingraham and Coulter a pass while drawing inaccurate parallels and analogies. This is not journalism. It is a vehicle being used as propaganda. People (Democrats and Republicans) are revealing which side of reality and truth they stand… It's important for the public to know.

  10. Denise Pearson says:

    Hi Mark! Here is a belated caption contest submission for you. "I've lost my way! Where is my herd? Now sit I here, a mean little nerd." I really wanted to use a different word other than "nerd" but I'm keeping it family friendly :) God bless you Mark!!!

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