No, This Doesn’t Seem To Be Photo-Shopped

Real? NOT Photo-Shopped?

Apparently, the photo at left isn’t photo-shopped.  So says PajamasMedia.  All I can wonder is what is wrong with this President.

Really. It’s funny at first, until you think about all it implies.  If this photo isn’t a hoax, then the stories about Obama’s intelligence we’ve been hearing for years must be the hoax.  Of course, we already suspected as much.

Folks, we’re in much worse trouble than we had already guessed.

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12 Responses to No, This Doesn’t Seem To Be Photo-Shopped

  1. Diamondback says:

    The REAL problem with this photo is the fact that Obamao attended this particular event with these other "leaders."

    Research the topic/purpose of the event.

  2. DRATTASTIC says:

    Possible captions for this photo:

    Excuse me everyone, did anyone lose a book called “rules for radicals” ?

    Alright alright, no really, who farted ? and I want the truth.

    May I have a show of hands as to who has never created a job before,made pay roll or even balanced a checkbook ?

    How many of you really ,really hate the Jews ?

    Now we’ve all been J. Wright’s church at least one time . How many of us never heard anything even remotely racist come out of his mouth ?

    Who had the KFC 12 piece half and half ?

    How many of you really despise America ?

    Wait…I have a question. Do we say cheese On three, or do we count to three and then say cheese?

    Who got to go on vacation this summer?

    Who wants to play 18 holes after this?

  3. Mark says:

    George Soros' Open Society is behind this can of worms. But, who wouldn't have guessed it…

    Contributions to Date
    Transparency and Accountability Initiative: $733,500
    (Donor collaborative of DFID, Ford Foundation, Hivos, Hewlett Foundation, International Budget Partnership, Omidyar Network, Open Society Foundations and Revenue Watch Institute).

  4. Bruce O'H. says:

    Good Lord, the man looks stoned…

  5. shavager says:

    The man is an ego-maniac, he's angry now because the realization is forming that his halo has turn to horns, citizens no longer faint at the mention of his name, he's become an illegal, international arms dealer responsible for deaths on both sides of the border with Mexico and the truth is coming out about his Soros dictated scheme, Cloward/Piven strategy to bankrupt America through egregious debt and welfare expansion. Debt is at HIGHEST in history of the world, Foodstamps at HIGHEST levels in U.S. History!

  6. barstooltestpilot says:

    Who's face is he blocking… Could be POTUS did not want us to see who he was budding up with.

  7. jimbo999 says:

    The thing that was really PhotoShopped was the "birth certificate".