The War on the Palin Family Continues

What Hate Looks Like

It’s absolutely ridiculous.  I don’t know which is worse: The haters who spew their venom at Sarah Palin and her family, or the media outlets that justify it.  Most of the American people have begun to catch on, and even some of those on the left have expressed increasing disdain at the endless attacks on them.  I’ve never been supportive of the notion of attacking politicians’ families, particularly their children, but others in the media justify it behind the absolute shield of “journalism.”  More, the moment a politician’s child crosses the legal boundary into adulthood, all bets are off, and no hold are barred.  Worse yet, there are those who have used an infant as the basis for attacking his mother.   Despite the repeated debunking of conspiracy theories and vile garbage directed at the Palin family, there are still those who carry out their own holy war against the Palins, and not all of them are in media.  Yesterday, a boorish sort of oaf saw Bristol Palin in a public place, and could not restrain himself.  He’s accosted Newt Gingrich in a similar fashion by his own description, but this time, rather than go after the politician herself, this vile hate-monger decided to attack her eldest daughter as a target of opportunity.

I hate to be the one to provide the video, because Hanks’ behavior was so lewd and cowardly, but at the same time, we must be willing to confront evil, and to confront it, you must know it(Profanity and Explicit Language):


Stephen Hanks is that sort of vile hate-monger, and he’s the sort of dirt-bag who carries his hatred of life into action via bombastic public verbal assaults on any public official with whose policies he disagrees, and clearly, he’s quite willing to extend this to family members, making him the sort of villain who should be cast out of civil society.  I can tell you that I’ve learned almost nothing about him, and except for his Twitter Profile:

stephen hanks

@sickofpalin Los Angeles, CA
My hate of all things Palin runs deep. I’m against the takeover of this Country by religious fundamentalist i.e.: Donminionst, NAR and young earth enthusiast.

What motivates people to hatred?  It’s my contention that such vile, disgusting people are generally incapable of dealing with the implications of some facet of their own lives.  I have no idea what drives Hanks’ hatred.  I really don’t care.

I’m not sure we can allow Hanks’ pretense that what ensued was unplanned, but it was clear from the footage I’ve seen, courtesy TMZ, that his hatred is real.  I have a daughter roughly Bristol Palin’s age.  Would he hesitate to verbally accost her too?  What this seems to reveal is a man so consumed with his hate-fueled, political agenda that he is unable to rationally partition his political views when in civil society among others.  This apparent absence of a self-filter that most rational people possess may indicate he’s dangerous, or it may simply indicate he’s a fundamentally broken person.  Unfortunately, given this incident, we already know that much about him.  In fact, his Twitter profile says enough to make the matter clear.

Since he admits doing something similar to Newt Gingrich, one must assume that he’s targeting people.  This guy may well need to be in the database of photos that security officials review in preparation for political events.  In reviewing the video, it may simply be that this guy is a bully, and full of himself, or something

What you learn about these Palin-haters is that they don’t really have a reason for their hatred that they are willing to express, so they dress it up in all sorts of lame excuses about religion, and what they perceive as “religious intolerance,” but one must ask rightfully:  Is this not its own form of religious intolerance?  Hanks says during his brief dispute with Palin that he doesn’t believe in a hell.  My bet is that he’s lying about that, because he seems to inhabit his own personal hell or create one wherever he goes.

What sort of coward must one be to accost a young woman for the fact of who her mother is?  Who does such things?  Who carries out such vengeful attack?  I’ll tell you: The rabid left hates.  It’s what they do and what they know.  It is what consumes and drives them.  Andrew Beitbart has been busy exposing the sort of vermin who continue to invent new smears and conspiracy theories about the Palins, but what this latest incident makes clear is that some people are so incapacitated by their hatred that rage takes over and they become driven by their worst emotions.

What we know for certain is that Hanks’ hatred extends to women, to conservatives, and since she is both, particularly to Sarah Palin, and this latest attack was merely the expression of the deeper hatred he admits in his own Twitter profile.  It really doesn’t matter what the particular cause of his hatred may be.  Anybody who walks around with such a chip on his shoulder is dangerous, if not in a physical sense, then at the very least in the sense that they pollute everything they touch with the stink of their irrational motives.

