Who Is Behind “Americans Elect”?

Who's Behind This?

A friend sent me an interesting Youtube video a couple of days ago, and I’ve been spending some time watching it and thinking about it.  It’s a video from PBS consisting of an interview by Judy Woodruff of Doug Schoen and Elliot Ackerman, two of the principals of this group.  As I listened to them, this all sounded very enticing on its surface, but the longer they spoke, the more I began to wonder about who is behind all of this.  It seems like an effort to circumvent the ordinary electoral process, and when I think of that notion, the first thing that leaps into mind is George Soros and his effort to take over the Secretaries of State who oversee elections in all of our fifty states. I’m always a little wary about third party movements and similar efforts, because I always wonder who is behind them.  Before leaping into any such effort, it’s worthwhile to see what we can learn about such an organization.

Sometimes, it’s quite obvious, like in the case of Ross Perot in 1992 and 1996, but other times requires a good deal of investigating.  This case is not so obvious because they’re not mentioning any particular candidates, but instead a process of direct nomination skipping the two-party system.  Watch this fascinating video:


My curiosity got the better of me, and I immediately went out in search of answers.  I knew a little about Doug Schoen, but not enough to be thorough, and I had never encountered Elliott Ackerman before.  I started by going over to the AmericansElect.org website, and looked for an “About Us” or “Who We Are” page, and I found one.   It’s here:  Who We Are  Study this list.

Now understand that I don’t believe in guilt by association, but I want us to be careful and thorough.  Elliott Ackerman is the son of Peter Ackerman, and Joanne Leedom-Ackerman.  Douglas Schoen is a long time insider.  Also on the list is Carla Hills, former US Secretary of Housing and US Trade Representative.  As you look through the list, there is no shortage of movers and shakers, or those with direct ties to the elite.  This is a rather funny list of people to be working on a well-funded “grass roots” organization, isn’t it?

Speaking of funding, where are they getting all of that money?  Judy Woodruff asked directly, but Elliot Ackerman side-stepped the question.  We can come back to this in due course.

What is curious about this group is the number of connections it has with another group.  Just for the sake of curiosity, I compared the folks listed on the Who Are We page for Americans Elect to another group: The International Crisis Group.  So who what do these two groups have in common?  Well, Douglas Schoen and Carla Hills, but also an interesting tidbit: Joanne Leedom-Ackerman is part of this group.  As we remember from above, that’s Elliot’s mother.   This is a happy coincidence, with father and son working in one group with Doug Schoen and Carla Hills, along with many other elites, and wife and mother working in another group with Doug Schoen and Carla Hills, along with many other global elites.

Now while young Mr. Ackerman wouldn’t tell us who is contributing to the Americans Elect group operations, it could be interesting, for comparison only, of course, to take a look at who is funding ICG.  According to Wikipedia:

“Philanthropist George Soros who is chairman of the Open Society Institute is on the Board of Trustees.”

Isn’t that just the most amazing thing?  Just like clockwork, in walks the villain.  Now of course, since the young Mr. Ackerman declined to tell us who is bankrolling Americans Elect, we’ll have to leave that to our imaginations for the moment.  Ahem.

Now I don’t mean to tell you anything in particular about Americans Elect, but before a single person involves themselves with this organization, I would encourage them to ask the leadership to disclose who has funded their operations to date.  In short, I believe in full disclosure, particularly if an organization’s stated intention is to elect the next President of the United States.  In that spirit, here’s a little more about Pappy[Peter] Ackerman:  Founder of Americans Elect Used Tax Shelter Scheme

Just imagine:  Soros funds Obama.  Soros funds others.  Soros funds all sorts of things.  To be honest, when I heard Doug Schoen say the word “openness” while he and the young Mr. Ackerman refused to disclose the name(s) of donors, my antennae were immediately raised.  Remembering Schoen has urged Obama to decline renomination, I was further intrigued.  This is the signature maneuver of a Soros operation, and while all of this could be simple coincidence, as you know by now, in politics, those are actually damnably rare.  Watch out for this group.  There are a couple of ways this could go, and I’m wary about most of them.  While there is no direct tie to Soros as yet, the single degree of separation for so many of the key people certainly makes me wonder.  I could see this being used to exploit people to the detriment of the country, which is generally the trend with anything in which this elite jet-set is involved.

Thanks to my friend Carl who helped chase down some info for this article!

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  1. Rogue Rose says:

    You sir, are a treasure. Where are all the so-called "professional journolists" (intentional)? Thank you for this thoughtful, thought provoking and well researched expose.

  2. First off, it has been proven time immemorial that Internet security isn't. Chinese spying anyone?

    The other question I have is the reason: the dissatisfaction they base this organization on is as much about the mechanisms of government as it is about the identification of political candidates.

