Ann Coulter Gets Emotional, er, um…”Annoyed”

Gotcha Ann!

I have to laugh at the establishment.  Ann Coulter had hung all her hopes on Chris Christie.  This afternoon, on the drive home, I listened to Hannity talking to Ann Coulter who seemed on the verge of a complete meltdown.  I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of breakdown I was hearing, and when Hannity told her she was being too emotional, Coulter responded:

“I’m not emotional, I’m annoyed…”

Apparently, Coulter had so thoroughly lost her perspective that her usual precision failed her:  Annoyance is an emotion, Ann.

I also had to laugh, because the same woman who had taken part in criticizing Sarah Palin’s tone of voice was now at least two octaves above any note ever to emanate from the former Governor of Alaska.

There are few things funnier than when somebody gets back as good as they’ve given, and Christie was asked this evening after his speech if he intended to run for President.  He referenced a video montage on Politico, and indicated it was a clear “no.”

If you want to hear Ann Coulter screeching a bit:

It’s time for Ms. Coulter to grasp reality. Notice Coulter’s insistence that Hannity should look at what Christie does, and not what he says.

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6 Responses to Ann Coulter Gets Emotional, er, um…”Annoyed”

  1. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    This is the first I have heard this interview today. WHAT? Ann says that he needs a pass, everyone twists the words, etc….. She is holding him to a lower standard and it is ok. However, Palin cannot get away with this. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN.

  2. I'm so over Ann Coulter. Her affinity for Christie is borderline psychotic. She disgraced herself with Laura Ingraham, both of which are flushed.

  3. Charlie R says:

    Anyone who tries to defend anything that either Hannity or O'Reily disagree with gets a pass from me.
    It's a wonder how these guys ever get a guest to join them in a discussion they are are on the opposite side of.

    I get emotional enough to want to thrash them when they talk over every sentence their guest tries to complete, even guests I completely disagree with. However, in this case, I totally agree with Ann!

    Oh, a bit of a disclaimer: I like Sean and Bill – Bill more than Sean, but I may love Ann even more than she loves Chris Christie!

    By the way, Great Job Mark!

  4. William Peck says:

    I heard the same interview on my drive home but had a totally different takeaway: Sean Hannity is so full of himself he won't even let his guests get a word in edgewise. Ann was rightfully annoyed, he kept talking over her and wouldn't let her finish a sentence.

    Contrast this with how Dennis Prager or even Michael Medved would do an interview, uh, they let their guests speak !

    btw, Ann does have a point about Christie. He might many conservatives groan but he would probably poll better than any current candidate. Plus she made a very valid point about Reagan enacting a sweeping (?) abortion law while Governor. Even Michael Reagan said his dad might be too moderate for the current Republican environment.

    One of Ann's main points was she, uh, couldn't even make her point. I too would be annoyed, just as Sarah was when she kept getting interrupted by Bill O'Reilly.

    Hannity's (and Bill O's) schtick is basically to shout down and talk louder than his guests.