Stephen K. Bannon Interviews Todd Palin

First First Dude?

Stephen K. Bannon interviewed Todd Palin for most of the second hour of his Victory Sessions talkshow on KABC, Sunday evening.   Todd Palin said he was “”blown away” by The Undefeated, which goes out via DVD on Tuesday.  Todd spoke about Sarah’s first election for Mayor of Wasilla, and the principle of representing the interests of the people rather than placating the good ol’ boys of Wasilla.  The two discussed at length Sarah’s political career in Alaska.  Todd Palin comes across as he always appears in the media:  Soft-spoken, mild-mannered, but quietly assertive, and just another ordinary American seeking an extraordinary future for his family.  Rather than bombard him with the usual sorts of questions about Sarah’s plans, Bannon’s interview focused on Todd’s perspective for a refreshing change in the media approach to the Palin family.

In an interview that was wide-ranging and covered many topics, much of it was a a re-telling of Sarah’s career from the seldom-broadcast Todd, who came across as entirely genuine.  He seemed every bit the quiet and decent gentleman whose hand I shook at Ft. Hood during the Going Rogue tour.  It’s my opinion that this dynamic couple is much to well-grounded to get caught up in celebrity, and it represents a complete separation from the people in Washington’s establishment who often seem so synthetic and insincere.

Listening to him speak, I couldn’t help but think that Todd Palin would make an exceptionally gracious and inspiring first “First Dude.”

You can hear the interview here: Victory Sessions Interview with Todd Palin 10/02/2011

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2 Responses to Stephen K. Bannon Interviews Todd Palin

  1. pil says:

    I agree completely. Washington is not apt to change the Palin's but Palin's more apt to change Washington.

    Thank you again for your perspective.

  2. blackbird says:

    Thanks Mark. It ain't easy for Todd the stuff his wife goes through no matter how tough as nails Sarah is.