The Tea Party is Winning

It Could Be Epic

I hesitate to offer this perspective, because I would hate to breed any complacency, so let me state it out front: The Tea Party has a real opportunity in the coming year to make dramatic steps in taking control of the Republican party and then recovering the country from the grasp of would-be tyrants.   Rather than the media’s sneering narrative about the Tea Party “peaking too early,” or “becoming irrelevant,” exactly the opposite is true, and I’d ask that you consider the evidence.  Sunday, on,  there appeared an article to explain the jockeying occurring among the Republicans in the House of Representatives.  Sunday morning, I presented an article explaining the in-fighting going on in the Democrat-held Senate.  The two articles make a nearly perfect pair of book-ends between which to press my point.  Those in the Tea Party movement are a long way from victory, but you are winning.

The article on The Hill examines the dust-up between Tea Party-inclined House members, and their GOP establishment brethren.  Speaker Boehner and the balance of the Republican leadership is desperately attempting to make few waves, but it’s costing them votes as they continue to yield to the president’s big government policies.  One stunning example was the vote in the House on the 21st of September, another continuing resolution as a substitute to a budget we haven’t had for years now.  The staunch Tea Party types, or  at least those fearing their Tea Party voters, refused to support the bill, sending it down to defeat.  This is setting the trend in the House, and the problems the Democrats are experiencing in the Senate have similar roots:  The Democrat senators from more conservative states are now very concerned that they are committing suicide to go along with more tax increases being pushed by their leader Harry Reid, and his whip, Dick Durbin.

For all the nonsense in the media suggesting the Tea Party is dead, or dying, it’s simply not true, and the continual attempts to paint Tea Party folk as racists or hypocrites or kooks should be your biggest, most glaring clue.  The insurrection in both chambers of Congress among both parties against their respective leadership groups is another.  What Tea Party patriots may wonder is what they ought to do, and the answer is simple:  Keep the pressure on.  Sustain it.  Keep calling and writing and faxing.  Keep putting up primary challengers for RINOs.  Keep pushing.  You have a long, long way to go, but momentum is in your favor for a change.  Find your friends and family and make your sales pitch.  Convince them on the merits of your arguments.  Show them.  Lead them.

You have a real opportunity, the first one in more than three decades, to change substantially the course of the country. If our nations survives the next decade intact, it will be solely because you have put in the work to get it done,  to change the focus of the debate, and make the establishment that dominates both parties come to heel.  Be exceedingly careful about who you support in the primary season.

There are only a couple of candidates who share the bulk of our values, and we should be exceedingly careful to vet them ourselves, to see who has lived them, fought for them, and stood implacably against the assaults of the left.  It’s coming to be time to see that we’re all counted.  Let’s make sure we are registered to vote in our states, and that we are registered as members of the party whose primary we wish to affect, particularly in closed-primary states.  It’s going to take a ground-swell from you to get it done next year.  The next battle is already underway, and you are now able to see a path to victory.  It’s time to seize it.

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4 Responses to The Tea Party is Winning

  1. Carolyn says:

    Wow! First time I've seen your website. I like it very much. Thank you for your encouragement and hard work. By God's will and His grace and our blood, sweat and tears, we may make it!

  2. thedrpete says:

    While I remained convinced, Mark, that America is toast . . . there are faint glimmers in the hinterland that We the People may finally rise up and put the ship of state in reverse.

  3. May the peoples's voices be heard ! May the Tea Party , grassroots of America , take back our country,with its freedoms and values once again..May our soverngty remain! Thank you Mark for this wonderful post.

  4. Getting conservative votes…one blog at a time–thanks for the post.