    Thirdly, successful candidates adapt to the interests of the voters otherwise they are not elected.

    In sum, in addition to the apprehension about who the mysterious sponsors of this effort are, the technology is not secure, and it probably doesn't address a major aspect of the problem, the system of governance.

    Seems like it is overselling.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Well yes, Michael, you've dived right into the practical matters. The security problem is real. The other thing is: If you think the lefties complain about the electronic voting machines, wait until everybody howls over this idea. It's not only ripe for security breaches from outside, but who's guarding the henhouse from the foxes who may be running it? You're right about something else: This seems to aim at the process of the elections more than anything ideological, which is why they probably focus on "independents" and "moderates".

    • Hank says:

      Micheal I find your third point interesting. I feel that the people are told what they like by the drive-by media. It's that sales pitch that is succumbed to just to get rid of the salesman. Death by a thousand cuts.

  3. bdwatcher says:

    I listened to the video and the one item that stands out to me is when Ackerman says that they are paying for petition signatures. It surely does not sound like a legitimate petition. I wonder how many new organizations that ACORN have turned into paid homeless for signatures. (smile) Paying for signatures have been found a not so unbiased way to have things done. It is a 3rd world country method of influencing elections and ideals.

    • SoCalStar says:

      "Paying for signatures" means that the PETITION GATHERERS are paid per signature they get, not that the people signing are paid for giving their signature. I have worked on grass roots petition gathering where we VOLUNTEERED our time. I know others who worked for well-heeled organizations that hired professional signature gatherers. I have had paid people tell me lies about what a petition was, just to try to get me to sign without reading the fine print…not a chance, but many do.

  4. sedeuce says:

    Great work Mark and Carl! It's not surprising that a sleaze like George Soros might be behind something like this. It it a little surprising that Schoen is, at least to the extent that he comes across pretty level headed on Fox. It would be interesting to see if anything could be done legally about the traitor Soros. For sure, the cleansing bright light of responsible journalism needs to turned to hi-beam on him. It seems like he's under just about every slimy Progressive rock that gets turned over – as Glenn Beck was demonstrating on his Fox show.

    Also, the links in the email that was sent out for this post are not working. The link to the posting title resolves as: https://markamerica.com/2011/09/29/who-is-behind-a… which is coming up as an invalid address. The problem is the day is 29 in the link and 28 in the actual posting.

    The link in the email to the YouTube video resolves as: http://=http/www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXPLYCPJnWU which, with the double http's is an invalid address. This has happened on a number of post emails.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      It looks fixed now, at least from here. This is what you get for posting right at midnight, I guess.

    • SoCalStar says:

      This is obviously a move to bring 'democracy" to the United States.

      A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until [a majority of] the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse (freebies/welfare) from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy (taxing and spending), and is always followed by a dictatorship.
      Alexander Tyler, Scottish History Professor 1787

      A lynch mob is an example of a democracy. The majority decides who will be executed; the only negative vote comes from the man with a rope around his neck. Plato

      Democracy has been likened to three wolves and a sheep voting on what they will eat for dinner. On the other hand, a republic would be a society with laws that prohibit eating sheep, and every animal would be armed to protect themselves against wolves.
      Al Duncan, News With Views, May 27, 2011

  5. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    Is this going to factor into the 2012 race?

  6. Glenda Lough says:


    George Soros has 3 goals:
    1. Legalize all drugs
    2. Prohibit private possession of firearms
    3. A new constitution by 2020.

    I thought this as unachievable until Soros put an illegal alien in the White House in 2008.

    Yesterday, the first step in that occurred when this Congressional Critter ( I forget who and where from) suggesting skipping the 2012 Congressional elections.

    There are calls for a Constitutional Convention to fix what ails America and those calls are increasing. Things need to be fixed and righted, but this will not do that.

    Here is where my thoughts enter my comment.
    A Constitutional Convention will be used to produce a new constitution that will be unlike anything the world has seen before. The Founding Fathers have been discredited, libeled, and slandered and students are taught that all groups should have a say in a constitution, not these rich, old, and dead Whitemen, Who were also racist slaveholding, sexist Whitemen.

    While Constitutional, this Constitutional Convention cannot happen. It will bring about our demise.

    • Glenda Lough says:

      The US did not have to supend Congressional elections during the War of 1812 when the government buildings were burned, or during during the Civil War, or the dark days of WWII, and it most certainly doesn't need to be done now because partidanship.

      If they don't get their act together by 2012,send them all packing and elect 535 new ones. At least it will take a while to figure out who to fight with.

      The only reason for this suggestion by the Dems is that they see the Repubulicans in charge of Congress and the White House. Skipping the election leaves the Dems in charge of the Senate and the ability to stop any legislation they do not like. Also, they have the job of approving of all Presidential appointments and to ratify treaties.

