The Establishment Thinks We Have No Memory

Hurry? To Join This?

It’s amazing, isn’t it?  Just a few weeks ago, I was reporting to you on Karl Rove and others who claimed that if Sarah Palin didn’t get into the race on September 3rd, during her speech to the Tea Party of America in Indianola, IA , she’d just as well forget it.  I told you back then that Rove was playing games and trying to position a candidate for a run in late September, and he wanted to gain the momentum often accompanying the last person to get into the race.   Now we read talk of Chris Christie getting in after dozens or hundreds of denials on his part over the last eight or nine months.  We once again see talk about Mitch Daniels being “unhappy with the field” as we get down toward crunch time.

As I told you almost one month ago, this is all highly tactical, and people like Rove play for keeps.  Governor Palin knows it, and as I told you then, you should trust in her judgments on this.  Apparently, the GOP establishment believes we have no memory of them telling us that September 4th would be “too late for Palin” while they now tell us it’s still not too late for others.  This is as good as a confession on the part of the establishment:  They know Sarah Palin can control the outcome, and all it will take is for her to decide her own timing.

Palin has every advantage, and they know it.  We’ve discussed at length the reasons she can win, and while it seems silly for the Establishment cronies to pretend otherwise, you must remember that they too are trying to win.  She has almost universal name recognition, which none of the other candidates possess, and therefore will hold a huge advantage.  It appears that Perry may have peaked, and is now dropping almost as quickly as he most recently rose, and just as his entry squashed Michele Bachman, the Roves of the world know whomever enters next will capture the buzz and relegate Perry to second or third place.  The window is beginning to close for other candidates, particularly those with the least nationwide name recognition, and all this sudden talk about Christie, Daniels, and even Guliani is all geared toward one or more of them making an entry.  Mitch Daniels is out there saying it’s not too late.  They may even try to use one or more of them in combination in a bid to foil Palin, but the establishment is not nearly so smart as they may have believed, or perhaps put another way, Sarah Palin has turned out to be a good bit more cagey than the RINO brigade had expected her to have been.

We may see a sacrificial entry to try to tempt Palin to leap into the race shortly after, in order to introduce Christie or Daniels immediately after.  Looking at this as a tactician, that’s how I’d try to play it if I were in their position.  Every day Sarah Palin waits makes their task more impossible, and despite your impatience for a campaign, this is what you must finally begin to realize if you haven’t already: Getting in earlier than absolutely necessary pays Governor Palin(and her supporters) no benefits whatsoever.  In short, she has nothing to gain from an early announcement.  She has every advantage to gain from waiting.  As I reminded you again last week, timing is key, and the establishment class pundits know it too.

I realize all we Palin supporters get quite jazzed when we’ve thought for one reason or another that her entry was imminent, usually all media hype being pushed by Rove or Rove-like characters in the media.  At this point, here’s what you need to do: Prepare as though the game is on, but do not let yourself be played emotionally any longer.  Game-faces, my friends.  Governor Palin will announce when she sees the best chance to win.  She has proven far more adept at all of this than any of the establishment types had imagined, and much more savvy than even some of her own supporters have expected.

We simply must stop letting people work us into a useless frenzy.  It’s dis-spiriting and ultimately wasteful.  Haven’t you noticed that at every time the Beltway crowd has thought there was an opportunity to tempt her in, it’s always coincidentally aligned with some form of attack or smear or something of the sort?  This isn’t accidental.  At this level, few things are coincidental.   Think back to May, and the release of the e-mails as people worried over whether she should hurry to get in since Michele Bachmann had entered.  Remember the phony drama they tried to cook up when she went to Pella, IA for the debut of The Undefeated?  Remember the nonsense that erupted just before her Indianola speech insisting she “must get in now, or else?”  I  cautioned you, along with others,  because it’s simply true that there are many people who would like to see Palin leap in early, and if not, then at least cause her supporters to become nervous and begin to look elsewhere.  The various slobbering trash-piles that have come out of the woodwork in the last week or so were all about an expectation of a Constitution day announcement.  “Ooopsey.”  Somebody even capitalized on a hoax using the Bob and Mark show, that had people tuning into their show from all around the country.  I certainly don’t blame Bob and Mark, but there was somebody out there pushing the narrative, and some of us inadvertently helped.  I’m sorry my friends, but I’m going to be blunt:  We should have begun to become immune to all of this nonsense by now.