Thanks to Bristol Palin’s courage, we now have a fuller picture of the form of such hatred.  She could have walked away, refusing to acknowledge his garbage, but in standing up for herself as well as her mother, maintaining her composure in the face of sheer evil, she’s revealed a few things that we all ought to know that have wider implications:

  • The rabid left are bullies; they spout and spew but all they have is hate
  • Standing up against evil is a necessary if unpleasant duty of those who oppose it
  • The women of her family are cut from sturdy cloth and are cool under withering attack

Much will be made of this in an attempt to dissuade Governor Palin from running.  It has always been my contention that this sort of thing is the worst she will face, because while she is more than able to defend herself, she also worries about her children like any parent does and should, whether they’re five or fifty years of age.  Bristol herself forshadowed a bit of this when in an interview she was asked if she thought her mother would run, she responded that the Palins could live in a cabin and still people would talk about them. She was right:  This sort of hatred never seems to take a holiday, especially if its target happens to be a Palin.

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14 Responses to The War on the Palin Family Continues

  1. Justme says:

    If I worked in that bar that POS would be thrown out of there.
    If Palin is such a joke and if the left thinks no threat to Obama then why this level of hate? It doesn't add up.

  2. cherkozy says:

    He is an ass and Bristol did handle herself very well, he was cursing at her and she kept her cool just like her Mother would, I hope she does run she is just what this country needs. but if she does not run I can understand why , If this had happened at the VFW that I work at he would have been tossed out on his ear. they don't tolerate foul language
    from anyone. go Sarah Palin I hope you run I will vote for you get that commie socialist out he does not deserve to be in there anyway.

  3. Matthew says:

    Coming from the ever so tolerant gay left, huh? Hypocrites! They talk about peace, tolerance and how they are about love and how Conservatives are about intolerance and hatred and the only hatred and intolerance I seen and heard was from the mouths of vile leftist gays! Nothing but leftist trash. They call the Palin's white trash and look how these scumbag's acted? I NEVER hear Bristol or Sarah trash gay people… Has anybody ever hear hatred like this from their mouths? No me. I just wish Bristol would stay clear of places like this because if you go where scum hang out, this is what happens!

  4. cjh says:

    Way to go, Bristol.

    It seems like she's learned how to stand up to mindless, idiotic bullies well.


  5. lemonv says:

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  6. DC says:

    Faced with obvious hostility out of the blue, the kid unhesitatingly walks over, accesses the situation, and asks if his hatred of her and her mom is because he is homosexual. His reply: "Pretty much". Then he becomes even more unhappy with her.

    In other news, 47-year-old gay guy pissed off at Palin family because he's gay. Oh, wait, Bristol already covered that story.

  7. jesse says:

    I have a new found respect for the palins, go Bristol.

  8. Don Purser says:

    Stephen Hanks is of his father – the devil. He loves abortion; what could be more evil?
    Hitler and Nazi Germany has nothing on Stephen Hanks. It is his kind who kindled and nurtured and loved the holocaust.

  9. Immanuel Goldstein says:

    And yet the liberal commentary threads allege that Bristol brought it on herself, that she is the attention grabbing whore, and what is she doing in a West Hollywood bar riding a mechanical bull anyway. If any Palin sticks their head in a public place, they are under threat of attacks, both verbally and violently. I worry about them all.

  10. jamesphilip says:

    Don't you just love how the Palins have the ability to ultimately make the liberals and the haters look like total fools.

    Video Link

  11. Brava Bristol, it's so very clear from this video that you ARE you mother's daughter. Standing up to vile leftist hate is the last thing they expect and clearly don't know how to handle. After each such event, they're vealed and our numbers grow in support for Pain 2012. GAME ON

  12. sedeuce says:

    Hats off to Bristol! I've been hesitating to watch the video just because the vile hatred spewed forth by this kind of lowlife makes me almost physically sick, but I'm really glad that I watched this one. I don't know how much of Bristol's willingness to confront him was a result of the camera that was trailing her, but obviously she is very practiced in showing this kind of disgusting creature up for what they are – empty bags of hot air and evil. Mark is exactly right on the need for confrontation. Game on!

  13. rocklantern says:

    I am shocked and more than pissed that that no good bastard would call a young woman's mother a whore to her face. Unprovoked.. I would not have been so kind as Bristol was. This is the enemy we fight. The ignorance, the vile mocking ,the ridicule ,that is the progressive movement trying their damndest to ruin this country.. And it all starts with Obama.Make no mistake. The good news is you don't have to take it. It shows she has great courage,though i am deeply saddened by this unquenching hate trained on her family. Do not let them stand alone.. Open your mouths . Let the world know who you are.. Don't hide in the weeds and support Sarah. Come out and scream it. This is a time for choosing.
    I have my Sarah Palin t-shirt on right now. And i damn sure am not hiding what ,and who i believe in. HOW ABOUT YOU?

    Rock: my blog

  14. rocklantern says:

    P.S. ;

    As long as scum like Bill Maher infest and nestle in
    HOME BOX OFFICE please cancel your service. Let them know why…This man has gone way beyond vicious. Men like him embolden jerks like the one in your video.