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There’s been a good deal of talk in Palinista country about how to prepare for the day an official campaign will begin.  From my point of view, I think you need to consider carefully the words of Karen Allen, the Organize4Palin national director.

In a post on Conservatives4Palin, she wrote:

“With her recent speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire, who can deny that Governor Palin has helped shape discussion among lawmakers and candidates alike with her straight talk on crony capitalism and federal burdens on businesses? Would these issues have even been addressed in the depth they are now, if she had not brought them to the forefront?”

If you’re a Palin supporter, and you want to join our battle, please follow the link above and read the rest of the article.

While you’re at it, seek out other Americans willing to lead.  Send them here to read up, but more importantly, send them to these:

Make no mistake: We’re in a battle for our country.  Standing on the sidelines is no longer enough.

Get out there, and do the legwork on behalf of your country. Politics isn’t really a spectator sport, and as much as it is easier sometimes to let others speak on our behalf, if we’re going to win in 2012, and begin to restore our nation, it’s going to take you.

Some of you have asked me why I don’t have advertising on this site: It’s because I know advertising can become annoying, but it also means that this site and its message only spreads because you put it out there.  With thousands of viewers daily, you’ve done a tremendous service, but we have millions to reach.  Let’s also talk to the unconverted. Let’s go out and make our arguments.  That’s what my blog is all about.  Preaching to the choir is always easier, because they’re inclined to listen.  More difficult is the work of finding new people and new talent who just need the right bit of impetus.

You can provide it.  If you’re a supporter of Sarah Palin, join with me and others in spreading the word:

It’s time for we cubs to do some roaring of our own!

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12 Responses to How You Can Help Now

  1. I am already there Mark….We met in Iowa I was with the Texas group from Dallas…..Last week I gave a speech in Roswell NM there were about 18 people there ….the title of the speech was "The Truth of Sarah Palin" I was told there were 2 Dem. in the room …the lady did not have to tell me who the were within 2 minutes I knew …when I gave the handout to the people one lady looked at it and said "oh her"…but funny she was the one that ask me the most questions after the speech……and I heard a-lot of Wow I did not know that…..I will give a speech to the RARWA that the Rep woman's group about 40-50 people do not know when yet………..if you have a minute read my post from last night call I s called I support Sarah Palin….it is on S4P Martha cono moved it from another site….I was getting tired of the winning supporters………Lynda

  2. Samantha says:

    It's great to see so much energy! on the volunteer sites. Everyone certainly has passion.
    Do you think it is feasiible to miss so many of the debates – I see the logic of letting the others cannibalize and self destruct but when is too late? I feel the same about others such as Chris C or Guilani jumping in after too.
    I know that Gov Palin is her own person and does what she wants, when she wants, but when do those in the main stream public get to hear her views?

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Actually Samantha, I think appearing in these debates would hurt because it makes of a candidate one of the "8 dwarves." Point is, it really doesn't matter yet. Now, on the other hand, you can hear her views by watching the speeches she's made, or reading about them on her facebook page, or any number of ways, so anybody with any actual curiosity can go find out about her policy ideas in any number of places. If I were you, I'd start with her speech from Sept 3rd in Indianola, IA. I was present. It was a great speech. It is available several places, including on this site.

      • Samantha says:

        Thanks for the reply Mark. I saw the speech. It was great. I was also most impressed with Gov Palins time in the crowd afterward. She seemed to genuinly enjoy signing everyone's stuff and shaking hands, which wouild be exhausting. I liked that. I know alot about her policies and I voted for HER in 2008 ( not Mc Cain, if you know what I mean)
        But in my view, I think it is TIME to get in the race and be on the stage with the others. Take the ribbing and the "attacks" ( ala Bachman at the last one toward Gov Perry) and show her might. …Good or bad…in the public' eye. It matters, in my opinion because people are starting to form opinions….and they are going to start to stick. S

      • JEANNIEMAC says:

        A sports writer recently commented that Sarah was using the methods used by race car drivers. Let the rest of the pack lead, and use their energy. Then, come from behind and beat the pack.

  3. No I do not think so…people know who she is…the good due to US…the ugly due to the LSM…..I know that Oct 21 is legal day she has to reg for some states to be on the ballets….she keeps saying the end of Sept..

  4. Darinkg says:


    Do you know of any official Palin support groups in Florida? Googled it briefly and didn't come up with much.

    Thanks. Oh and loved that Nascar analogy you made a few posts back! Keep up the good work.