Sarah Palin will enter when she decides it is the right moment to do so, and not a minute sooner, and I don’t blame her.  Various pundits are trying to push narratives about debates, and whether waiting beyond this debate or that debate will matter.  It doesn’t, and it won’t be a factor.  Again, the same pundits who have told you that Sarah Palin must participate in this debate or that debate in order to be taken seriously are now pushing other candidates who have or will have missed the same debates they’ve told you are so critical.  Let’s not get caught up with the fact that you and I have no knowledge of the exact date of an official announcement.  In fact, the fewer who know the day she decides, never mind the date she chooses, the better.  I hope she keeps that information as close as can be, for as long as practical and possible in all the days between.  This is a fluid situation, and when she makes her final decision, I suspect it will come without much warning at all.  Good!  All the better to let the Rovians run their course while manipulating themselves into a corner.

If Karl Rove appears on FoxNews tomorrow, do you think when he starts talking-up candidates X, Y, or Z, that there will be anybody who asks him how it could be that it’s not too late for those candidates, but four short weeks ago, it was too late for Sarah Palin?  No, not a soul will ask, but even if they did, he’ll grumble something or simply shrug it off.   As I told you back then, nothing said by folks of his sort is ever said frivolously.  Rove knew it was a lie when he said it, and if he puts forward other candidates now, he’ll be offering you the last of the proof you need to know it too.  Lying is what this class of paid political manipulators do, and they’re good at it.

Let’s not be side-tracked by all of this.  Let’s continue to work and organize for our goal.  Karen Allen of O4P was right to urge you to begin ramping-up your efforts in a more thorough way than ever before.  Indeed, as Ron Devito reminds us, “keep your powder dry,” but that doesn’t mean you should be idle.  Instead, you should be taking every opportunity to advance this effort, and to prepare to swamp the formidable but not invincible opposition.  Keep your focus.  Prepare.  Friends, it’s no more difficult than this:  Let’s not let our own impatience in combination with the media’s narrative dictate our future.  The GOP establishment already believes we are forgetful and easily manipulated.   I have no intention of proving them right.  Neither should you.

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18 Responses to The Establishment Thinks We Have No Memory

  1. Don't think Rove providing Paul Ryan with advice during a recent weekend when his decision to enter was allegedly pending was merely a visit for coffee.

    Rove and other establishment types know Romney is dead in the water. Romney hasn't stopped run for president since the last election cycle.

    While Sarah can wait out the "boys," Govs. Christie or Daniels are running out of time. Beyond the Northeast, Christie's name is a mystery. Daniel's name is even more obscure outside of Indiana.

    Finally, look at the establishment v. conservative/Tea Party split of the GOP electorate. The establishment (currently between Romney and Huntsman) garner no more than 30 percent.

  2. Anne says:

    You are so right!

    Thanks Mar America!

  3. iizthatiiz says:

    sound strategic advice .. ty for advocating

  4. Right now the establishment GOP is shaking in their shoes. They know the current line-up is a flop with the voters. Sure, a lot will hold their noses and vote GOP just to keep Obama from another term, but there won't be enough to keep Obama out of the White House. Tucker Carlson's (Daily Caller) posting of Mike Tyson's vile comments attacking Gov. Palin, with no editorial note refuting Tyson's comments, was nothing less than a threat to Gov. Palin, introducing her to the vitreol she will be subjected to should she dare to defy the establishment and run! Apparently the establishment GOP would rather give Obama a second term than risk Palin breaking up the bi-partisan CBC in Washington DC!

