Video: EBT

H/T to BluegrassPundit for digging this up, but be advised, there is vulgar language:

Bluegrass Pundit posted this under the title: “Official Obama Campaign Song”

It’s certainly a fitting commentary on the State of the Union.  Perhaps rather than a campaign theme, they can play this in lieu of “Hail to the Chief” wherever Obama appears.

Just a thought.

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One Response to Video: EBT

  1. johnannegalt says:

    What's really sick is someone commenting on the video saying it's "the rich people's fault" that they're on welfare because we don't give them "good jobs".. I died a little more inside. They're also all claiming that Drudge readers (Drudge has it as a top story currently) are apparently all racists and Tea Party members.. I'm so tired of being forced to support those who want me dead.