Sarah Palin Is Right: Obama Is Trying to Offload Blame Again

Fighting Hypocrisy

In another instance in which the former Alaska Governor takes President Obama to task, on Wednesday evening, she fire off another Facebook note entitled: Now He’s Blaming Europe.  She points out the hypocrisy of Barack Obama’s claim that Europe is scarring the world by failing to confront their economic and financial problems:

“This of course is coming from a President who has done nothing to deal with our own country’s enormous debt crisis and who is in fact eager to incur even more debt with another useless stimulus bill (now called a “jobs bill” though the last stimulus failed to produce the jobs it promised, which is perhaps why Harry Reid doesn’t seem too eager to bring this new bill to a vote despite the President’s demands to “pass this bill”). Yes, Europe has serious debt problems, but for President Obama to be lecturing our allies about not being “quite as quick” in dealing with a debt crisis is downright hypocritical.”

It’s true. Obama should be the last person to speak derisively of the efforts of others to confront the sovereign debt debacle, with his own vast contributions to it.  In real terms, the Obama administration has done exactly nothing about our own debt problems, other than to propose tax increases, which should be a clear sign to the American people that he isn’t serious about the matter.  This president has gone back and forth on a number of related matters, but what he’s been unwilling to do is to actually cut spending.

In describing the actions of President Obama to date, she points out that he’s been less than sincere in his efforts, and reminds us that the current administration relies upon the tactic of always placing blame elsewhere, for any problem, no matter how clearly responsibility lies with them:

“It’s about time the President showed some leadership and took responsibility rather than campaigning on blaming everyone else for the financial mess his policies have exacerbated.”

Indeed, first he blamed Bush. Then he blamed the Tea Party.  His sycophants blamed Palin too.  He blamed Republicans. He blamed evil corporations until he was called out on his own crony capitalist connections to the Solyndra affair, among others.   Now that the American people aren’t accepting these narratives so willingly, he’s had to  move on to another bogeyman, and now it’s Europe.

This wasn’t the only thing Governor Palin noticed.  She also took note of the trial balloon being floated as a joke about postponing elections:

“Between President Obama’s hypocritical lecture poking our allies in the eye again and one Democrat governor’s call to postpone lawfully mandated elections for two years, I suppose nothing should surprise concerned Americans anymore. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept these misguided memes. 2012 can’t come soon enough.”

I think it’s important to recognize that Sarah Palin is one of the only people in the political sphere who continues to take on the ridiculous actions of President Obama and his administration.  We need to focus on just how awful Obama’s so-called “leadership” has been.  As usual, Governor Palin knocks it out of the park.

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5 Responses to Sarah Palin Is Right: Obama Is Trying to Offload Blame Again

  1. akabosan says:

    Few of us looked on with belief that the airplanes were actually flying into the twin towers. With time, although it may still seem surreal, we have some knowledge if not acceptance or understanding.

    That is the way I have seen people coming to the fact that the man sitting in the presidential chair does not want this country to succeed, does not want the American people to have more jobs, does not want the country to get out of debt and does not want this country to go on as the free republic it has been.

    This man who many call mr. president is anti-american. How difficult it is to even think that way.

    We have had presidents from different value systems and different parties, but all (I believe) had what they thought were the country's best interests at heart. This man does not.


  2. Suzette Rodgers says:

    Thanks Mark, you are right as always. Sarah is the only one keeping us informed. I will back her in what ever she decides. I personally want Sarah as POTUS in 2012.

  3. Joboo says:

    Right on man!!!!
    It blows me away how the American people are like "thank you sir, may we have another," with this jerk-off, liar, in the white house!!
    Enough is enough already!!!!


  4. DC says:

    Mark, I know she'll be nonetheless effective if she opts not to run. Heck, she's effective now. She's pretty much driving the bus and steering the debate and it's great to watch. And I'm fascinated with your insights here on your site as things continue to take shape.

    I would hate it if she decides not to run, but I believe she will do what she believes ultimately puts her "servant's heart" to best use. It's not like she will not continue to serve this country in whatever capacity, for decades into the future. So, I would take my lumps of disappointment, look carefully at who she endorses, and go from there.

    Course here's to hoping THAT doesn't happen…

  5. DC says:

    Gotta get this out of my system…ok, she is not running. She will need to announce that. She will need to, at the very same time, endorse a candidate, so as not to leave her supporters adrift.

    I don't see anyone emerge so far that warrants her endorsement…"cept maybe Herman Cain. And I support him, although he would be my second pick.

    My point is that if you are looking for her not to run, look for her endorsee. Cain? Maybe.

    I don't think this will be a person that is unknown. We will have already been introduced to this person.

    And if this person is not scooping up the fumble and scrambling down the sidelines with it towards the endzone in pretty short order, I think her decision ends up being made for her.