    • Melinda —

      You may very well be right. But let's separate the primary from the general. Much like Hillary and Obama battled it out, they rallied behind Obama in the general.

      When given the choice between Obama or Sarah, they will fall in line after she wins the nomination IMHO.

      • Bill589 says:

        I was sure they would fall in line behind COD. She won fair and square; support your candidate. But the GOP did not.
        At the time, they would rather lose.

        I hope the GOP will support Palin, but I’m not sure.

  5. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    Mark, can this link be pushed out to Twitter to Tammy Bruce and Jedediah Bila?

      • PalinSupporter2012 says:

        I am new to twitter but I attempted to send the links to Tammy Bruce and Jedediah Bila. Also, I posted an email to Jedidiah's web site as well as an email to C4P.

        This article needs pushed out so that the Palin supporters stay encouraged and understand that the timing is a very big part of why she has not jumping in yet. I honestly believe she has wanted to enter the race since 2008 but knows that she must follow her plan.

  6. Leroy Whitby says:

    Good article. Well done!

  7. probably12 says:

    No the pundits, the networks, or LSM or a blog site who will dictate me who to choose.

    Yes, keeping my powder dry indeed.

  8. Rita Burnham says:

    Our country needs one of us – someone who is from outside Washington DC. Someone who cares about the people and will fight for us and that can only be Sarah…. We are patiently waiting for her and will support her to the White house.

  9. Excellent analysis. It is my belief that Sarah Palin learned a very great deal about the establishment GOP from being the Veep Nominee than the GOP establishment would have liked. Her analysis of the situation is on target, and she is on their trail – which is not to say she is following it! You have done a very good job here of reminding everyone of this!

  10. MaMcGriz says:

    Mark, I always enjoy your writing, and this piece is my favorite so far. I'll be dragging a few samples back to my den at C4P to share and show.

    Walking in her unshakable faith, it's pure, simple common sense and a hunter's focused patience that have served Sarah so well and brought her to where she is.

    A hunter myself, I relish each and every day she puts off announcing. It's having a cumulative and exponential effect, and driving the prey closer with each passing news cycle. I love hearing them howl and bark. It's gratifying and makes them a lot easier to track and eat…lol

    Thanks again for another inspiring read, Mark.

    And btw….who's the handsome and distinguished-looking gentleman in the snap-brim hat and gorgeous suit on the screen to my left? Is he a barbarian? A bear? A man of America? A soldier in the Army of Palin's America? All the above??

    Keep up the great work, man. It's muchly appreciated.

  11. Michael says:

    One of the great things about it all too is that no one can even give an estimated guess of how many Tea Partiers exist, let alone Palinistas.

    I really believe that IF Mrs. Palin decides to run for POTUS, there will be a Tsarah Tsunami.

    Women will finally have a real chance… Left wingers will have a chance to fulfill the OTHER wish they had in 08… Men will finally have a chance to watch a POTUS they do not mind looking at…

    IF, of course, IF.


  12. This is a great article. It should go down in Mark America's history as a well thought out, articulate and great directive to Sarah's supporters. Yes, hang on. When the time is right, Sarah will make the announcement.
    Thanks, Mark.

  13. Ladies and gentlemen, I enjoy the thought of a real POTUS threat. I pray that whoever becomes the team for Pres and VP has the heart of the nation in their hands. We must have leadership and healing. Through out the last many years, George 1, Bill, George 2 and not BO, our country is pulled apart in so many ways. The Progressives, Left, Right, Black, White and other colors have provided a back drop of dysfunctional co-existence. My point, I would expect a moral and ethical leader to stand up and provide the direction – path needed to cleam up the crap that has been initiated and stuffed down our throats. Have a plan to evaluate and terminate in required any regulation that is expressly unjust and partisan. Yeild to the will of the nation's people and get rid of Obama care and moratoriums against energy development. Then the most important element – build an effort to heal America. Give us a plan, let us approve the plan / election, then execute your plan.
    Very concerned!