Update: Deeper into the Morass of Obama Demagoguery

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One e-mailer asked me a question about my most recent post on Barack Obama and his Deficit/Debt Plan, and his Jobs Plan. It’s a question worth further explanation:

Mark, Great Site!  I have one question for you. How does getting in good with his base help him win the general election? I can see how it helps him avoid a contested primary as you said, but won’t this hurt him in the general? Jim

That’s a great question, and thinking about it, my earlier post did neglect to explain that aspect, and as I thought about answering Jim’s question, a couple of things more.  First, to answer Jim’s question, by itself, it doesn’t.  That said, you must win the nomination to win the general, and a primary fight will hurt Obama because he’ll need to go way left to win a serious challenge, and that would happen in a time-frame when moderates and independents will already be watching, and since those voters are already abandoning him, he can’t afford a protracted primary fight.  Better to stop it cold now, when most people still aren’t watching.  If he kills off a primary challenge by moving way left, he still has plenty of time to move back nearer to center in time for the general election.

Obama’s strategy must also include an uptick in the demagoguery over the differences in income.  This is typical leftist Class-Warfare rhetoric with which we’re all very familiar by now.  The tactic will be to move nearer the center again, as he did in 2008, and continue to attack “the rich” all while never mentioning that he’s deep into crony-capitalism.  He may even try to float some show-trials in the media aimed at some of his corporate cronies while he feigns innocence.  We will see a level of demagoguery that will push us to the brink of civil disorder if Obama has his way.  It’s really the only way he can win.

So thank you Jim for asking the question. I hope this helps explain what’s going on with Obama’s “Plan.”  It’s first a “No Primary Challenger Plan,” to be followed by a “Move slightly to center while playing demagogue against the rich and business re-election plan.”

One of the problems with a cornered irrational is that you never know how they may lash out.  Obama is cornered, and his entire philosophy, indeed the whole philosophy of the left, is completely irrational.  They will be lashing out.

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One Response to Update: Deeper into the Morass of Obama Demagoguery

  1. Joshua says:

    I have to disagree with you on this one Mark. I think Obama knows all he has left, is the left if you will. I don't think he has any chance at the moderate vote(outside of the unions, some well off Black voters, and still some Jewish vote). He has not done enough for the Latino voters that backed him in 08. Yeah he put out some hateful rhetoric towards the whtie people trying to keep the brown man down, but most Latino I know and converse with, see him as using them to be elected. That will never be the case with the black voters, they will come out in spades, pun intended. His only chance is sturring up the pot, getting the far left out there causing problems, in hopes it combines the 13% black vote, and the 38% liberal vote, and some starch Jews and Latinos'. If he can do that, he wins. I think they know exactly what they are doing.