The Loony-Bin Left and Their Venom

When Crazies Go Nuts

If you want to have a laugh, all you really need to do is cruise some of they hysterical blog sites frequented by leftists who have the most amazing ability to ignore reality while they pursue idiotic stories about all things conservative, but particularly Sarah Palin.  I received a tip about one site recently in which the author presented another conspiracy theory about Palin, and it was laughable and pathetic, but in reading the comments from what appears to be a string of idiotic but regular visitors to the site, I noticed something hilarious:

 Idiot #1(and Author):  “You know what my source said? My source says…[Conspiracy theory #1]”

 Idiot #2: “Oh, wow, that’s unreal.”

 Idiot #3: “Oh, wow, Idiot#2, that’s good information! Do you think it’s also true that [conspiracy theory extension #1]?”

 Idiot #2: “It’s definitely possible.  You know how Sarah Palin is…”

 Idiot #4: “Hey, Idiot #5, come look at this information Idiot #3 has dug up on Sarah Palin.”

 Idiot #5: “Oh yeah, definitely! You know it’s true. I also heard that[conspiracy theory extension #2]”

 Idiot #1: “Wow, that’s good information. Let me add that to my story.”

 Idiot #6: “Hey, I just heard that [Conspiracy theory #1][Conspiracy theory extension #1, and #2] plus [new conspiracy theory extension #3]

 Idiot #3: “Well, you know how those gomers are. HAHAHAHAHA!”

 Idiot #2: “Yeah, that’s how they are. They are so blind. I was over on C4p. Some organization called O4P is asking for money”

 Idiot #1: “hahahahahahaha”

 Idiot #2: “O4P? I mean, like what’s that? Something affiliated with Palin?”

 Idiot #7: “I penetrated their organization for a while, but now something happened. Maybe they caught on to me?”

 Idiot #8: “You Rock, #7, did you hear about [Conspiracy theory#1][Conspiracy theory extensions #1,#2, and #3] plus [new extension #4 and #5]?”

 Idiot #7: “No, I heard [Alternate conspiracy theory].”

 Idiot #1: “Wow, I hadn’t considered that, #7. I’ll do a whole new post on that one.”

 Idiot #9: “Did you see this idiot? He posted a story about a story he didn’t publish. What an idiot!”

 Idiot #10: “That’s nothing, now he’s posted a story called: The Loony-Bin Left and Their Venom


 Idiot #2: “I think I read some of that somewhere before.”

 Idiot #3: “Typical Gomer.”

Idiot #4: “HAHAHAHAHAHA! What an idiot!”

 Idiot #1: “Maybe he was talking about my story!”

 Idiot #10: “Are we being watched?”

  Idiot #9: “The Gomers aren’t that smart. Only we do that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

Now I promise you that none of these are exact quotes, but my intention here is to capture the spirit and mindset of the leftist opponents we face. In other words, they’re not real bright.  On the other hand, it should serve as a reminder that leftists really are a bunch of smear-spreading sneaks and liars.

They feed on one another, and in successive posts, they make up whole narratives about Palin, her family, and anybody else. Hauled into a courtroom, not one of these morons could substantiate any of their claims, but the funniest part of this is that at this very moment, they’re visiting this site, hoping I will reveal the story I refrained from publishing yesterday. It’s not like it was a state secret, but just as I didn’t wish to give that story coverage it doesn’t deserve, neither will I provide you a link to the site where this gaggle of morons assembles.

Editors Note: Yes idiots, we know you’re watching. Now who’s laughing?

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One Response to The Loony-Bin Left and Their Venom

  1. Tom says:

    "they’re not real bright. "

    Mark, you are giving them too much credit. It's not a matter of intellect or knowledge, but rather of character. The liberal/Left– and when it comes to attacking Palin, even conservatives take this tack–doesn't simply tell lies. They are patently disingenuous. Look into Herbert Marcuse's "liberating" vs. "repressive tolerance" and his take that "the logic of an argument is not divorced from its substance." This means that most arguments supporting their overall cause is by definition valid and good, while any arguments opposing it are invalid and bad. Whatever the cause–gun control, race relations, foreign policy–no matter how fact-based one is in opposing them, they go Alinsky-esque and label them "racist," "warmongering," or whatever.

    Because they know they are right, any argument against it is wrong. Witness Huntsman's attack in a recent GOP debate on opposition to global warming and evolutionary theories–he "knows" he's right on them, and so to hold an opposing position makes one invalid.

    Furthermore, since they are on the correct side, they are actually allowed to be the very way they accuse others of being. They can use racial epithets against Black conservatives, but we cannot do so against Black liberals or White race-traitors. They can call for violence against the Right, but for the Right to say something even metaphorically like them make us "fascists," "Nazis," and whatever.

    Because they have "progressed" beyond those ways, they can be allowed to use them. It's like what a high school composition teacher told my class: You must show you can obey the rules before you are allowed to break the rules. Nutty poets like "e e cummings" had to write much more conventionally before they could do the crazy things he did later in his career. Likewise, we raise our children with strict rules of bedtime, but then as they age they are given some latitude. Or perhaps you might think of Basic Training, where troops are required to abide by every detail of military decorum and courtesy ("AT EASE!" everytime a sergeant enters the room), but later things are relaxed.

    The Left sees societal development as advancing and maturing–that is, advancing toward the "stateless utopia" of complete communism. If a person is shown to be enlightened to their way, and thus are deprecating such reactionary concepts as race, nation, etc., they are developed enough to use those things to forward the agenda. Even as "cummings" showed early on he could use punctuation and capitalization properly, and so later was given latitude on that by the poetic establishment, a White man who shows he doesn't hold to any sort of respect for his own race is allowed to attack a Black conservative as an "Oreo" or "Uncle Tom." Similar examples exist for any number of Leftist causes.

    Thus, these people are not so much idiots (though I'm not complaining about the characterization) as they are deceivers. Because it serves their goal, they will say all those things. Conservative/Rightwing Palin-haters simply do the same, and get away with it because it serves the purpose of the Left.