  7. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    I have been thinking that there might be a possibility that Palin will run as an Independent Republican. However, there are those that are concerned that this would split the ticket and the Democrats would win. If this is the case, how would this scheme of selecting online work? Would this just guarantee every John Doe and Jim Smith on a ballot and split the votes? This could be rigged in a way to allow certain party interests to be served and not the people

    • well, Palin supporter, I love Sarah too. Just thinki ng about this online business. First off: what about hackers? not good. second, what about the age group? most people over 40-50 are not that much into computers and yet are the most conservative voter block. this online voting would preclude them from participating. Not a good thing as with age usually comes wisdom. If this came to be the main way of casting votes it would be greatly in favor of the youthful voter, who, I am sorry for putting down the youthful voter, but you just dont have life experience to vote with wisdom. Also how do you verify the legal right to vote online? and how to prevent multiple voting or other tampering via hackers or other computer mischief? All around it is just a BAD IDEA. I believe that the 'old fashioned' way of showing up, showing your ID and voter registration card is still the safest way to go. However, having said all that, it does show possibility in obtaining our opinion without going thru all the muckity mucks(mitt romney) to get our voice heard. hmmm have to think about this a while.

  8. Frank says:

    All power ends in abuse and corruption. The reset is always the same. War. The next World War will be the last…for a VERY long time.

  9. Thomas Dixon says:

    First, a tip of the hat to both you and Carl for your insightful, well documented, investigative journalism. As said by so many in these critical days, it's travesty that the "Fourth Estate" has been brainwashed to view their job as investigative arm of chosen viewpoint rather than a historical seeker of truth.

    Mark, you've provided a compilation of sources that have helped me to comprehend hidden agenda that I reasoned was afoot, but was unable to capture given the wide array of resources (cable news, vast number of internet web sites, intelligent acquaintances, etc) and limited personal time.

    In short, having read Alinsky and others, it is obvious from recent statements and events that the Progressive harbingers are redoubling effort to effect the pronounced "change" necessary to finally overcome the rights and will of the majority in our American Republic. To them, the time is now and the place is here; otherwise, their Progressive cause may be set back more years than their lives foresee. Recognizing their greatest barrier is the free citizen, known en masse as the Tea Party, they are unable to conceptualize a group of individuals because the two words seem a dichotomy. And, though it would blend quite nicely to their reelection goals by splitting the vote, a third party composed of patriots (similar to H. Ross Perot's bid in 1992) is feared as a death knell for the Republic.

    So, how could the enlightened aristocrats with their wealth and power create their own third party that would accomplish the same end? Simple: employ Dr Cass Sunstein's ingenious "nudge" techniques to entice well meaning patriots to an issue so sound, so compelling that it could make complete sense for sustainment of the Republic. Oui'la! Americans Elect – a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is not affiliated with any political party, ideology or candidate.

    Again, thank you so very much for providing possible answers to my dilemma – desciphering strategy to overcome visible failure of words by actions of this administration and Progressive minions, and how to assure they prevail in the 2012 election?

    I intend to track this insidious ploy and inform all within range of their benefactors' involvement.

  10. Anne says:

    This was just mentioned at C4P this morning, the first I had heard of it.
    I went to the web site and tried to get a feel for it and couldn't. Thanks for panning for gold as you turned up quite a few nuggets.

  11. texasvet65 says:

    Mark, Carl, thanks.
    I read this when you posted it and rec'd notice of Americans Elect via an email from another source I don't recall, but after reviewing the site and the propaganda decided it was just that, and an effort to subvert the election process. So I had nothing to add here.

    Now I get info about the actual effort to subvert and make the Electoral process irrelelvent, aided of course by arch enemy George Soros and a couple of new henchmen, names I've never run across before.

    It is a state by state effort to get legislation passed. All states need to be informed even if their legislatures are not in session. Mine is not but I know who our reps are. One lives in my town and the other is coming to a TEA Party gathering in November. We will be talking.

    H/T to Trevor Louden New Zeal Blog/Gulag Bound http://gulagbound.com/22535/warningprogressives-n

  12. Texmom says:

    Great post. I have been working on something else involving Ackerman which is how I found this. Very helpful, as it adds to establishing just who he really is and what his end game might really be.

  13. sarahall99@yahoo.com says:

    You went looking for Soros,,, and look at that, you found him. Quelle surprise. If you had searched, without prejudice, the backgrounds and connections of the folks who are associated with America Elect, you would have learned that most of them are Republicans and conservatives. Some of them, such as Michael and Kellen Arno, are very ugly and dirty players in election politics.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Some of them may well be Republicans. I'm less than certain about the 'conservative' label, however. Plenty of people claim to be conservatives who are not.

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